• Li

    02 Feb '11

    Hey everyone, we made the picture that I put on Facebook last week into a wallpaper, you can find it on the Downloads page.

  • Travis

    02 Feb '11

    My organs are pretty itchy. Especially the Hammond B-3.

  • Emmy

    02 Feb '11

    THIS IS SOOO CUTE!!! ur stuff always makes my day

  • Caitlin Dorsey

    02 Feb '11

    What a faker!!! Doesn't he know you have important patients to see.

  • Kaze

    02 Feb '11

    Is your assistant doctor Shoelace? =D

  • Stitches

    02 Feb '11

    Aw, poor jordan, he just play'd sick to come see you. xD

  • Adam

    02 Feb '11

    Itchy nez! Li's the best ^_^

  • Katie

    02 Feb '11

    Itchiness on your organs!

  • Kristabell

    02 Feb '11

    Jordan looks as if he would lie about sickness a lot.

  • Mocca

    02 Feb '11

    Wow, how comes there are noooo comments? Thanks for the comic, Li. First thing in the (wednesday) morning! Cheers from Germany

  • Jeremy

    02 Feb '11

    Yay! Doctor Li!

  • Dann

    02 Feb '11

    This is something i'd expect my gf to pull >__> lol

  • Urdal

    02 Feb '11

    Awesome Li, just pure awesome :)

  • LeviCatman

    02 Feb '11

    No fun being a doctor when your patients aren't itchy....

  • ChirstianM

    02 Feb '11

    This is the most intricate diagnosis i have ever seen

  • momo

    02 Feb '11

    Yay! Doctor Li! :D

  • Myron

    02 Feb '11

    Are u qualified to diagnose Shoelace? :P Awesome comic as usual!!!

  • Petter Salminen

    02 Feb '11

    Dr. Li is in the house curing people before even starting!

  • C2

    02 Feb '11

    that happens to me all the time...

  • Chickalupe

    02 Feb '11

    Doctor, my organs itch constantly!

  • Milander

    02 Feb '11

    ...and this is funny because...? thumbs down.

  • Sooshi Meo

    02 Feb '11

    What does it mean if it DOES itch there, there and my organs? Could it be a side effect from carrying squirrels for currency? Love your work as always~

  • Susita

    02 Feb '11

    your wallpapers are really extra-ordinary! thanks!

  • llamaone

    02 Feb '11

    Doctor Li is chexy.

  • Paul_Bags

    02 Feb '11

    This is why I don't see doctors. She forgot the part where she takes a days wages for her troubles.

  • cmcl

    03 Feb '11

    That's quite a specialty you've got there, lady.

  • silverwood1984

    03 Feb '11

    So cute Li! I love it!

  • MsMysteria

    03 Feb '11

    I dont think you know how wonderful your comics make people feel.

  • Nojh

    03 Feb '11

    I'm not sure Li knows how to play doctor right.

  • Ferrard

    03 Feb '11

    "Playing Doctor" has a completely different set of connotations in the Shoelace household. ~ Ferrard

  • Aden

    03 Feb '11

    Haha Li, all your comics are amazing! :D

  • Emilie

    03 Feb '11

    Aww where be Shoelace? I love me some Shoelace

  • Phil

    03 Feb '11

    Hey Li, I'm a new reader and I just wanted to say that today I ready all of your comics and they are great ... I looking forward to checking each week for your new comic!

  • Kjeld

    03 Feb '11

    You can't claim sickness without itching somewhere. It's just ridiculous.

  • JamAndMarshmallows

    03 Feb '11

    So, umm.. I needs a new family doctor.. the last one was stab-- oh erm, she had to take a long vacation... So you can be me new doc?? ^_^

  • Nicholas

    04 Feb '11

    @ Milander, your opinion is wrong

  • Elia

    05 Feb '11

    Hahaha. Organs. XDD Couldn't help laughing. I'm immature, sorry.

  • AngelBoy342

    08 Feb '11

    Hey Li, can I use your popstrip avatar for a science project? I asked you on you profile as well...

  • Melissa

    09 Feb '11

    He looks so grumpy. Maybe that's his illness.

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    A dose of kitty can cure grumpiness. But only if it is not a grumpy kitty. Then there is no hope at all. ;(

  • Emma

    15 Apr '19

    I am sitting at my desk giggling ... thank you Li! I started from the start and am treating myself to your cartoons in return for work :D

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