• Li

    19 Apr '11

    We should all just be friends.

  • Petter Salminen

    20 Apr '11

    Happiest Cylon ever!! :D

  • Alex Barr

    20 Apr '11

    :) Lovely as usual

  • Kostas

    20 Apr '11

    Nuhh, don't think so... But your work lovely as always! :)

  • Foxxu

    20 Apr '11

    having a cup of tea with Li makes everyone happy!

  • Dossie Kielle

    20 Apr '11

    So cute. xD Happiest Cylon is best Cylon.

  • Kaze

    20 Apr '11

    Li watches Battlestar Galactica? o_o Refreshingly cute as usual. :]

  • Katie

    20 Apr '11

    Lol! Did you finish the series yet??

  • Kilby

    20 Apr '11

    I've never seen any of the "Galactica" sequels, so I didn't recognize the robot at all. A quick search revealed that it is a very accurate rendering, but at first glance I thought it was "General Grievous" from Star Wars (which still sort of fit).

  • Trent

    20 Apr '11

    I used to go through your comics for hours cause it reminded me so much of me and my GF, well now recent ex. Now it's kinda tough, dang her for ruining it :(

  • archivis

    20 Apr '11

    Yay! Happiest Cylons!

  • Jocelyn

    20 Apr '11

    yay i love BSG! :D

  • Ecchin

    21 Apr '11

    You... broke up with Jordan? :(

  • LaZodiac

    21 Apr '11


  • Gaby

    21 Apr '11

    @Kilby Your General Grievous comment made my day almost as much as the happiest cylon did.

  • NotGlapo

    21 Apr '11

    That is awesome! Your website is definitely going to be added to my list of daily comics. Keep up the good work. You mind if I make that cylon face my icon? Have a great day!

  • crmsonbyrd

    21 Apr '11

    Are they drinking Ceylon tea perhaps? :D

  • Chuck

    21 Apr '11

    lol...this is great! I love your comics and battlestar Galactica! You have made my birthday even awesomer!!! Thank you!

  • Mike

    21 Apr '11

    Oh my! A spot of color!!! MInd you, had to be done for full effect. Cheers.

  • timho!

    21 Apr '11

    Extreme happiness defies the fact that cylons have metal mouths that don't move!

  • alecho

    21 Apr '11

    Awww~ btw, cylons are AWESOME! :)

  • Extreme

    21 Apr '11

    I like the way Li is putting her hand to her face. That gave me a chuckle.

  • Paul

    21 Apr '11

    Shoelace!? D:

  • Andrew

    21 Apr '11

    That cylon.... He's so happy :3

  • Sugoi

    22 Apr '11

    this would be next level cool if it was the android from PORTALLL~ 8D

  • Luna

    22 Apr '11

    Best thing I ever stumbledupon! Read them all immediately, and can't wait for more.

  • Sir Naff

    22 Apr '11

    Poor Jordan...

  • Markoh

    22 Apr '11

    that must've been fun to draw

  • Divergent Reality

    22 Apr '11

    All you need now is the happiest Necron and you can have a robot party.

  • Kilby

    22 Apr '11

    Don't forget to invite a Dalek to the party!

  • evanism

    22 Apr '11

    how appropriate on Skynet day! Our robot overloards may be less grumpy than the evil ones of the past :)

  • Marianne

    23 Apr '11

    My cat's name is Shoeface, and that's definitely what I read your cat's name as the first time I saw your comics. I was blown away. What were the chances?! Then I noticed my mistake. Anyway... I do believe this comic will force me to break into the still unopened BSG collection I received for Christmas. Yay!

  • Li....ndsay

    23 Apr '11

    Jordan and shoelace will be very jealous once they find out. Then everyone will sit down and have tea, then everyone will be happy. :)

  • Noelle

    24 Apr '11

    Haha, Who IS the Happiest Cylon? The Mystery Thicks.

  • Jake

    24 Apr '11

    Been a while since I thought of BSG. The happiest Cylon would definitely be #6 or #8 since they got laid on recharge in that series.

  • Tim

    24 Apr '11

    That wouldn't be coffee made from algae, by any chance? Also, I saw this video that made me think of shoelace. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihKqlAPLTfg&feature=feedrec_grec_index

  • Becki

    25 Apr '11

    oh Cylon! also, Shoelace appears to be being ninja again...

  • Bittysnack

    25 Apr '11

    What's with the folks who always comment saying "it reminds me so much of me and my girlfriend"? I'm sorry random viewer, but I highly doubt that you and your girlfriend (hand) have a foochin cylon chilling at your crib. Great comic as always!

  • meg

    26 Apr '11

    Did you serve him toast??

  • damnliza

    26 Apr '11

    Is shoelace okay? :c

  • Paola

    26 Apr '11

    Updates please! ^__^ love the comic!!

  • Platypus

    26 Apr '11

    You are amazing. :D

  • Ghostie

    27 Apr '11

    I'm sure you hear this often enough... but your webcomic steals my heart<3 I frequent a couple comics on a regular basis, but none elicit the warm fuzzies that your's does!

  • Sydnee

    28 Apr '11

    I cannot explain how happy this BSG comic makes me!

  • Greg

    06 May '11


  • Sherri Rose

    12 May '11

    I want to be friends with the happiest Cylon. Lol! This comic makes me happy! =D

  • Mira

    20 May '11

    *heart melts*

  • ashele

    18 Jul '11

    i love that you watch B.S.G. XD good show, and i love you're work!

  • Sian

    10 Aug '11

    Love this. :)

  • Marcella

    09 Nov '11

    eeeee ^.^ Happy Cylon is happy

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