• Li

    30 Mar '11

    Have a nice day everyone.

  • Kuni

    30 Mar '11

    HATIVERSE! ...i wish i had a top hat

  • Urdal

    30 Mar '11

    Love it, simply love it! *puts on his top hat and jumps off to work*

  • Suzi

    30 Mar '11

    Same to you Li ^-^

  • Jessie

    30 Mar '11

    Ding! :D

  • Boots

    30 Mar '11

    This makes me really glad I have a top hat

  • Angel

    30 Mar '11

    I didn'd understand it D:

  • cyber95

    30 Mar '11

    Allow me to explain, Angel. Hats. Top hats. Large top hats. I'm glad to have clarified this for you.

  • Zombie

    30 Mar '11

    Am I a top hat?

  • Artanis186

    30 Mar '11

    Anogher big head reference.

  • Ecchin

    30 Mar '11

    I... don't get it. Did he made them appear? We already witnessed some of Shoelace's amazing super powers, so I wouldn't be surprised.

  • Becki

    30 Mar '11

    my life feels incomplete without a top hat... though i do have a bison horn helmet, that's still cool right?

  • Originality_is_Dead

    31 Mar '11

    Only if you sing opera loudly, and everywhere you go, Becki.

  • Jacob Ervin

    31 Mar '11

    That is the planet Slash was born on :D!

  • CarlitX

    31 Mar '11

    Omg, the universe is going to be swallowed by Team Fortress 2!

  • Molozonide

    31 Mar '11

    Top hats WITHIN top hats!! ∎|:D

  • Rain

    31 Mar '11

    And Shoelace made a top hat... And he liked it. So he put a ring on it.

  • Val

    31 Mar '11

    Oh wow Rain, you really made me laugh! Top hats are the best.

  • Mister Magician

    31 Mar '11

    Behold! As I pull this rabbit out of my universe!

  • Mike

    31 Mar '11

    A top hat for Saturn-day Night!

  • Izzy

    31 Mar '11

    Tengen Tophat Gurren Lagann.

  • z0mBy

    31 Mar '11

    OH MY GOSH its Tophats all the way up :D

  • Myron Laszyn

    31 Mar '11

    BEHOLD SHOELACE, MASTER CONJURER OF TOP HATS!!!!!!!!! Get your own magically conjured top hat today for the ripe price of 15.99 (Cdn - because thats where I live). ORDER NOW!!!!!!! :P All jokes aside, nice work again Li!!!!

  • Lauren

    31 Mar '11

    I KNEW that's what was under Professor Layton's hat!

  • kleer001

    31 Mar '11

    I don't know why, but this reminds me of an iphone game. Not sure how it would be played, or what. I would totally pay 0.99$ to play shoelace juping between progressivly larger hats. FUN!

  • Dusty668

    31 Mar '11

    We are all made out of Hatstuff.

  • Mike I

    01 Apr '11

    I need to buy a really night Top Hat... and Bowler... and a Monocle...and a pair of Pince-Nez... The Central theme I guess I'm working under is Steam Punk... what would steam punk Li & co. look like?

  • Snip3rM00n

    01 Apr '11

    I need a cat like Shoelace.

  • Reffy

    01 Apr '11

    For some reason, thisone is very Terry Pratchett to me :)

  • Harley

    01 Apr '11

    I imagine the top hats appearing making a "pop!" sound. >w< Keep it up Li, top hats can only get bigger!!

  • Sydne

    01 Apr '11

    I stumbled here, and this is my new most favorite comic. you have a new, loyal fan Li. keep up the amazing comics!

  • Hannah

    04 Apr '11

    Oh... yes, I live on planet tophat! It's very nice there, you know.

  • Justin

    04 Apr '11

    And with that, I've read through the archives and am onto pure RSS! :D Thanks for the lovely comics, they make me smile~

  • Faithisgorgeous

    04 Apr '11

    It's hatception!! OH NOES.... a hat, in a hat, in a hat

  • Blue

    04 Apr '11

    Hats are not going to conquer the world... Hats ARE the world xd... excellent as usual.

  • Fav

    05 Apr '11

    It reminds me of that series in Calvin and Hobbs

  • Tezzie

    06 Apr '11

    I also stumbled across your comics and you have another loyal fan! Best.. comic.. ever!

  • Ipek

    06 Apr '11


  • Rincewind

    07 Apr '11

    So it's turtles all the way down and top hats all the way up?

  • Ricky

    19 Aug '11


  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    This comic reminds me of The Cat in the Hat Comes Back.

  • Lethraxin

    06 Jan '12

    from the creators of cat planet... HAT PLANET!!

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