• Li

    22 Jun '11

    I've been uploading some non comic related artwork on my flickr so go and have a look if you're interested. (And don't forget that there are new sketches every week on my facebook page!)

  • alex

    22 Jun '11


  • Ross

    22 Jun '11


  • Mike

    22 Jun '11

    Don't die for me Ligentina! (first)

  • Kaze

    22 Jun '11


  • Lara

    22 Jun '11

    Absolutely adorable, and totally what my cat would do.

  • elizabeth

    22 Jun '11

    adorable! i also love the little door and window underneath the table.

  • Mick W.

    22 Jun '11

    Aw, poor Shoelace. He loves you too much for you to leave him forever, Li. He's such a sweetheart.

  • Mike

    22 Jun '11

    This happens to my wife with our cat, how funny

  • archivis

    22 Jun '11

    Wheee! Go shoelace! er.. Poor Li! :)

  • lotje

    22 Jun '11

    well, at least you're getting a face hug! my cat would just turn around and walk away. ):

  • David

    22 Jun '11

    I think my cat would eat me if I died.

  • blue

    22 Jun '11

    Cats totally do that..... I had one that used to do it to wake you up.... or to kill you.... never had that clear..... great comic anyway :)

  • T

    22 Jun '11

    Comfortable face :-)

  • Dadditude

    23 Jun '11

    I miss the days when Li's comment would at least tangentially have something to do with the comic, rather than just being an advertisement for her other work. It's not that I mind the advertisement; I just miss the comments. :-(

  • N.

    23 Jun '11

    @Dadditude, you mean like last week and the week before? :P

  • Kilby

    23 Jun '11

    I would have thought (or hoped) that the cat would curl the other way, so as to be able to sniff her breath. The way it's drawn, the cat ends up with the wrong "end" over her mouth. Ewww.

  • Liz

    23 Jun '11

    This is totally something my cat would do. LOVE IT!

  • Lisa

    23 Jun '11


  • necrophyte

    23 Jun '11


  • Molozonide

    23 Jun '11

    This is unexpectedly morbid. D:

  • Aden Bufton

    23 Jun '11

    Sad thing is, cats will do this! so cute well done!

  • keyv

    23 Jun '11

    My cat would totally eat my face, instead of cuddling on top of it .. but only if I am truly dead. She could tell. As sad as it may sound, cats really do eat dead people, just google about it. At least if I live alone and die of a heart attack one day, I'd like keep feeding my cat for a few days until help comes, rather than having her starve to death..

  • jamie

    23 Jun '11

    i love these comics!!!!!

  • Becca

    23 Jun '11

    Could be worse...Shoelace could eat you. Nom, nom, nom....

  • Fryonic

    24 Jun '11

    Do you know about Cat Versus Human? You must know. All comic artists know each other, right?

  • Becki

    24 Jun '11

    not quite the SuperCat response you was hoping for?

  • Rachel

    24 Jun '11

    I LOL'd out loud :D

  • Erik

    25 Jun '11

    Facecat! I adore your drawings, Li.

  • Emily

    25 Jun '11

    Dinosaur sweater!

  • Jake

    26 Jun '11

    I was wondering how you do such accurate paintings. It's obvious you use a visual reference, but do you paint on top of a preexisting image or do you just free hand (don't be offended, just flattered if anything)? We seem to have like interests in regards to shows, so if you're bored since GoT is now over check these out: Breaking Bad, Dexter, The Walking Dead, Spartacus, or Californication. I think you'd enjoy The Walking Dead the most, if indeed you're bored and need a source of entertainment.

  • Kishi

    27 Jun '11

    Aww, I absolutely love your comics! (I did read all of them within 2 days) Shoelace is my number1 favorite - reminds me my cat, Zoey... X3 I want to ask, that is there any way of buying these comics in book (or something like that)?

  • Robert

    28 Jun '11

    i did that once and i had 2 cats clime over me great comic

  • Christine

    29 Jun '11

    I've felt like doing this all day. Unfortunately, life was forcing me to be a responsible person ~shudder~ and I couldn't. It's good to have this, and at least know what would have happened if I'd tried. Once I tried for a nap on the couch, though, my cat decided that anywhere that made me uncomfortable was his new most comfortable spot. What a nice, simple yet relatable, comic.

  • jrmy

    29 Jun '11


  • Bethany

    06 Jul '11

    Li, you always come up with the perfect comic twists on perfectly portrayed cat behavior :D

  • Soop

    06 Jul '11

    Kicks <3

  • Michael

    21 Jul '11

    My kitty's name is Shoelace too! :D

  • Jeremy

    29 Jul '11

    A few years ago my flatmates had a kitten. At that time, I sometimes worked graveyard shift at a bread factory. One morning I got home and went to sleep and woke up with the kitten's foot up my nose! Fortunately the kitten grew quickly and her feet had become bigger than my nostril by the next time she decided to sleep on my face. Oh, and it was this kitten: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs8/i/2005/356/9/c/Mystique_01_by_serifix_anulian.jpg Unfortunately the flatmates who owned her hated my other flatmate and moved out.

  • Brandon

    10 Sep '11


  • Fred savage

    13 Sep '11

    my cat probably would be the one to kill me she's a psycho.

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    I think Shoelace needs to re-read that pamphlet on CPR.

  • John Ramsey

    09 Mar '13

    Have you ever noticed how cats rule the roost? We get up,go to work for 5 days a week or whatever,just to pay for their luxury lifestyle.They eat,sleep,screw around,then eat & sleep some more.If I was a Buddhist,I would definitely want to be reincarnated as a big old tomcat next time around!

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