• Becki

    23 Sep '11

    i wish unicorns would just show up in my kitchen... *sadface*

  • sammy

    24 Sep '11

    The second panel is the punchline for me. Love it. :D

  • Alex Holmstock

    24 Sep '11

    AHHHH! I just discovered your comics and spent all day reading them...now I'm done. What am I to do now, wait until you upload the next one? BALDERDASH!

  • Sehkmaenzo

    24 Sep '11

    I just found out about this website on 9gag, and I spent the last few hours going through the archive :D you rock :)

  • Nicholas

    25 Sep '11


  • javier

    25 Sep '11


  • javier

    25 Sep '11

    esta pagina es muy interesante gracias

  • JuSantana

    25 Sep '11

    I just found out about here. Already read up to the 139. Loving it! A brazilian fan in China.

  • Izzle

    26 Sep '11

    That unicorn was mine. My ex stole him and put him on ebay. I'd appreciate getting him back. Thanks. :P LOL and in all seriousness, I love love love your top hat. If you make a top hat with shoelace on it, I will buy it and wear it forever. <3

  • Ryl

    26 Sep '11

    What type of pencils do you use?

  • Karson

    27 Sep '11

    I HAVE DONE IT! In the time of 2 hours I have read all the comics...ALL OF THEM!! Yay

  • Jhonder

    28 Sep '11

    Just saw your website now, done reading them all hahahah Your drawings are great! :D Keep it up :3

  • me

    28 Sep '11

    Love the hexadecimal~!

  • Sulphos

    28 Sep '11

    Is that..l. is that Shoelace at the breakfast table eating cereal? Oh my goodness... that may be the cutest thing I've ever seen.

  • Feronordie

    28 Sep '11


  • Ramya

    30 Sep '11

    Hi, I love your work! Beautiful, beautiful. Best wishes from India :)

  • Sander

    02 Oct '11

    I don't mind if 200 wasn't special, I would still love this comic's inocence. Keep up, please :3

  • Julie

    14 Oct '11

    I love the unicorn and the jetpack! Nice touch :)

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    At least they gift wrapped some presents for Jordan. I think.

  • Balakiel

    13 Nov '11

    Your magical comic persona is awesome. marry meeeee D:

  • Cookie

    25 Mar '12

    One of my absolute favorites.

  • M

    06 Jul '12

    I want a credit card with Hex digits! A jetpack for cats - now that would be worth creating, although I worry about the impact on bird populations

  • Josh

    14 Nov '13

    The card number is hex. If converted to ASCII it reads "2THEMOON".

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