• Muadhdib

    12 Mar '11

    oh man, it makes me fell like when Ego ate the ratatouille :P Li rocks!!!

  • Zac

    13 Mar '11

    Love The Comics, Li!! :D You should make this a download. I see tons of demands, me being one of them[:

  • Anthon

    14 Mar '11

    Another vote for wallpaper!

  • Ly

    17 Mar '11

    I want to have this illustration on a poster on my wall xD Really beautiful :)

  • marcelo

    21 Mar '11

    the swing is in an extraordinary and impossible position in that tree branch, yeeet I still love it :P, your comics are awesome.

  • taylor

    21 Mar '11

    why is this not the same as the 170 in the archives? or is there something wrong with my computer...?

  • KireiTsukino

    23 Mar '11

    this is so awesome! :)

  • Rachael

    05 Apr '11

    This should be a wallpaper.

  • Hao

    18 Apr '11

    Hi I just stumbled upon you're webcomic, it's amazing ^_^

  • Memie Huang

    08 Aug '11

    this is awesomeee! you should put this as a download :)

  • Katya

    12 Aug '11

    I know I'm kinda late to be saying this now, but I felt that it was important that you knew that this reminds me of Winnie the Poo so much!

  • Katifer

    05 Nov '11

    This makes me thinks of Calvin and Hobbes...

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    *w* So pretty...

  • Julia

    16 Apr '12

    I can haz wallpaper?

  • Rose

    25 Oct '12

    So cute! Is this available as a wallpaper? It reminds me of Winnie the Pooh! I just started reading your comics today right from the very first one. They are adorable!

  • Johnnie Lucille

    06 Jan '13

    This SO needs to be a wallpaper! I love it! <3

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