• Lyd

    21 Jun '11

    I'm with you on your hatred of Joffrey! (Alt text for the win)

  • Johnny A

    21 Jun '11

    WOW, you get a lot of comments on your cartoons! I'm curious to know how many visitors you get each day. I have my own cartoon website but I am lucky to get 1 comment every 2 or 3 weeks!

  • Alex

    22 Jun '11

    I totally looked at the window the whole time looking for anything o_o that window has seen A LOT

  • Koutagami

    23 Jun '11

    King of the North!!!

  • Fryonic

    24 Jun '11

    Your arch-nemesis strikes again!

  • Ashley

    24 Jun '11

    AH I hate Joffery

  • Kristin

    25 Jun '11

    Oh my lord. I would always do this with my cat Amanda! I would lay down and try to slow my breathing. Amanda would come running, sit on my tummy, and start yowling to mourn her "dead" mommy. So precious.

  • Jake

    26 Jun '11

    I don't know a person who isn't obsessed with that series atm. Think of it this way, that kid playing Joffery is amazing b/c it is ubiquitous that everyone despises him. I am also a fan of Tyrion, whom I would wager is the fan favorite by most. NOW WE GET TO WAIT A YEAR FOR ANOTHER SEASON WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

  • jrmy

    29 Jun '11

    LOL.. good laugh

  • Soop

    06 Jul '11

    When I have a problem, I let future me take care of it. Then future me is highly disappoint.

  • Angela

    24 Jul '11

    I hate Joffrey too :( Love your comics! :D

  • Vivi

    22 Aug '11

    ^-^ I love it!

  • Tony

    28 Aug '11

    Ahahaha, nice... girls =.='

  • Aurora

    13 Sep '11

    Cute! I also appreciate the 'Game of Thrones' reference in the alt text. :P

  • Ejay

    23 Sep '11

    I hate Joffrey with a passion as well!

  • Nick

    11 May '14

    HAHAHAHAHAH my favourite one so far! -.- yes I am going through every comic from the beginning

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