• Li

    29 Aug '11

    Why was I cursed with such awesome drawing hands D:

  • Fenix

    31 Aug '11

    Damn cute XD

  • Jordan

    31 Aug '11

    Love it!

  • Edith

    31 Aug '11

    I love your comics :D

  • Nikki

    31 Aug '11

    I really want to know what Shoelace is reading...

  • Vina

    31 Aug '11

    I actually did that once too. I had to flip the paper over and dispose of it. xD

  • Sam Filppu

    31 Aug '11

    I know how that feels!!

  • Willem

    31 Aug '11

    your comics are so cool!

  • Fernando

    31 Aug '11

    Hahhahaha... love it! =D

  • Caitlyn Ashley

    31 Aug '11

    D'aww, I love the little mouse-house in the wall!♥

  • Kaze

    31 Aug '11

    The alternate text... Is amazing!

  • Crystalina

    31 Aug '11

    The Great Catsby.

  • Kia

    31 Aug '11

    The alternate text is too real! D:

  • Debbie

    01 Sep '11

    Aww man. This is hilarious. You rock so much. =D

  • An-fin

    01 Sep '11

    Yeah, the alt-text gives me shivers! I exactly know how you feel, I made a snowman once, that was too scary to look at. I was unable to go to the park for a few weeks until it melted.

  • Soop

    01 Sep '11


  • archivis

    01 Sep '11

    Oh noes spiders!

  • Miki

    01 Sep '11

    Happened to me in class once :(

  • twelvedaysold

    01 Sep '11

    Scary! Good thing you flung it away as fast as possible.

  • Leonard Peris

    01 Sep '11

    Doug Savage has an intresting guide to draw spiders: http://www.savagechickens.com/2011/08/how-to-draw-a-spider.html

  • Chickalupe

    01 Sep '11

    Li, you're so awesome, you scare us all!

  • Anonamousey

    01 Sep '11

    /╲/\ºo;88;oº/\╱\ /╲/\ºo;88;oº/\╱\ /╲/\ºo;88;oº/\╱\ /╲/\ºo;88;oº/\╱\ /╲/\ºo;88;oº/\╱\ I get some of those red misspelled thingies and they make it look bloody fangs. HALP! /╲/\ºo;88;oº/\╱\ /╲/\ºo;88;oº/\╱\ /╲/\ºo;88;oº/\╱\ /╲/\ºo;88;oº/\╱\ /╲/\ºo;88;oº/\╱\

  • Megami

    01 Sep '11

    You did well, regret nothing.

  • Kiyoko

    01 Sep '11

    I LOVE THIS!!!

  • jade

    01 Sep '11

    Take solice in the fact that you are a SPIDER SURVIVOR!!!

  • Elia

    01 Sep '11

    Is that a little mouse door?

  • Jennifer

    02 Sep '11

    Finally finished going through all your current. Took me all day to do so lol. I love your comics, they're so cute ^_^ cannot wait for more

  • Julie

    02 Sep '11

    trying to figure out whether or not the first two frames are exactly the same... anyway your comic is just the most adorable thing :3

  • Tim

    02 Sep '11

    What the world needs, is more cute and innocent people such as yourself; thank you!

  • Becki

    03 Sep '11

    the problems a true artist must face :( i do not have these kinds of problems...

  • Jessie

    04 Sep '11

    I love the little mouse house ;) too cute!

  • Elif

    06 Sep '11

    You're sooo good at this :) İt's such a cool curse!

  • Rigel

    06 Sep '11

    Aw!! Such a cool concept! And curse! I frequently scare myself with my own talents ;)

  • TheOtakuOfEverything

    06 Sep '11

    A friend of a friend helped me find this site and I'm so happy she did. You're awesome. <3

  • susana

    07 Sep '11

    Lindo Comic...!!! Soy tu fanSS jejeje

  • YinethVA

    07 Sep '11

    My friends and I love reading your comic, Li! Keep doing what you're doing :D -Yin PS: My friend Travis and I did a small fandub of comic #10 as a small "farewell" to summer in the US. Just look up your comic on Youtube and it'll probably pop up :)

  • Nathaniel Wilson

    07 Sep '11

    Don't you hate when that happens.

  • Brandon

    10 Sep '11

    Shit just got real.

  • ExxO

    26 Sep '11

    Im LOL'd at cuteness! XDDD

  • Phil

    15 Nov '11

    Awesome. My daughter did that but with a ghost picture. Couldn't look ar the picture for weeks without scaring herself again.

  • Louise Powers

    19 Jan '12

    I literally LOLed.

  • Todd McDonald

    29 Jan '12

    This comic is the cutest and most adorable that I have ever read. Thank you! :)

  • Anthony

    19 Nov '14

    cute and random. I like it :) you draw the last line through the magnifying glass *takes the magnifying glass away* holy s**!!!

  • Erika

    19 Jul '18

    Abstruse goose mentioned this comic on the title of his comic (610). I was very amused to come back here and see what was the context for the commentary. (^_^)

  • Max

    24 Jul '18

    Ya it's fun to know that abstrusegoose follows your comic too :O

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