• Myron

    08 Jan '11

    soooooo is this where u got shoelace or from the result of planting shoelace into the ground? Either way you kno have an army of shoelaces to command!!!!!!!! TO VICTORY!!!

  • Mia

    08 Jan '11

    Your comics remind me of life at home with my boyfriend and our 6 pets, 2 of which are black cats. :) Seriously, your comics do. I'm an Asian mix, my boyfriend's white, we both have ASUS laptops, he's a giant geek, I'm a giant dork, and our cats are huge trouble-makers.

  • ambabe90210

    09 Jan '11

    Gotta love the kitties ^_^ Yay for Shoelace... Loving the comic, I've just say here for the last hour going through them all, I found it yesterday... I've now added it to my links bar... shall be following from now one :oD

  • Rowen and Nichole

    09 Jan '11

    I wanted to say that your art always has such a warm feel to it. We just found out today that our loved little one, Missie ( a beautiful Balinese), just passed away back home. I know you probably don't take requests but I might make a suggest, one of your warm comforting drawing's might make a wonderful dedication to the love we all feel for our pets. Sincerely, some people who love their animals and your work.

  • Lisa

    09 Jan '11

    This reminded me of shoelace http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/japanfan/da87/ Now I want one for my birthday.

  • Drew

    09 Jan '11

    Millions of kittens, kittens for me.

  • Roman

    10 Jan '11

    Went do Disney World with my friends!

  • Lauren

    10 Jan '11

    Love that you used Peaches as your inspiration, one of my favorite songs ^.^

  • Gabby

    10 Jan '11

    can i has kitteh tree

  • Brian

    12 Jan '11

    Your new icon is a Dinosaur <3, it makes my bookmark bar so much better looking!

  • David

    13 Jan '11

    Apart from procrastinating by backreading all the comics (well, all those that I most love), literature review and code and good times! Et toi?

  • Jack

    16 Jan '11

    Like fruit

  • Terr

    20 Jan '11

    Ivan snapped the pod from the end of its branch. The kitten emitted a squall, convulsed, and went still. “Kitty, kitty…?” Ivan whispered doubtfully into his cupped hand. An alarming trickle of red fluid coursed from the broken stem across his wrist. Miles pulled back the pod-leaves around the kitten’s … corpse, he feared. There was no back half to the beast. Pink naked legs fused together and disappeared into the stem part of the pod. “…I don’t think it was ripe, Ivan.”

  • cledsol

    28 Apr '11

    I simply LOVE it!! I really love catkin, and I love the way you draw that <3

  • jess

    09 Jun '11


  • Quan

    30 Jul '11

    So cute

  • Eidolon

    13 Aug '11

    What is the best type of soil to plant those trees in?

  • Halloween Penguins

    21 Aug '11

    Can I have a kitty tree, too?

  • Jelly-being

    08 Sep '11

    I think I'm going to explode from all the cute. I just... I can't handle this level of adorableness. >.<

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    Oh noooo! D: Now how are we going to keep track of them all?

  • Angel

    11 Mar '12

    I gotta buy those seeds and grow that tree! I JUST GOTTA!

  • trina

    13 Nov '12

    OMG! a cat tree! so cute X3 oh and i luv ur style of drawings XD

  • Anna

    13 Mar '15

    How little kitties are actually made.

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