• Li
    11 May '11

    Last night I had a dream that I had the top comment in a really popular post on Reddit but when I went back to check how much comment karma I had, I realised that I had misspelled every word and all the other comments were just correcting my comment :(

  • Tabitha Kelley
    Tabitha Kelley
    11 May '11

    That sounds like a terrible dream. I dislike dreams like that. I hope your next dream is splendiferous!

    I am glad that apple is cheerful. It seems like a good thing to get in the mail!

  • Nachbar
    11 May '11


  • pordante
    11 May '11

    take it all li

  • lewis
    11 May '11

    first!! and i love happles

  • Victoria
    11 May '11

    Awesome :)

  • Lisa
    11 May '11

    Ouch that's a pretty bad dream. This week's comic is going to have me dreaming of the Cat Kingdom from "The Cat Returns" :D

  • Kaze
    11 May '11

    Mailcat Shoelace! Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

  • Cheesemoose
    11 May '11

    That's a horrible dream!
    On a happier note, Panel Six is awesome. Seriously, love it.

  • Carlee
    11 May '11

    I once mailed a coconut to a friend of mine.. just to see if she would get it.

    She did. It was fantastic. I wrote the address on a piece of paper and box taped the whole coconut.

    The guy at the post office thought i was crazy, but it was totally worth it.

  • Blue
    11 May '11

    Not nice at all..... Hope it never actually happens.... Nice drawing today

  • noregsson
    11 May '11

    OH MY GOD! I _love_ happles!!!

  • urtiga
    11 May '11

    LOVE the color detail on this one, you should do it more often :)

  • Jacob
    11 May '11

    My dog does that same thing exept she gives me pineapples dont know why but when we have pineapples she grabs it and gives it to me haha :D

  • Logan
    11 May '11

    Where do you come up with these stories?! So good!

  • Cláudia
    11 May '11

    Hello Li. I took knowledge of you amazing site/drawings like a week or so. I was doing some research on Google and for, a very happy, accident I end up on this page. I immediatly became a fan. You have such a mind. I love your little stories and you really know how to communicate the feelings on your characters... Keep up the awesome work.

  • TomGunn
    11 May '11

    Just recently found your comics through a friend, and they have just brightened my morning. Especially six am coming three hours earlier for me at the moment, getting to that happy Apple put a smile on my face

  • Sybille
    11 May '11

    I Have Reddit And REALLY Awful Spelling ... I Always Get DOWN Voted :(

  • Bekkie-Lee Allcroft
    Bekkie-Lee Allcroft
    11 May '11

    So much love for you Li. This is just beautiful. Your comics are my smily apples :)

  • Kjeld
    12 May '11

    Tonight I dreamed that I was living in the artic with two other scientists, a fridge, an extension cord and a monkey skull. It was pretty fun, actually.

  • Psywing
    12 May '11


  • Extreme
    12 May '11

    I like the color. I hope we get to see it used sparingly like you're doing. Your comic is so great

  • Jens
    12 May '11

    Eighty second!

  • Matt Warren
    Matt Warren
    12 May '11

    Sometimes, I don't even know why I respond so positively to these comics, but I surely smile. You've found such a fun way to air-lock whimsy for internet peopleses.

  • Ty
    12 May '11

    lol I love how Shoelace left envelopes everywhere. He should stick to Happles.

  • Catie D.
    Catie D.
    12 May '11

    Oh, Shoelace. I like him more than MY mail carrier!

  • Mike
    12 May '11

    Nice touch with the green apple, cheers!

  • I Stole Your Hat
    I Stole Your Hat
    12 May '11

    You should try to get a stuffed animal/ doll made of mailcat!Shoelace. He is most precious and cute.

  • archivis
    12 May '11

    Hehehehehe! So cute!

  • Chickalupe
    12 May '11

    Happles are a great snack at any time of day!

  • Sarah
    12 May '11

    Amy's Apple. :) But green.

  • Becki
    12 May '11

    i once drempt i spent ages waiting for five really amazing ice cream sundaes for my family, but at the end of the dream turned around and they said "sorry, we sold those. you can have this water instead". and gave me a bucket with sprinkles in it :(

    also, SMILE JORDAN

  • Shannon
    12 May '11

    I cannot get over how much my bestest friend looks like Jordan!

  • Tina
    12 May '11

    SHOELACE, you're a horrible mailman.......PICK THAT UP!

  • Meche
    13 May '11

    :O oh Li take me as you young padawan art student, that shoelace in the 6th box is sooo cute

  • Monkeybird
    13 May '11

    I just did my first ever post in a reddit thread with a story bout delivering pizza to crazy guy. I keep nervously checking back and worry about people calling me names for poor sentence structure.

  • Stackware
    14 May '11

    The happle looks so happy :D

  • Christoper
    15 May '11

    A apple Crome sheplace would be an amazing gift I tell you what. Even more so that it is such a happy apple.

  • Ben
    16 May '11

    You should post your comics on Reddit, maybe /r/comics.

  • Harley
    16 May '11

    When you make the frames like this I feel like I'm reading a Haiku! >w<

  • Morning Nostalgia
    Morning Nostalgia
    16 May '11

    This adorable comic was posted on ^.^ It's linked back to you of course, but I thought you should know. :D

  • bob
    17 May '11

    today i had a dream where I accidentally broke the universe.

  • Pan Pan
    Pan Pan
    17 May '11

    The little envelope on shoelaces hat in the sixth panel an adorable extra bit of detail.
    Also the whole lot is adorable like usual.
    I love your comics.

  • Lia
    18 May '11

    I did this to my mum once by drawing different faces on all the oranges in the fruit bowl >:)

  • Jake
    19 May '11

    Rene Magritte

  • Kate
    25 May '11

    I have never had a popular comment on reddit. I acquire upvotes one at a time :/ the automatic ones.

  • Elena
    1 Jun '11

    Dude...YOU MISSPELLED REALIZED! How did no one else notice? Way to go, Li...

  • Lia
    2 Jun '11

    ^It depends where you're from how you spell realised. (I spell it with an S :3)

  • Ben
    18 Jun '11

    That is just awesome. I know that everyone writes something like this, but your comic is amazing. You must be a lovely person to know.

  • John
    17 Aug '11

    Are you a fan of Doctor Who? The Happles make me think so...

  • Trobby
    10 Nov '11

    The apple is happy on Shoelace's behalf.

    Poor shoelace. If only you had a mouth.