• SethOmega

    20 Jul '11

    PheonixGRX is right. FunnyJunk is king.

  • Bunny

    20 Jul '11

    *Trying to ask a girl out* Hello I'm... not that it matters... umm, Bernard. And umm... Nice to meet you. Kate. The book's good, thank you. Bernard: Oh. -Awkward silence- Do you eat? I do. Do you want to do it in the same room, sometime? Kate: Umm well... Bernard: You're busy! You're probably seeing one of your four million friends. Never mind... (*Walks back to Manny* There, see? ^^; ) Kate: *Walks over to Bernard* Is tomorrow alright? You did ask me out, didn't you? :3

  • Splidge

    21 Jul '11

    Dugtrio <3

  • Nikki

    30 Jul '11

    I may have missed it, but I am surprised that no one mentioned the fact that Shoelace appears to be drinking wine!

  • jeph

    03 Aug '11

    That "do you eat?" quote was from Black Books btw, in S2E1 when Bernard asks the girl out in the café. Bunny did a magnifiscent job of transcribing for us, but didn't cite her sources. ;) Yea I'm bored. Hello, btw. Loving the comics so far. I've been watching silently since comic 30 or so~~ :)

  • Chase

    17 Aug '11

    what's your username? I must know

  • Dave

    18 Aug '11


  • Matt

    19 Aug '11

    AHAHHA REDDIT! This is what I do at my summer job almost everyday also (minus today because I've been reading your comics all day here xD) That motivational poster with Shoelace! <3

  • Kate

    21 Aug '11

    HOW HAVE I NOT FOUND THIS BEFORE So...cute...sooooooo....cuuuuute.... AND Black Books quotes? WOMAN HOW DO YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELF Love :)

  • Merrie293

    10 Sep '11

    Loving the Reddit reference

  • Mr_Jellyfish

    26 Sep '11

    Just wanted to say love the comics, and the Black Books quote!

  • Halcyon

    06 Oct '11


  • ZetaSan

    19 Oct '11

    -Eso mismo me pasa a veces.

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    Awww. She has a picture of Jordan on her cubicle wall. <3

  • Carenza

    08 Dec '11

    Love this :D can you follow me on twitter @_rubberducks ?? :) xxx

  • Desi

    25 Mar '12

    "Which of you b*tches wants to dance?"

  • Kiwiandcello

    26 Jun '12

    A fellow redditor!! I should have known >.>

  • AliceHatter

    01 Jul '12

    OMG Reddit~ it steals your soul hahaha

  • Lord Tacgnol

    08 Oct '12

    I am so happy you are a redditor Li, your comics are amazing and adorable. Bless yo face.

  • Johnnie Lucille

    06 Jan '13

    That's my response when asked how my homework's going... And I would love to eat in the same room as you some time ^_^

  • Farin

    20 Apr '14

    Black books. *sigh* Love your comics.

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