• Jesse

    09 Jun '11

    lesson learned: Li tends to eat her closest friends.

  • Meggie

    09 Jun '11

    It made Jordan smile ;)

  • Alex

    09 Jun '11

    I rofl'd.

  • Jinn

    09 Jun '11

    Hearing this song reminds me somehow of this site :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXmXs-CMdPg

  • que

    09 Jun '11

    edible pets! first you love them.....then you eat them!!!!

  • Rachel

    10 Jun '11

    Ahahahaha. I feel like I got trolled, but I still laughed anyways :D

  • markoh

    10 Jun '11

    omfg thats so mean xD

  • RandomPerson

    10 Jun '11

    O_O ...oh dear god.

  • Mike

    10 Jun '11

    Delicious friends are the best friends! lil Piggy knew his place in life, at least he got a day of sunshine and happiness! </:}

  • Cj

    10 Jun '11

    this reminds me of Peanuts and ?....another comic strip I know well.....Very cute

  • Big Bad Wolf

    10 Jun '11

    I think Greg views the killing and eating of a pig you had adventures with isn't kosher... But my common sense tells me that the HAM!!! could not have come from that pig - unless it was a mutant pig that had its internal organs replaced with a HAM!!! - there's no way that little pot bellied pig's hind quarter made that monster HAM!!! If you had "cornish game HAMS!!!" the size of turkey legs (which sounds yummy) then the porky-cide was committed. Mini meats... - if we have cocktail wieners, hamburger "sliders", babyback ribs and cornish game hens, how come there aren't cornish game hams or turkeys?

  • Lee Bolgatz

    10 Jun '11


  • Paul Bags

    10 Jun '11

    It certainly makes a case for organic farming.

  • okaba

    11 Jun '11

    1. not exactly what was happening in the first 3 panel. 2. have to say i was quite shocked and surprised by the last panel.

  • 2helix

    11 Jun '11

    For anyone feeling not-so-good after the last panel: there's no proof that the ham didn't come from a completely different pig. ;) (Honestly, I'm not sure if it wouldn't have been funnier to have had the pig sitting at the table when Li served the ham, too. XD )

  • Zedaine

    11 Jun '11

    Has Jordan ever built a PC with a Lian Li case, because it has your name in it?

  • JesterRaiin

    12 Jun '11

    the horror... the horror...

  • James

    12 Jun '11

    Hahahahaha! I love it, that's great =D

  • Tfeth282

    12 Jun '11

    I'm... confused. Is this a funny thing, an awesome thing, or a terrible thing?

  • Mee

    12 Jun '11

    <3 I absolutely love it! Get in mah belly^^ <3

  • silver

    12 Jun '11

    it is sad to eat something that we can share a heart with...

  • Joeseph

    12 Jun '11

    That's it. I'm a vegetarian now. I hope you're happy, Li. >=(

  • Crystal

    12 Jun '11

    yummy but :'(

  • Brok3ndoll

    13 Jun '11

    Hi Lin, I just discovered your comics yesterday and I've been stuck to them since yesterday, XD I think they're awesome and cute. No need to say that I'll keep following your work cause you got yourself a new fan here. PS: I love how your character is a little twisted and playful at the same time, just like me.... >__<

  • Geraint Scott

    14 Jun '11

    Yeah...genuinely disappointed in you.

  • Mufasa

    14 Jun '11

    PETA would absolutely adore this comic 8D

  • Millilong

    14 Jun '11

    ;_; Oh, no!

  • Mick W.

    14 Jun '11

    Hehe, Li. You're silly... But this new one really makes me remember an old one... http://www.exocomics.com/157 Thanks, Li. I like to smile a lot.

  • Sylmarie

    14 Jun '11

    I may or may not have just read all of your comics in one day :D

  • Larissa

    15 Jun '11

    You're mean O_O (kidding)

  • John

    15 Jun '11

    My sister once slapped a piece of ham on her plate at a pig roast saying, "Poor Little Piggy..." in a sweet little voice, and then like six people behind her passed on the ham. This reminded me of that day! Thanks!

  • Luna

    15 Jun '11

    Glad to see you have your arms back.

  • Paul_Bags

    15 Jun '11

    @Tfeth282: the three aren't mutually exclusive.

  • Jake

    15 Jun '11

    LOL. The beauty of pigs is that they make up all of my favorite meat groups: Ham, bacon, pork chops, ribs, etc.

  • Jake

    15 Jun '11

    I also imagine Li chasing after the pig was not an attempt at playing, but you were just sizing up your prey. Li the carnivorous predator, slayer of pigs, champion of imagination, and finally, master chef.

  • Shell

    17 Jun '11

    I find this funny even though I don't want to. xD So evil!

  • dan

    20 Jun '11


  • Fryonic

    24 Jun '11

    I don't want to be your friend anymore. I'm scared :-(

  • daji

    12 Jul '11

    Awww poor piggy. I am sure he was delicious, though.

  • yuehime

    18 Jul '11

    I just stumbled upon this comic. I really like it, good job :3

  • JFFM

    21 Jul '11

    I just love it - words cannot adequately express the many levels of my love for this. Or did they just express it? And this statement is ironic??! Your art style is beautiful, and your humor is so unique. Thankyou ;)

  • TJ Radcliffe

    22 Jul '11

    This made me LOL. We used to raise pigs when I was growing up. They're pretty damned cute. Tasty, too.

  • Calvin

    07 Aug '11

    I was like, awesome a pig! Then there was ham!!!

  • John

    20 Aug '11

    wow that was horrible why'd you draw the pig so cute....

  • naima

    11 Sep '11

    Reminds me of my childhood. I had a pet pig who was killed and then made family dinner. I haven't eaten pork since. ;________;

  • Anderson Santos

    27 Sep '11

    Vegan reader with mixed feelings. was a sincere comic though. but I believe that if they had to kill the pig for themselves it wouldn't be so smiling

  • name

    31 Oct '11


  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    But you don't even like ham! D:

  • Lethraxin

    06 Jan '12

    You interrupted your playtime with cured meat

  • Meechelle

    15 Feb '12

    I LOVE YOUR COMICS. My friend is a hardcore pig lover and I'm a cat lover. Ever since she's read this comic, we've been having a "friendly" cats vs. pigs war by doodling out random scenarios. :D

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