• Li

    10 Aug '11

    Hey everyone! I made an iphone wallpaper out of the painting from this comic, you can download it here. This and other random art I make can be found on my facebook page.

  • Sheep

    10 Aug '11

    <3 lovee

  • Joshua Moore

    10 Aug '11

    Chen Li, I love your comic. It brightens my soul!

  • SheepInTheCity

    10 Aug '11

    Amazing!! XD <3

  • Kaze

    10 Aug '11

    Spppeeeedddd of liiiiiggghhtttttt!

  • Siobhan

    10 Aug '11


  • Jake

    10 Aug '11

    Just let the vortex consume you.

  • damnliza

    10 Aug '11


  • AGMLego

    10 Aug '11

    Yay playing with projectors and cameras!

  • Spartacus

    11 Aug '11


  • Soop

    11 Aug '11

    Wheeee....Li is errrywhere!

  • Jade

    11 Aug '11

    Lovely as always! And you go on FOREVER!

  • Sam Filppu

    11 Aug '11


  • archivis

    11 Aug '11


  • Jen

    11 Aug '11

    Boyfriend told me to check out this webcomic. He said it fit my personality to a T. He knows me so well. This is awsome! Now off to find a cardboard box that will fit me and use it to build a castle.

  • kleer001

    11 Aug '11

    We need to go DEEPER!

  • Don

    11 Aug '11

    Yeehaw! :P Looks like fun

  • Rachel

    12 Aug '11

    So, I love it when you break the fourth wall in comics. You have no idea how much I love it. So epic.

  • Andrea

    12 Aug '11

    I just read all of your comics...in one sitting...because they are so wonderful. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this page. :)

  • Sasha

    12 Aug '11

    I just read all of your comics from number one, and let me just say, I LOVE it. A little about me, as a new reader: My name is Sasha, though I'm not sure I would make a good weapon against zombies...just saying...I am from Kentucky in the U.S. I am 22 years old with my BA in Theatre and English, and I am an actress. I have a cat...he is about 15 months old and his name is Phineas. He begs for breakfast every morning and for dinner every night. He also likes to drag his water bowl up and down the length of the kitchen floor. He has his own afghan blanket, and I am NOT permitted to use it, no matter how cold I am. I also have two rats, Lenka and Nora. They're...well...they're rats. That's really about it. Oh, and my boyfriend is just like comic-Jordan...we've been together for almost three years, and it still hasn't been proven whether or not he is a robot. ;-) I look forward to reading in the future!! Have a happy weekend!!

  • elle

    13 Aug '11

    i love your comic my husband like to put up your backgrounds because he says they make him think of me.

  • Elia

    14 Aug '11

    Woah... o.O

  • abie

    14 Aug '11

    i dont have an iphone, but i totally made the picture the background for my droid. (:

  • Mario

    14 Aug '11

    I found your comic today and read al the comics in one go, awsome, simple and cute, keep up the grat job! greetings form México X3

  • Cara-boo

    15 Aug '11

    HI. So i just read all of your comics. Today. Without stopping XD LOVE IT. My boyfriend Jeff sent me a link to this page, said I'd love it and BAM! I did. Totally AWE-some. I'm a young one. I'm 16 going on 17, Have a cat named Nemo. Yeah....he's my best friend >.< I love you work :D

  • Brittany

    16 Aug '11

    Your comics are brilliant. They always manage to brighten my day and make me smile. Thank you. ^_^

  • sarah

    16 Aug '11

    so i just found this comic via stumble and sat here and read it beginning to current. i love it! my friends sometimes call me random girl, but you m'lady truly envelope random girl! fantastic! keep it up. :D

  • Sam

    17 Aug '11

    Li, I absolutely love your comics :) every time i read them they make me smile. You're awesome. -Sam

  • Stefan Noack

    17 Aug '11

    Yeah. This reminds me of many hours of fun I had with a camera pointed at a screen displaying what the camera sees.

  • cornpuff20

    23 Aug '11

    the alt text is full of memes!

  • creeperyounglin

    03 Jul '12

    General! Put the ship in... LUCRATIS SPEED!! ( lol spaceballs reference)

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