• Li
    12 Jan '11

    Hey readers! The site has gotten a bit bigger since we first started and so we have moved to a new host. Thanks to Nick and Ian for hosting my site up until now, you guys are awesome.

    Jordan took the opportunity to fix some code for the site so if you see anything broken please email me and let me know so that we can fix it!

  • Maxinne
    12 Jan '11

    Hey, Li. Just letting you know I'm your twin and ilu.

    Also: I miss legit camping out in tents, roasting marshmallows, telling ghost stories...
    Microwaved smore's just aren't cutting it. Sigh.

  • Cassiel
    12 Jan '11

    so cute! i love your drawings, they always cheer me up. the way that you draw everything is just so cute and whimsical. <3

  • A.L.
    12 Jan '11

    I laughed so hard at this because I thought he was just trying to be scary for no reason. Also Maxinne is not lying, I know her and you two act just alike. Now go file a restraining order before she does to you what she did to the last person she called her "twin".

  • madaz
    12 Jan '11

    "And then what happened"
    LOL I ask that of my cat all the time he comes up meowing about some thing.

  • ginnii
    12 Jan '11

    that is adorable!
    is that a little door I see?

    keep up the good work Li !! <3

  • Urdal
    12 Jan '11

    Awesome, just purely Awesome.... <3 ExoComics <3

  • Avenged
    12 Jan '11

    Wait is it really Wednesday already? No, it can't be Wednesday... *gets on facebook and sees new comic* OH JOY IT IS WEDNESDAY :D

  • Rochelle
    12 Jan '11

    I think you should know that in the six weeks or so since I discovered your comic, it has sped straight to the top of my Top Ten List Of Comics I Like Best (TM), which I previously thought was immutable. You win the internet! Congratulations forever!

    So yeah, thanks for all the adorable, and keep up the amazing work. :D

  • Ecchin
    12 Jan '11

    I demand further development focused on that tiny door! :C

  • Kaze
    13 Jan '11

    Shoelace never fails to be amazingly cute.

  • Ashely
    13 Jan '11

    I love being in the USA, it makes it feel like I get the comics a day earlier...and I really love Shoelace's paper eyebrows.

  • Becca
    13 Jan '11

    Guys, the door is the mouse door--we've seen it before! It even has little holiday lights over it in the Christmas comic.

  • lyricmezzosoprano
    13 Jan '11

    I love the little mouse house! hahaha

  • Mr. Donkey
    Mr. Donkey
    13 Jan '11

    Maybe it's a mouse door, but we don't know for sure! It could be a tiny person, or a giant miniature space hamster, or even a rat!

  • Elia
    13 Jan '11

    .....still want to know what happened next....

  • Mike
    13 Jan '11

    As always, I love the pencil artwork, cheers!

  • Lisa
    13 Jan '11

    Oh Shoelace don't fib, you ran away like a little girly-cat.

  • Tim
    13 Jan '11

    man i swear these drawings just get cuter and cuter everytime

  • jack
    13 Jan '11

    I love the pencil artwork, it's the best!

  • Natalie
    13 Jan '11

    super cute! very lovely

  • Mike
    13 Jan '11

    I just noticed the tiny mouse door and window in the base-board, love it!

  • Kyau
    13 Jan '11

    You guys married yet?
    Wheres the children?

  • Dusty668
    13 Jan '11

    Who knows what secrets lurks in the hearts of men? The Shoelace knows!

    Tune in next episode when Mr. Mousie comes out in his night cap to complain about the neighbors shining their lights in their window at all hours of the night!

  • Frances M
    Frances M
    14 Jan '11

    One of the cutest! I love it so much!! :D Your comics always put a smile on my face. :)

  • Jessi
    14 Jan '11

    I stumbled on this site today and it's my new favorite comic. It's so cute and funny and the relationship between you and your cat reminds me of me and my kitty ^.^

  • Jenna
    15 Jan '11

    moar dialog!

  • Jordan (not THE Jordan)
    Jordan (not THE Jordan)
    15 Jan '11

    I just read through ALL of your comics... Loved em! Reminds me of me and my girlfriend. Keep up the great work!

  • jack
    16 Jan '11

    that's realy cute

  • Aj
    16 Jan '11

    Shoelace gets eyebrows when she is being scary ?!!

  • Irish
    16 Jan '11

    I've read all your comics in less that an hour. I'm officialy your fan.

  • Briana
    17 Jan '11

    Preow from homestarrunner? =]

  • Mike I
    Mike I
    17 Jan '11

    I love the HomestarRunner references, they make you that much cooler and oldschool! <3 Li!
    ps more like Pre-ow

  • Anthon
    19 Jan '11

    I would love to have a "random entry" button so that I can backread your comics at ease!

  • Myself
    19 Jan '11

    Thank you for your comics, you make me believe in imaginiation and child-like innocence again. :)

  • Mr. Topp and the Big Bad Blog &raquo; The morning coffee is OK
    Mr. Topp and the Big Bad Blog &raquo; The morning coffee is OK
    19 Jan '11

    [...] is Extra Ordinary by Li Chen AKPC_IDS += [...]

  • Bee
    15 Feb '11

    so freaking adorable love love love

  • liam
    13 Mar '11

    this comic. it's decently drawn. sort of unlike i've seen in other comics, to be honest. but the subject is far too cutesy. infact it pretty much lacks anything that would ever draw me back. "sauce"? sharks? the cat wearing shoes? "i farted"? we get it. there's just nothing there.

  • Zabinatrix
    11 May '11

    Ah, liam, I really wish that people like you could explain the exact reason why you feel that there's a point to leaving a comment like that. I get it, you don't like cutesy stuff. So what?

    As you can tell by most other comments, most other visitors seem to enjoy the subject matter. And I'm pretty certain that it is what Li wants to make. So do you really expect it to change because you don't like it? See, here's the thing: you do NOT have to enjoy everything on the internet. There are webcomics of all kinds, about all kinds of subjects. You can probably find a hundred you like and follow those instead, and just simply move on when there is something that isn't your type.

    Why do people like you feel the need to tell artists that they're "doing it wrong"? Why do you expect every single thing to be made to your particular liking? Yeah, I get that you're not here anymore, but I still felt that the questions needed to be asked.

    Also, to Li: I love your comics to death and I hope you'll continue making them. And I hope that it'll always be fun for you.

  • Quan
    30 Jul '11

    I love you too Li

  • liam
    6 Aug '11

    i'm back. back to apologize. it's true that leaving anonymous, deconstructive criticism is an entirely futile practice. it's also true that it's within my realm of choice to simply avoid reading this comic instead of disparaging it. there are certainly far worse, objectively bad things out there worthy of far worse disdain. i was just home alone, wits stymied by liquor (as evidenced by the clear lack of the word "anything"), and just angry at the internet in general. i've since bought a bike.

    sorry! your comics evidently make people happy and there's nothing wrong with that. take care.

  • Cara
    8 Aug '11

    HI :D I'm new....I love your work ;) someone just showed me and I've seen like 25 >.< I love them.

  • charles
    2 Jan '12


  • Tim
    26 May '14

    Hey look, it said Preow!

  • Collin
    21 Sep '16

    Nice shadow puppeting, Shoelace!