• Li
    15 Jun '11


  • Kathy
    15 Jun '11

    Oh gosh, so cute. This would be a very nice Doctor Who episode! lol <3 love eeet

  • Petter Salminen
    Petter Salminen
    15 Jun '11

    CUTE! :)
    Memory like a goldfish.

  • Carrot
    15 Jun '11

    Awww!! hehe, silly Li. =3


    I don't do that I swear ^-^

  • Panda
    15 Jun '11


  • Angelica
    15 Jun '11 it.

  • Tim
    15 Jun '11

    It's Present-Li that gets the other two in and out of sticky situations.

  • Monica
    15 Jun '11

    super cute i love your comics:)

  • Kieran
    15 Jun '11

    Game of Thrones FTW

  • Kilby
    15 Jun '11

    What a sweet and appropriate penalty for cooking and eating your pet pig.

  • Aaron
    15 Jun '11

    My past self doesn't leave me any notes. He's such a jerk! T.T

  • Ben
    15 Jun '11

    I've wanted to punch Joffrey in the face even before he murdered Eddard! Past Li, not so much :p

  • Katlamos
    15 Jun '11

    Show me one person in the world who actually like Joffery, and I'll show you someone crazy. Tommen, on the other hand, is adorable. "When I become king, I'm gonna outlaw beets"

  • Alyssa
    15 Jun '11

    Glad to see another Game of Thrones enthusiast! Great comic Li!

  • Ashely
    15 Jun '11

    I lol'ed out loud.

  • Kristin
    16 Jun '11


  • Allie
    16 Jun '11

    The alt-text made my day.

  • kleer001
    16 Jun '11

    ... Remember Sammy Jenkis...

  • foozlesprite
    16 Jun '11

    Joffrey is such a twit. All versions of Li, on the other hand, are awesome.

  • Becki
    16 Jun '11

    Past Self always gets the best stuff :( if only there was a way to send a note to THEM telling them to back off...

  • Lizzy
    16 Jun '11

    Oh my god! I am always talking about past lizzy and future lizzy. For example, future lizzy is going to be really pissed at past lizzy in the morning, as past lizzy didn't go to bed half an hour ago as she said she would.

    Adorable comic li!

  • Thiefree
    16 Jun '11

    Thank you for the alt text. I would amend it only by saying LANNISTER. LANNISTER LANNISTER LANNISTER.

  • Brok3n Doll
    Brok3n Doll
    16 Jun '11

    Nice one Li, past Li is so considerate to leave you a note, jejeje

  • Lucas
    16 Jun '11

    It's 8:45 am here im in a time warp

  • Aden Bufton
    Aden Bufton
    16 Jun '11

    LOL! Li i freaking love you, your amazing haha!

  • markoh
    16 Jun '11

    yea, I hate that weirdo too

  • wenchfaery
    16 Jun '11

    OMG YES. I HATE JOFFREY TOO. There's an awesome youtube video of Tyrion slapping Joffrey in the face for 10 minutes - it makes me giggle. :D

  • Mick W.
    Mick W.
    16 Jun '11

    Hello to you, too, Li.

  • Dave K.
    Dave K.
    16 Jun '11

    thank you stumbleupon, for showing me my new favorite comic strip. oh btw, HIIIIIIIIIII XD

  • Mike
    16 Jun '11

    I do that with chocolate, (minus the note, chocolate's gone too fast to write note)

  • Anka
    16 Jun '11

    Haha, totally love this one ;D

  • Teleportal
    16 Jun '11

    The only bigger jerk than future me is past me. Of course then there's Joffrey Baratheon... no one actually likes him :P

  • Kaze
    16 Jun '11

    So cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

  • F
    16 Jun '11


  • Jesse
    16 Jun '11

    Hwy hello there.

  • Michael Catharine
    Michael Catharine
    16 Jun '11

    Li, have you read the books? They're fantastic, like your comics. :)

  • Pg-chan
    16 Jun '11

    Aw man ._. Story of my life.

  • OIK2
    16 Jun '11

    I have a love hate relationship with Future Me. I leave him presents all the time, a bottle of water, Resses Cups(King Size on a good day), interesting stuff to read on the computer screen, things like that. But I can also be evil to Future Me, changing the alarm ringtone on my phone to something really annoying, leaving extra work for him to do because I have no intention of doing it myself, and of course eating the last cookie.

    It is amazing what a short memory span can do with your relationship with yourself.

  • Mike
    16 Jun '11

    My name is Elder Price!

  • unfa
    17 Jun '11

    Wow! I've just "read" (even though there wasn't much to read) the first 10 episodes of Extra Ordinary. And I'm really impressed how your drawing skills developed through those 184 episodes. That's amazing, your drawing style is so mature now, it's defined and strong. I think this shows that not stopping doing something is the best way to start doing it right :D Keep it up!

  • Rachel
    18 Jun '11

    The same thing happens to me, too! Every damn time T_T

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    18 Jun '11

    Wheee so much fun! You needs da Doctor to help!

  • Ashley
    18 Jun '11

    goodness I love your comics! I wish you posted one every day! :]

  • Fran
    18 Jun '11

    Curse that Past Li! *shakes fist*
    Always one step ahead of me!

  • Erik
    18 Jun '11

    Your comics make me happy every time I look at them.

  • Zidders Roofurry
    Zidders Roofurry
    19 Jun '11

    Wow. Great comic, love your style, definately going to follow you. Thanks for the comic, can't wait to see more. Love your style and seeing the progression in your art skills as the strip has matured. Good, good stuff!

  • Zach
    19 Jun '11

    I love the alt-text. I'm not going to post spoilers, but I agree wholeheartedly. That boy should've been beaten from the womb.

  • Luna
    20 Jun '11

    Aww, past Li is so mean sometimes.

  • Andrés
    20 Jun '11

    that's why we can't trust past people u_u

  • Christy
    20 Jun '11

    ^-^ i love how disappointed she is

  • Lyd
    21 Jun '11

    I'm with you on your hatred of Joffrey! (Alt text for the win)

  • Johnny A
    Johnny A
    21 Jun '11

    WOW, you get a lot of comments on your cartoons! I'm curious to know how many visitors you get each day. I have my own cartoon website but I am lucky to get 1 comment every 2 or 3 weeks!

  • Alex
    22 Jun '11

    I totally looked at the window the whole time looking for anything o_o that window has seen A LOT

  • Koutagami
    23 Jun '11

    King of the North!!!

  • Fryonic
    24 Jun '11

    Your arch-nemesis strikes again!

  • Ashley
    24 Jun '11

    AH I hate Joffery

  • Kristin
    25 Jun '11

    Oh my lord. I would always do this with my cat Amanda! I would lay down and try to slow my breathing. Amanda would come running, sit on my tummy, and start yowling to mourn her "dead" mommy. So precious.

  • Jake
    26 Jun '11

    I don't know a person who isn't obsessed with that series atm. Think of it this way, that kid playing Joffery is amazing b/c it is ubiquitous that everyone despises him. I am also a fan of Tyrion, whom I would wager is the fan favorite by most. NOW WE GET TO WAIT A YEAR FOR ANOTHER SEASON WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

  • jrmy
    29 Jun '11

    LOL.. good laugh

  • Soop
    6 Jul '11

    When I have a problem, I let future me take care of it. Then future me is highly disappoint.

  • Angela
    24 Jul '11

    I hate Joffrey too :( Love your comics! :D

  • Vivi
    22 Aug '11

    ^-^ I love it!

  • Tony
    28 Aug '11

    Ahahaha, nice... girls =.='

  • Aurora
    13 Sep '11

    Cute! I also appreciate the 'Game of Thrones' reference in the alt text. :P

  • Ejay
    23 Sep '11

    I hate Joffrey with a passion as well!

  • Nick
    11 May '14

    HAHAHAHAHAH my favourite one so far! -.- yes I am going through every comic from the beginning