• JustDave

    26 Mar '11

    Love the Doctor Who reference :)

  • Teresa

    26 Mar '11

    I love your comic, and I rarely ever read web comics. I had to comment on this one, because it encompasses me and my boyfriend so completely. I love it.

  • Zarlana

    28 Mar '11

    Dear people commenting about how these comics aren't funny, Then don't read them Durrrr. Thanks, A person who thinks these comics are HILARIOUS

  • Alicia

    28 Mar '11

    My brother gave me the link to this site a week ago and I love it! Your comics never fail to leave a smile on my face. IDK why. Because it is so cute and relatable idk. But I love it and so many other people love it too. Can't wait for the next one :)

  • Elia

    28 Mar '11

    Bananas are the best peace treaty EVER.

  • Allen

    29 Mar '11

    Your comic is adorable :D and for what ever reason the way you depict Li and Jordan i totally see thats how Haruhi and Kyon would be if they lived together in the show The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

  • Rachel

    29 Mar '11

    i love this.

  • Steven

    29 Mar '11

    How do I find a girl like this?

  • Angus

    30 Mar '11

    @ Sierra watched that video I love those guys! @ Li ha ha your comics are always so artfully done! If I could find a gf that was this random I'd be complete!

  • Adriandarkone

    30 Mar '11


  • evan

    30 Mar '11

    i just stumbled on to your site, and had to read every one of your comics! i'm in love! keep it up :D

  • Delynn

    30 Mar '11

    Ditto to evan! I just stumbled on this site and read every one of your comics tonight!

  • gretchen

    31 Mar '11

    i love all of the doctor who references <3 X3 also love your comics, keep up the good work!! and in response to anyone who doesnt get these, you just have to be a little bit weird, crazy, and dorky =]

  • JonJon

    05 Apr '11

    How am I JUST finding out about this webcomic? It makes me happy :D

  • İpek

    06 Apr '11

    was that a quote from Doctor Who or is this just a lucky and pleasant coincidence? (Oh please, let it be the quote.) Loved it!

  • Joshua

    12 Apr '11

    Pew Pew Pew....haha I love it....beautifully drawn and wonderfully touching. Thank you for giving me a smile :)

  • Yach Yach

    25 Apr '11

    K (The alchemical symbol for Potassium!)


    08 Jun '11

    I love the second panel. :3

  • שף בבית

    18 Jul '11

    I dont really get why this is funny :-\

  • PK

    28 Jul '11

    It's like the episode of "Spaced" :D (but with no bananas, which is okay too)

  • Angiie

    23 Sep '11

    Always bring a banana to a party!

  • izyshoroo

    23 Sep '11

    My friend Evan and I do this all the time :) I walked into the cafeteria, and pretended to shoot him. He did a barrel role and jumped behind a pillar, crouched and pretended to shoot me with a shotgun. I ducked behind a wall and threw a grenade at him. It exploded near him, tearing him left arm off (he's a lefty) so he tried to aim at my heart, but missed and got my shoulder. I went over to him and shot him in the head. Then we got up, sat back down, and continued our lunch with everyone staring at us, and my boyfriend sitting next to me and shaking his head.

  • Alden

    01 Oct '11

    So, I immediately went and ate a banana after reading this comic. And by that I'm eating it right now, whilst writing this comment. Yeah. :D

  • Thanatos

    24 Oct '11

    I wear a fez now, fezzes are cool... as are bowties... and bananas

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    Sadly, bananas are going extinct. :( And we are not doing a very good job of keeping them from going extinct.

  • Sam

    20 Jan '12

    "Eat your bananas, they are a great source of potassium." 'K.

  • Laurs

    31 Jan '12

    i cant help but feel a doctor who reference in this....

  • Lynda

    19 Jan '13

    Your comics are so awesome! I love them <3

  • Moon

    11 Oct '14

    Relationship goals (:

  • Jonathan

    09 Apr '15

    This is just too adorable. xD Bring bananas to parties! The Doctor approves :3

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