• Li

    27 Apr '11

    Don't forget that there are always bonus sketches and drawings over on my facebook page :D

  • Bekkie-Lee Allcroft

    27 Apr '11

    Love! <3

  • Amanda

    27 Apr '11

    Lol how cute!!

  • Type

    27 Apr '11

    Quite teabaggy, this one.

  • Kaze

    27 Apr '11

    Green tea <3

  • damnliza

    27 Apr '11

    The eyes are like O.O in the dark :3

  • Blue

    27 Apr '11

    Very nicely done. I hope I can follow your work for many many years :)

  • rob

    27 Apr '11

    Shoelace you're a cat, you dont drink tea.

  • kleer001

    27 Apr '11

    I normally love yur stuff. And I'm totally not a hater, but I don't get this one. Still, it's perfectly done, just really weird. I guess that's what most people think when they see other ones. Keep up the work tho! And you can't please everyone, right?

  • Jessie

    27 Apr '11

    Eww I hope you didn't use them to make cups of tea! Brilliant as ever! :)x

  • archivis

    27 Apr '11


  • Dusty668

    27 Apr '11


  • Amber

    27 Apr '11

    Silly Shoelace. No one be up, even if you decided to nap in the tea jar. lol. The tea bags got the last laugh, since they got stuck to you. :D Another great one.

  • Eliza

    27 Apr '11

    Awww so cute!!! I love the big eyes...my cats startle me all the time at night with theit glowy big eyes, so much that I am forced to snuggle them. Shoelace's eyebrows went magically poof gone in the 4th strip. Must be all that tea! It works wonders on Shoelace and makes him extra magical! ^_~

  • Susan

    28 Apr '11

    omg that is so me right now as finals week approaches! go Shoelace! you can do it!

  • Mike

    28 Apr '11

    Herbal or Kitten?

  • Megami

    28 Apr '11

    Are you trying to say that tea rush last less than coffee rush?? really??

  • Brina

    28 Apr '11

    Ahhh!!! oh its just you shoelace lol silly kitty

  • AlliStar

    28 Apr '11

    Shoelace reminds me so much of my cat Mudkipz.... Now that I see this comic I'm actually surprised that he hasn't done something like this to me! :3

  • LouZha

    28 Apr '11

    Teabagging....your doing it Extra Ordinary.

  • AnSiogOlc

    28 Apr '11

    Shoelace AND Tea! You're spoiling us ^_^

  • Shinta

    28 Apr '11

    Another comic, another good laugh

  • evan

    28 Apr '11

    aww silly shoelace, you're a cat you don't need tea

  • Leigh

    28 Apr '11

    Yayy!! My not requested birthday comic ^__________________^

  • Luck

    28 Apr '11

    Whoa, from my timezone it says you went to the future to post this comic. Awesomesauce!

  • pandora

    28 Apr '11

    Bags in a jar? How about switching to leafs? :)

  • arcturin

    29 Apr '11

    How would I go about making an RSS feed for your website? There's no link that says "RSS" anywhere, but I see people mention they're adding exocomics to their RSS feeds, so... halp.

  • tj

    29 Apr '11

    So cute...saw something similar --> http://srslycute.com/0503/guess-who-was-playing-in-the-box/

  • Becki

    29 Apr '11

    so that's where shoelace has been hiding. oh shoelace :)

  • Olivia

    29 Apr '11

    I always love your new cartoons. Especially Shoelace. He's so great. :D

  • steve

    30 Apr '11

    I've always wondered, whats up with asian chicks and white dudes?

  • Rosi

    01 May '11

    Aww he'll smell like herbs for houuuurs. :)

  • Chickalupe

    01 May '11

    I guess Shoelace is a Kit-TEA Cat! *ba-dum ching*

  • Jake

    05 May '11

    Now all you need to do is boil him in water! =)

  • Vallysaur

    07 May '11

    It's a KitTEA

  • Joshua M

    07 Jul '11

    Strings, shoelace. It was the strings, again.


    10 Dec '11

    He could be a Tea-CAT-tle!!! ^-^ Punny stuff

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