• Li

    24 Aug '11

    Profits have never been higher.

  • Amanda

    24 Aug '11

    So cute!

  • Laenerin

    24 Aug '11

    It seems he's a *puts on sunglasses* cool cat.

  • Blue

    24 Aug '11

    Super cute..... It's amazing that you keep your work so fresh (new) after all these years.... Nicely done

  • Martin

    24 Aug '11

    Shoelace - Master of Minesweeper!

  • Kaze

    24 Aug '11

    Someone's a cool cat. :>

  • Manda

    24 Aug '11

    I bet Shoelace is better at minesweeper than I am... lol

  • Sharkinu

    24 Aug '11

    I bet I can beat Shoelace at Minesweeper <_<

  • Emz

    24 Aug '11

    Shoelace: Deal with it

  • senseinekosan

    24 Aug '11

    Finally a new avatar for summer! The postman shoelace was getting old :P

  • Fernando

    24 Aug '11

    I always forgot exocomics comes on Wednesday. It is such a wonderful feeling, to wake up early, in a bored wednesday, about to go to work, and surprise myself with those cute comics in my RSS reader. Thank you so much!

  • Dave

    25 Aug '11

    ASUS rules

  • Damage

    25 Aug '11

    @Laenerin: You forgot the "yeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh!".

  • jade

    25 Aug '11

    Loooove it, as always. Shoelace looks a lounging.

  • CakeSpaz

    25 Aug '11

    It seems like he's a... *puts on shades* cool cat. YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • twelvedaysold

    25 Aug '11

    I would be much more likely to fall for a sales pitch with those sweet shades on, that's for sure.

  • Mariko

    25 Aug '11


  • Sloth King John

    25 Aug '11

    Minesweeper. Yes. :D

  • silver

    25 Aug '11

    thank you, other people, for helping me understand what the cute is going on. :D

  • Bathysphere

    25 Aug '11

    Did Shoelace make those charts? Also, how can I convince my fiance that I'm not you?

  • Shinta

    25 Aug '11

    Shoelace - Like a boss

  • Maya Posch

    25 Aug '11

    Now I'm feeling all sad because I have never beaten Minesweeper on anything but the Easy difficulty. *shakes paw at the cat who is smarter than her*

  • Corinna

    25 Aug '11

    I love thinking Shoelace :)

  • Jake

    25 Aug '11

    This reminds me of how you are not an American. ( Profits? Wuts dat)

  • Kilby

    25 Aug '11

    @ Maya Posch - All of Microsoft's freebie games have a little bit of frustration built in. It's usually possible to beat the small and medium levels of Mine Sweeper with pure logic, but the top level almost always boils down to a few corners that require guessing, which is quite annoying.

  • Rigel

    26 Aug '11

    Shoelace is so supa fly. Minesweeper whilst working is always a cool thing. ;))

  • Snow

    27 Aug '11

    Hi, I love your comics! I want to thank you for all the work you put into your drawing. Also, just wanted to tell you that I used one of your comics on my website (in the Goodies>>Comics//Jokes section, just for people to read when they're bored). I credited you and linked the image to this website, so I hope that's okay. Once again, thanks for putting such awesome comics here!

  • DC

    27 Aug '11

    Gah! There are no more! How dare I catch up.

  • honardust

    28 Aug '11

    this is cute ! :)

  • H. Vapor

    29 Aug '11

    Like a boss

  • Megami

    31 Aug '11

    That almost never happens to me..

  • Soop

    01 Sep '11

    I saw it and I was like...oh snaps.

  • Mitch

    13 Sep '11

    The new version of Minesweeper doesn't have the face anymore. :( Beating it just doesn't feel the same without that yellow happy face putting on sunglasses and smiling, as if to say "You are awesome, brah."

  • Shadicats

    06 Oct '11

    Loving the shades. :)

  • Kat

    08 Dec '11

    woah this reminds me of homestuck and a character named dave who wears sunglasses like that. I love this.

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