• Li
    14 Dec '09

    Dream-Jordan is mean to me all the time :(

  • Ace
    7 Jan '10

    LOL, my girlfriend does that to me all the time..

  • Jens
    29 May '10

    My wife does that to me sometimes...I have those dreams about people sometimes too, but I don't stay angry, cuzz...IT'S A DREAM!!!

  • Jordan
    1 Jul '10

    I just realized that the guy and I have the same name... Now I'm required to read the rest of the comics.

    Cute stuff so far.

  • Mac
    8 Sep '10

    Odd... my ex girlfriend had dreams of us pirating and being pirates together... only for both of us to die horribly.

    What could that have meant?

  • botbot
    16 Sep '10

    candy on the nightstand! I like the way you think :D

  • Rich
    26 Sep '10

    mac, i think it means that it's a good thing she's your ex and it's a good thing you never went on a cruise with her! arrrrrrrh! wife does this alll the time.

  • Muwhahahaa
    14 Oct '10

    A guy did this to me!! He was soooo upset! I was laughing, but I eventually started to resent it and thought it was weird..It was a dream! Somethings seem really real to people. He told me he saw the "me" in his dream, and she betrayed him by not looking out for him.......

  • Maria
    14 Nov '10

    i used to get mad because of dreams, too. Why do dream boyfriends have to be such dooshes?

  • Moira
    18 Nov '10

    I used to dream of my EX with other women. I found out they were true dreams - Kind of scary. :D

  • kelly
    4 Jan '11

    poor jordan ^^"

  • jack
    16 Jan '11

    Woman ....... it's the unknown

  • Mark K
    Mark K
    17 Feb '11

    D: You wouldn't believe how often my g/f does this to me. Maybe its an Asian thing?

  • Angel
    18 Feb '11

    It's a girl thing. I do this to my boyfriend alot.

  • Nicki
    7 Mar '11

    Ummm.... So all of these are exactly like my friend Moira!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny!!!!

  • Chani
    26 Mar '11

    After playing C.O.D with my bf for the first time, I had dreams where he would shoot me in the face D=

  • Tasha
    26 Mar '11

    Awe!!!!!!!!!!!! I do this to my love all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • wodaji
    24 Apr '11

    My wife sooo does this to me!

  • allison
    28 Apr '11

    i do the same thing to my best friend nicole she gets really mad at me than she slaps me.

  • loaf
    14 May '11

    My ex did this to me. It's the second most annoying thing women do.

  • Julie
    18 May '11

    Dream-Jordan needs to learn! How dare he be mean to you!

  • Kiyoko
    17 Jul '11

    Haha, everyone's so fixated on how they know someone who does this, no one's mentioned the name of the cereal:) Too funny!

  • danielle
    31 Aug '11

    i love how that cat is in every scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the cereal is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    also i got mad at my friend for having a dream about me where i die and no one professes their love to me when they're the ones who because of their choices i die!!!!!

  • Cristal Rodriguez
    Cristal Rodriguez
    16 Oct '11

    I just found your webcomic and I am soooo in love. This is so cute and I love your drawing technique! Anyways...I do this all the time to my boyfriend. I think its a girl thing!

  • Hannia
    21 Oct '11

    Last night I had a nightmare my husband was getting a second wife, so I used this comic to explain my feelings :P

  • Carol
    3 Nov '11

    I did it once ... I even hit my friend for what she did in my dream
    thanks for showing that i'm not the only one!
    I'm in love with your webcomic

  • Isabelle
    29 Dec '11

    I just noticed that Shoelace always sleeps on your side of the bed! :)
    How cute.

  • dee
    16 Apr '12

    i totes do this to my bf!!

  • Sam
    23 Apr '12

    All the people saying "omg I do this too!" ...Please stop. Please. For the love of god, there are few more annoying things in the world than girls who do this.

    Adorable comic though :3

  • karen
    15 Nov '12

    Are Li and Jordan a couple??? i thought they were brother and sister.. jordan is older than her, isn't he?

  • Es Poon
    Es Poon
    7 Feb '13

    Can I translate this and show it to my mom???
    She does this all the time, she wakes up angry and doesn't talk to my dad at all.
    She'll be happy to know she's not the only one.

  • Kevin
    12 Dec '14

    Yes... from my wife's input, I have come to the conclusion that dream Kevin is kind of a jerk...

  • Adam
    21 Mar '15

    Just so you know, my girlfriend, my cat and I seem to be living the same life as you. So far, everything in this comic has happened to us, including the sun marshmallow toasting! When it comes to the dream stuff I have learned to apologize as soon as I know about the dream. It saves a lot of time and means we can get back to snuggling sooner.

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