• Li

    24 Nov '10

    Foxy, like a boss.

  • Drake

    24 Nov '10


  • Sub-Urban Artist

    24 Nov '10

    Oh wow, first comment. I'd like to thank the Academy... Keep up the comics, they're that little extra spoonful of cuteness that makes the rest of the day easier to swallow :3

  • Sub-Urban Artist

    24 Nov '10

    Ooh, burned by the Foxy! D:

  • Nat

    24 Nov '10

    Glad I'm not the only one XD Foxy like a cat! XD

  • Lotte

    24 Nov '10

    I do wonder how foxy duck's are..

  • jneeny

    24 Nov '10

    i love the little mouse house!!!!! you are awesome li!!!!!

  • Nick

    24 Nov '10

    I love the little door!

  • Tina

    24 Nov '10

    Foxy, like a fox. Li! Love you comic. Shoelace is so adorable! =D Keep up the good work.

  • Pants

    24 Nov '10

    I love these comics! Read every single one from beginning to end in one sitting.

  • desposy

    24 Nov '10

    glad i'm not the only person that does this :-)

  • pronnoy

    24 Nov '10

    like a bowse!

  • Ithos

    24 Nov '10

    Tiny mousehouse =^_^=

  • Katie

    25 Nov '10

    Very adorable, I love your comics so much! :D I am convinced that a version of this would make an excellent t-shirt. I would totally buy that t-shirt. :D

  • necrophyte

    25 Nov '10

    I tried this pick-up line once. Her boyfriend beat me up. I guess that means it works.

  • dacho

    25 Nov '10

    lol at "Quack."

  • Elia

    25 Nov '10

    Oh how these comics make me smile. :)

  • Kjeld

    25 Nov '10

    Like a BOSS. =)

  • Chloe

    25 Nov '10

    You just turn my major frown upside down! :) DOWN WITH GROUP PRESENTATION!

  • Johnny

    25 Nov '10

    Awww lol hehe the mouse hole

  • Jens Morrison

    25 Nov '10

    That's so funny that you do that too, I thought I was the only one!...I think we are both foxxy like ducks (in a stricktly plutonic way)...

  • Aden

    25 Nov '10

    I may have just sat here at work and read every single one of these comics. I <3 it so much!

  • Soop

    25 Nov '10

    Foxy Duck :)!

  • K

    25 Nov '10

    Wow, I never noticed cartoon Li has no neck until now. Still very cute.

  • FEZrobot

    25 Nov '10


  • Lauren

    25 Nov '10

    Dear Li, I absolutely LOVE your comics. They're smart, adorable, witty, and creative. I hope that I will be an equally good artist like you someday. P.S. Shoelace always makes me smile. :D

  • Hungry Like The Wolf

    25 Nov '10

    Like A Ninja Pirate Duck Boss. BooYea!!

  • Lisa

    25 Nov '10

    That's so cute <3

  • Bakedpotatoes

    25 Nov '10

    Ducks sure are foxy. They are my minions at university after night labs. They do my evil (and not so evil) bidding.

  • Bunnylover

    25 Nov '10

    Oh em gee, I love these comics! They remind me of me!

  • SooshiMeo

    25 Nov '10

    >:\ I'm waiting for that mouse to come out of his house.

  • archivis

    26 Nov '10

    wheeee so cute as always!

  • Finn&Jake

    26 Nov '10

    I think mirrors are foxy too! Almost as foxy as my shiney shoes!

  • Jametics

    26 Nov '10

    We all know we do it. Yea I'm talken to you.

  • foozlesprite

    27 Nov '10

    You should draw a fox/duck combo. It would be the cutest creature ever!

  • apitcherofjana

    28 Nov '10

    omgosh, the tiny door and window on the bottom right are so adorable =]

  • Joe

    28 Nov '10


  • kaytie

    29 Nov '10

    I want this to be a T-shirt!

  • Torii

    29 Nov '10

    noooo. I just read every single one of your comics! whyyyy must they stop here?!

  • Ryz Fickle

    29 Nov '10


  • Enrique

    29 Nov '10

    Yay for the little mouse house!!! (p.s. your comics are the bestest)

  • Chase

    30 Nov '10

    I just stayed up all night(3:38 pacific standard time) viewing every single one of your comics on this site. YOU MAKE ME CRY. So cute, anyway keep up the good work! Now I shall hunt down more from you! Goodnight

  • Markoh

    08 Dec '10

    like da boss?

  • greg

    14 Dec '10

    I want to be your friend irl

  • Lucas

    08 Mar '11

    As foxy as me in my fedora...perhaps but just perhaps not yes

  • Mark

    01 Apr '11

    Mouse house.

  • Brok3n Doll

    14 Jun '11

    Foxy indeed!! =) Ps: there must be like a dozen little mouse holes like that all over Li's house, they're all over the place, LOL

  • Huh

    04 Aug '11

    lol I like how the little mouse door has a window

  • Tyler

    30 Mar '12

    Heyyy Guurrll ;D

  • Ashley

    25 Sep '13

    I really like this comic! Just had to come back to it ^^ We should be foxy together, like ducks :P

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