• Li
    3 Aug '11

    Trajan Pro: it’s what you use when you mean business

  • Lourn
    3 Aug '11

    haha, that's cute. i want business cards with just my name on one side, and "hello" with a smiley on the other side.

  • Petter Salminen
    Petter Salminen
    3 Aug '11

    I'd call you anytime, big need "business card"!

  • Kaze
    3 Aug '11

    Srs Bsns.

  • LiGroupie
    3 Aug '11

    I want to call you. Send me your business card!

  • Orbindo
    3 Aug '11

    Helpful Shoelace: remains helpful till the very last panel.

  • Vermillion
    3 Aug '11

    I want one too! ;)

    So cute, like everytime! ^^

  • Ghost
    3 Aug '11

    What does the "x1" in the box means?

  • Martin
    3 Aug '11

    I love the card logo with "x1" on the box.
    Also i want to say hello from Czech republic (does anyone even know where it is?) :D I simply love your comic and art, keep up the great work! :)

  • jay
    3 Aug '11

    Hey ghost, i believe it means the box had only one business card in there :)

  • Makyia
    4 Aug '11

    Is that an innuendo I see? :o

  • Becca
    4 Aug '11

    You should totally use and make these yourself. If Moo will ship to you, that is.

  • archivis
    4 Aug '11

    Oooh. Cute!

  • Katie
    4 Aug '11

    So cute Li! I love it! Great work as always!

    @ Martin: The Czech Republic is bordered by Germany, Poland, Austria, and Slovakia (Had to look it up I honestly thought that it was in or near Russia >.<)

  • V
    4 Aug '11

    Comic Sans is where it's at when you want srs bsns xD

  • Jon
    4 Aug '11

    For some reason the picture's tilt is getting to me today more than usual... Might be the combination of the monitor tilting to the right and the box & card tilting to the left.

    Gotta love the picture on the business card! ^_^

  • An-fin
    4 Aug '11

    I think this comic is somehow popular among the Czech republic comic society :o)
    (Heh Katie, thx for looking us up!)

    Also am I the only one feeling a bit afraid of Li in the last panel? ^^)

  • The Jack of Clubs
    The Jack of Clubs
    4 Aug '11

    am i seeing things or is that terraria on the computer monitor?

  • Jake
    4 Aug '11

    Li's hands look so fat and doughy. They would probably make for the most awkward handjobs.
    Nice style change of text for the whisper and the occupation was very funny.

  • Dan
    4 Aug '11

    These are too awesome for rapid consumption xD I'm finally caught up, though, amazing work!

  • LaZodiac
    4 Aug '11

    Dat Look in the final panel. Your boyfriend (forget his name) is the luckiest man on the earth.

    @Jack of Clubs: Yes, that's Terraria.

  • arual
    4 Aug '11

    :( I wanted that job....but Li tooked it from me.

  • Chio
    4 Aug '11

    I see you have a game of Teraria going in the background there... :-) awesome.

    Anyway, love your comics and just wanted to possibly completely miss an obscure reference the rest of your audience might completely miss as well ;-)

  • Andrew
    4 Aug '11

    I love the alt-text, haha. Never knew his voice could sound like that.

  • D
    4 Aug '11


    Business cards mean serious business.

  • Jade
    4 Aug '11

    I love how you are your own occupation. Yeah!

  • HeyitsmeP
    4 Aug '11

    It makes me sad how hard Li has to try for any attention from her guy :*(

  • Martin
    4 Aug '11

    Jordan: Lookin boss as always.

  • That Other Guy
    That Other Guy
    4 Aug '11

    Oh ho. Is that Terraria I see plastered onto your computer screen?

  • Lisa
    4 Aug '11

    I stumbled upon your comic because of a link a friend posted. I had to start at the beginning, of course. I must say.. I absolutely love it. Each one, I kept thinking "How weird! I get the same silly ideas in my head! It must be an 'Asian growing up in an English speaking country' thing." lol

    P.S. Get out of my head... >_____<

  • D
    5 Aug '11

    You should make a list of your comics with emoticons relating to each. This one would be =P

    Also, I can't wait for comic 200!

  • Rachel
    5 Aug '11

    My occupation is boring old voice over artist. Not a happy me... I need to update mine!

  • Foxy Mama
    Foxy Mama
    5 Aug '11

    Foxy like a Duck

  • chuck
    5 Aug '11

    Li will you please start making tee shirts based on your comics, everyone will want them :)

  • PheonixGRX
    5 Aug '11

    My brother and his fiance made business cards for the fun of it. They just gave them out to everyone they knew and still no one knows what to do with them.

  • Kilby
    6 Aug '11

    If Jordan is such a dweeb that he needs to be hit over the head with a baseball bat to get a hint, that may explain why I generally prefer the strips in which he does not appear.

  • Veggies
    6 Aug '11

    Holy gosh, is that Cortex Command on the computer?

  • Veggies
    6 Aug '11

    Oh, Terraria. Boo. Not obscure enough.

  • MC
    6 Aug '11

    This... you are so awesome. Thank you for bringing a light to my life. you have improved me in such meaningful way. Please continue your comics as long as you are able.

  • Natalie
    7 Aug '11

    LOVE you're drawings you're so creative! how can I subscribe RSS? the subscribe button just comes open as html?

  • Hannah
    8 Aug '11

    So I just found your website and you're amazing. I love your comics they made my night thismuch better.

  • Kiyoko
    9 Aug '11

    I love how Jordan's just staring at the card, not saying anything.

  • David
    10 Aug '11

    1) Terrariaaaaa
    2) I was thinking you should have put "Occupation: Awesome", but then I realized YOU ALREADY DID

  • Zachariah E. Nelson
    Zachariah E. Nelson
    10 Aug '11

    is he playing Terraria? nice

  • Hunter
    10 Aug '11

    The only thing I can see when i look at the card is the word "Lichen". But you're much more entertianing than a composite fungus! <3

  • Fi
    12 Aug '11

    More romance between Li and Jordan <3 lol

  • Vincent
    19 Aug '11

    Needs more lichen jokes. Then again, I guess there's nothing that funny about lichens.

  • Vincent
    19 Aug '11

    Shoot didn't even notice someone beat me to it! Guess I'm not as clever as I thought.

  • re
    19 Aug '11

    @ Ghost- The x1 means that she only got one business card.

  • Eddo
    21 Aug '11

    Slowly getting more adult oriented... 0_0

  • Becki
    3 Sep '11

    i wish MY occupation was smiley. what a fun job! :)

  • hey
    28 Sep '11

    chack mah tumblr

  • ZetaSan
    19 Oct '11

    -Ha ha ha! Muy buena tira.

  • Trobby
    10 Nov '11

    Smiling is serious business.

  • Eddy Juárez
    Eddy Juárez
    23 Apr '12

    Ah esto me encanto muchismimo.

  • Skoddie
    3 May '13

    I'm sorry Li, I had to steal your idea, it was too cute! :3

    I hope you don't mind~

  • Yuming
    28 Dec '14

    GASP I didn't realize you had the exact same name as my mom until this comic...