• Li
    16 Mar '11

    This brought up some painful memories. Once when I was 7 our whole class had to measure the circumference of our heads as part of a maths assignment and I had the largest head in my class. But that means that I’m just really smart, right? RIGHT??

  • Meowzer
    16 Mar '11


  • emf
    16 Mar '11

    exactly! Super smart and stuff!

  • Rebecca
    16 Mar '11

    I LOVE your comics, and this one is no exception. You are fantastic :)

  • Vinceidon
    16 Mar '11

    Strange, I did the same, but guys seem to think having larger body parts makes us stronger and thus competed for the largest any means necessary

  • Kaze
    16 Mar '11

    Your head is exploding with artistic awesomeness. :)

  • Princess
    16 Mar '11

    I just discovered your comics about a week ago, and I love them so much, they always put a smile on my face :)

  • Annie
    16 Mar '11

    GAH! so cute!!

  • Maggie
    16 Mar '11

    Dawwwwww, but you're so cute and definitely smart! So its ok! =]

  • Fryonic
    16 Mar '11

    ri..i..i..i..i..ght ...

  • Mint-berry Crunch
    Mint-berry Crunch
    16 Mar '11

    Of course it means you're really smart!

    Love your Comic Li! There have been several comics that portrayed the life of my bf and I... esp the fart one. :P

  • cmcl
    16 Mar '11

    At least it's not as big as your backpack.

  • Andrew
    17 Mar '11

    My fiance is always telling me I have a big head! It's cuz I'm smarter than her. ^_^ That and she won't make hats for "my giant melon head" anymore :(

  • Kjeld
    17 Mar '11

    Baaaw, poor Li... don't be sad.
    Do you... do you want a hug?

  • Vanessa Salas
    Vanessa Salas
    17 Mar '11

    aww, it's ok.

  • Krystal
    17 Mar '11

    All that head meat makes you a genius!

  • Nicholas
    17 Mar '11


  • Ashley
    17 Mar '11

    I know some of you may be joking, but I feel like I must say that head size does not matter. Brain size does not matter. Brains can be literally more dense (which is not the insult that is has been lead to believe), thereby making ppl with small heads just as smart as people with big heads.

  • Becki
    17 Mar '11

    i always look for alt text... it makes me happy... :) bigger head = more room for creativity and niceness

  • kay
    17 Mar '11

    Lol, Yeah, I know what you mean, I also am afflicted with a huge head. Hat shopping is the worst! But I had to stop today to thank you, because your comic is HIGH-Larious and you make me smile EVERY time. Thanks again, and please don't ever stop!

  • Kathy
    17 Mar '11

    EVERYTHING ABOUT THESE COMICS ARE FREAKIN' ADORABLE or hilarious. I always look forward to Wednesdays. :D

    Looking at Shoelace make that circle reminds me of some kinda circus act. >_>; That's probably just me.

  • Corbyn
    17 Mar '11

    It just means you're smart.

    Also, I will never stop looking for alt text!

  • Alayne
    17 Mar '11

    Someone told me people with bigger heads are more attractive. (He had a very small head.)

  • Blue
    17 Mar '11

    Sure you are super inteligent :)

  • Aj
    17 Mar '11

    Shoelace is just being an insensitive jerk. Don't worry about it.

  • Jeff Millar
    Jeff Millar
    17 Mar '11

    Li is actually correct. There is evidence in phrenological research that demonstrates that head size is positively correlated with IQ scores. So, according to phrenology Li could very well have been the smartest child in her class; which I do not doubt :)

  • Robert
    17 Mar '11

    I feel your pain. I'm a big head too.

  • acce245
    17 Mar '11

    Knowing the circumference of heads... just one of Mokona's 108 hidden traits!

  • Lisa
    17 Mar '11

    Yup that means you are smart. And pretty. Pretty people have big heads.

  • jennifer
    17 Mar '11

    I am afflicted with the exact opposite. I have a child sized head for an adult girl. I have to shop in the children's section if I want anything that won't slide over my eyes. On the bright side, children's stuff is cheaper =D

  • Megami
    17 Mar '11

    I'm sorry, I'll stop looking for the alt text. :'(

  • Cassius
    17 Mar '11

    Maybe this can turn into a giant adventure :D

  • Sanjeb
    17 Mar '11

    As always, your drawings are funny and enjoyable :)
    and love the alt text :P

    PS: I have trouble finding a suitable hat because of the size of my head :P... and yes, we are really smart ;)

  • Roy
    17 Mar '11

    awwww, I remember the same thing happening to me, don't worry you aren't alone!!!!!

  • mattybigback
    17 Mar '11

    I'll never stop looking for alt text!

    And I have a big head too, so it's all good

  • Mike
    17 Mar '11

    A comic without Shoelace is no comic at all ^^

  • chuck
    17 Mar '11

    part 2 for this comic?

  • Victor
    17 Mar '11

    I have the same issue. I do not own any hats because I cannot find any that fit.

  • Lord Kap
    Lord Kap
    17 Mar '11

    Smartest in class! ;)

  • Hana
    17 Mar '11

    If I had a cat, we would have this exact conversation.

  • Jax
    17 Mar '11

    I have a bigger head..... But my body matches, so it's fine. Also, I only realized, like, 5 comics ago it had witty alt text. But you mean you couldn't think of anything witty lately, right? ):

  • David
    17 Mar '11

    woot for alt text <3

  • Tighe
    18 Mar '11

    When I was getting measured for my graduation cap in high school, the sales man when he measured me yelled out in front of everyone, "I'm going to have to special order for you! You have a huge head!" :-(

    Then years later I was in a cowboy hat store just trying on hats for fun with my now wife, and the sales man saw me put on the largest hat, and said to me "You have a huge head boy!" >:-(

  • Shinta
    18 Mar '11

    Made my day

  • corissa
    19 Mar '11

    best alt-text you've ever written, minus "face full of balls." i love this comic so much. : )

  • Omni
    19 Mar '11

    It just means that you are extra ordinary, (do you see what I did there?)

  • Siveen
    19 Mar '11

    its half two in the morning where i am (Ireland, YAY) and iv just spent the last hour and a half reading all your comics. I too have a cold hearted boyfriend and a lovable yet extremely random animal companion (a small fluffy mutt called Scraps, i would have a cat but i live in an apartment and cats need an outside to be FREE and HAPPY and to chase and eat butterflies... D:) but yeah... (also, if you put a teeeny bit of kryptonite in a lightsabre it could TOTALLY cut Superman in half. He doesnt even have the force)

  • AngelBoy342
    20 Mar '11

    Did anyone notice that Li's wearing roller skates as she's leaving?

  • Hamtaro fan
    Hamtaro fan
    20 Mar '11

    You are the best Li

  • ethan
    20 Mar '11


  • Tyronos
    20 Mar '11

    hey you might have a big head, but at least you have fans!
    i mean really look at how long this comment page is O.O
    keep you cool in summer...

  • Harriet M
    Harriet M
    21 Mar '11

    I had almost the EXACT SAME experience!!!!!! but only we were learning about how the greeks thought simetrical faces were more beautiful and i was the 'ugliest' person in the class :( but now the guys r chasing after me!!! take that math!!! xD

  • Laura
    21 Mar '11

    That definitely means you're very smart!
    I have a big head too, when I try on hats, I always have to try the ones for men because the ones for women are way too small for me. Lol, I'm not even kidding. I fit the same hats my dad fits, I'm not bothered by it tho!

  • kevin
    22 Mar '11

    for my cap and gown fitting, the guy was talking about how some people had heads too big to fit in the 'one size fits all' caps, and would have to special order new caps. Then he pointed me out, and make me walk to the front of my ENTIRE CLASS and confirm that i have a giant head.

  • Nojh
    25 Mar '11

    Rollin' rollin' rollin'....

  • Mindy
    26 Mar '11

    Me too Q_Q

  • Brett
    9 Apr '11

    I got teased as "Big Head" as a kid because I looked like a walking caricature. I feel for ya. but hey, it's funny now :)

  • Purple
    21 Apr '11

    Large head can equal less synaptic pruning, bad thing, sorry. Love comic though

  • Jayde
    27 Apr '11

    I also have a big head.

  • Alex
    3 Aug '11

    Cheer up Li, i need XXL sized hats, and im 17!

  • Paul Harrison
    Paul Harrison
    28 Aug '11

    People in the autistic spectrum have an unusual distribution of white matter in their brains, causing increased head size. It's a potentially useful early diagnostic.

  • Trobby
    10 Nov '11

    Actually, children and babies always have heads that are much larger than their bodies. The body grows into the head, so you were probably just smarter than everyone else because you were so young, yet still in their grade!

    This is clearly the reason. Clearly.

    Also your head is fine please do not roll away~ ;o;

  • Jonathan
    9 Apr '15

    I can't help it! Alt-text is awesome! :D