• Li

    07 Sep '11

    Cats, amirite? Can't teleport with 'em, can't teleport without 'em. Remember there's always more doodles here.

  • JV

    07 Sep '11

    I've always wanted to do this. "First." Anyway, I love your comics!

  • Jen

    07 Sep '11

    love the cat mustache photo!

  • Jake

    07 Sep '11

    I thought those leaves at first were heaps of shit. My cat doesn't move.

  • Lua

    07 Sep '11

    Cats ...

  • Leese

    07 Sep '11

    Wish *I* had a dinosaur jumper

  • Akbar

    07 Sep '11

    ERM - concept STOLEN from the flintstones!

  • Lars

    07 Sep '11

    Reminds me of my childhood, when my parents wanted me to go outside to play instead of playing video games all day. How I miss my Nintendo 8-bit

  • Kaze

    07 Sep '11

    Shoelace dominates.

  • Kilby

    07 Sep '11

    Felines were able to teleport long before Star Trek.

  • Lyra_malk

    08 Sep '11

    I love your comics! :D

  • Thelivingend

    08 Sep '11

    Is that a little mouse door and doormat by your door?

  • Soop

    08 Sep '11

    I think it's one of Shoelace's clones you're seeing there :P

  • Sabrina

    08 Sep '11

    hahaha I noticed the mouse door and mat and can't stop laughing... you even treat you rodents well. Can I come live with you :P

  • jade

    08 Sep '11

    Love your face! Aand shoelace's too. Amazing work of course.

  • Erin

    08 Sep '11

    I wish I could let me cat outside. He just gets my apt porch on the third floor. Hope he doesn't see a tasty bird one day and jump.

  • Shanny

    08 Sep '11

    I personally am digging the picture of the cat with facial hair. :)

  • twelvedaysold

    08 Sep '11

    So cute! And just like my fluffball.

  • archivis

    08 Sep '11

    D'awww teleporting kitties!

  • TheDemonClown

    08 Sep '11

    Panel 3 needs to be a high-res "Haters Gonna Hate" wallpaper, LOL

  • ItsJustWerner

    08 Sep '11

    Am I the only one that is reminded of the Flintstones?

  • muah?

    08 Sep '11

    this happened to me and my cat this weekend. i left for the weekend with my family and literally the very last thing i did before i left was make sure my cat wasn't stuck in any room and could get to her food, water and litter box. but when we got back i found her trapped in my parents room somehow. fortunately we have also have an outside cat that sometimes sleeps in there so there was food and water, but no litter. guess where she decided was her new litter? my parents bed, which just got brand new nice sheets and bedding. plus there was even a pile of newspaper sitting in the corner, untouched. V.V

  • nathan

    08 Sep '11

    no no no, it is the clone that Li made when playing that tennis type game. i forgot the actual name

  • ScrabbleDiva

    08 Sep '11

    My cats pull stuff like this all the time! Argh! Cat Magic(tm) can be annoying sometimes. ;D

  • RA

    09 Sep '11


  • Kelsey

    09 Sep '11

    Concept was NOT stolen from Flintstones, she was merely motivated by it. if being motivated by something meant you stole it, then everyone would be a thief.

  • Mike

    09 Sep '11

    My brother's cat could do that. However, later he found a hole in his house's foundation.

  • DG

    09 Sep '11

    Is it just me or is the mouse door open?

  • Rigel

    10 Sep '11

    Ohmygosh this is incredibly accurate!

  • Sandro & Julia & Mr. Rat

    10 Sep '11

    Lovely as always. Hate waiting whole week for a new one. :c

  • Jelly-being

    10 Sep '11

    Pssh... I can do that... *cough* sorta *cough*

  • Sasha

    11 Sep '11

    Go, Shoelace, go! Haha. Adorable as ever!

  • KV

    12 Sep '11

    Hi Li: I loved your comic! But I noticed that this site's subscribe link: http://www.exocomics.com/feed does not seem to show any images like the other popular comic websites, which makes it a bit inconvenient to be viewed on a comic reader application. Is there anyway you could add images to the feed? Thank you!

  • Becki

    13 Sep '11

    Oh Shoelace! You crazy teleporting cat you...

  • Osa

    13 Sep '11

    Has anyone seen their cat teleport? Like. Watching them intently then BAM they gone. o.o Still trying to get my cat to teach me his ways...

  • Elia

    14 Sep '11


  • Cat

    22 Sep '11

    Hehe. I love this comic. We also have a ninja cat called Lulu, she's a sneaky critter.

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    Shoelace grew a pretty good mustache.

  • DJ Bogtrotter

    21 Dec '11

    I just introduced my 8 year old daughter to your web comic. I think you may have a new fan. Also, we thought you might enjoy this cat cartoon - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bETCusT5kNM

  • Kennie

    15 Apr '12

    I repeat to do that when cleaning the floor, cat was keeping as it ..so funny, can't get mad on them , so cute ^^

  • M

    06 Jul '12

    I had a teleporting cat once, then I discovered that the fly-wire in one of the windows was loose. Cute as always ^.^

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