• Li

    29 Jun '11

    That's enough ganging for today, lets eat cake.

  • Tina

    29 Jun '11

    Make Jordan join your gang! What gang is Shoelace in? Super cute Li! Love you comics.

  • jose carlos

    29 Jun '11

    first >:D this is my first time commenting li's stuff its epic :D

  • Heather

    29 Jun '11

    I'll be in your gang! Can I has a jacket too??

  • Aaron

    29 Jun '11

    I'll join your gang as long as the initiation isn't too tough.

  • jrmy

    29 Jun '11

    lol, awesome.. i actually started my own "gang" with one of my friends once.. our colors were pink and black.. not so much of a gang seeing as it was just 2 of us.. but it was still pretty awesome wearing our colors and stuff

  • Chris

    29 Jun '11

    I wanna be a space lord!

  • phelan

    29 Jun '11

    If this jacket was made as merchandise I would purchase one.

  • kleer001

    29 Jun '11

    Bein a gangsta ain't easy

  • mike

    29 Jun '11

    Great stuff! I really enjoy your comics weekly

  • Kilby

    29 Jun '11

    "Shoelace is the cat who walks by himself, and all things are alike to him."

  • Aden Bufton

    29 Jun '11

    haha sweet love it!

  • jasmintee

    29 Jun '11

    Soooo. Does this make Shoelace a time lord then!? Cute comic.

  • Kaze

    29 Jun '11


  • Nicholas

    30 Jun '11

    Can I join And get a jacket? Can I? an I? Huh!?!

  • Nicholas

    30 Jun '11

    Can I join And get a jacket? Can I? Can I? Huh!?!

  • vitupera

    30 Jun '11

    You don't know what you're missing, Shoelace, I'd be a Space Lord in a hot second!

  • Graham

    30 Jun '11

    :O Space Lords? How do I join??

  • archivis

    30 Jun '11

    ooooh :)

  • Jes

    30 Jun '11

    Agreed, need jacket now :)

  • Moojoo

    30 Jun '11

    I WANNA BE A SPACE LORD TOO!!! Ahem, sorry. My eagerness got the best of me for a moment. But that's seriously awesome.

  • Juan Manuel

    30 Jun '11

    Three Dogs Night... You're amazing.

  • Mike

    30 Jun '11

    Don't mess with the Feline Gangs man!

  • Heidi

    30 Jun '11

    Space Lord 4 Lyfe

  • Erin

    30 Jun '11

    I'm down for some Space Lord cake!

  • RandomPerson

    30 Jun '11

    You should make those jackets and sell them. You would have so many people in your gang. :D

  • Pg-chan

    30 Jun '11

    Aw man D: Gang jackets AND cake???

  • Blue

    30 Jun '11

    Yay for cakes :)

  • derek

    30 Jun '11

    does this gang include gang bangs?

  • Bryce Child

    30 Jun '11

    I love these comics I have read them since they started but I read all 186 every day...Hah I'm a loser I know but been going through sme rough times recently and reading these really helps brighten my day a bit :) Keep up the wonderful work.

  • Megami

    01 Jul '11

    Cake!! Yeah!

  • Gregory

    01 Jul '11

    Shoelace is clearly a TIME LORD, not a space lord.

  • rampy

    01 Jul '11

    Lovin' that alt text :3

  • Maddie

    02 Jul '11

    @ Gregory: :DDD timey-wimey stuff!

  • Breanda Fedie

    02 Jul '11

    I feel like your work would get extremely more recognized if you used deviantart. Or tumblr. But more so deviantart. DOOO EEEEET

  • Jake

    02 Jul '11

    Breanda Fedie, you are the harbinger of all evil. If you persist on convincing Li to conform to your conventional societal ways I shall pack your ass with peanut butter (chunky) and force you to eat it in public! The jackets remind me of a gang from the 50's, like from the movie Grease or The Lost Boys.

  • Thomas

    03 Jul '11

    Being gangbanged by Li and Shoelace would send some mixed feelings. :p

  • GeeHoff

    04 Jul '11

    Space lords? Do you know the Dr.?

  • Colby

    04 Jul '11

    The Doctor has a new rival

  • Becki

    06 Jul '11


  • J

    07 Jul '11

    You can't gang in a skirt...

  • xxzc

    10 Jul '11

    I suggest you to name it "Li Gang".XD

  • eronth

    14 Jul '11

    Space Rords rule!

  • Michael

    29 Aug '11

    Your work is amazing, Li. I love every comic you draw.

  • ZetaSan

    19 Oct '11

    -Quiero entrar a esa pandilla.

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    Jackets do not work very well if you don't put your arms through the sleeves.

  • Thomas

    04 Dec '11

    Two is just as bad as one, it's the loneliest gangsta since the number one - errr... no-one might read this, but it's never-the-less needed

  • Cat

    09 Feb '12

    Do you watch Doctor Who?? Space Lords....Time Lords....very fishy.

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