• Melissa

    24 Nov '10


  • Indigo

    24 Nov '10

    @melissa UPDATE YOUR FACE MORE OFTEN. IT'S EXTRA LAME. comics take a while chika.

  • Mako

    24 Nov '10

    I second Indigo.

  • Shaco

    24 Nov '10

    Awesome as usual :D Take your time to make them amazing.

  • Finn&Jake

    24 Nov '10

    woah woah woah! are you complaining about these amazing comics? calm down and enjoy the comics! P.S you're lame for complaining indigo and pals.

  • company2

    24 Nov '10

    keep up the good work li we love your comics

  • Aro

    24 Nov '10


  • jo

    24 Nov '10

    @finn&jake....you are lame for not really reading the thread. indigo and pals were lambasting melissa for complaining, not actually complaining themselves. keep up the awesome comics!!

  • lt_amazil

    24 Nov '10

    @indigo CH-CHICK BURN!

  • Randi702

    25 Nov '10

    I tend to like your face! Don't update if you don't want to. Keep on being magical!

  • Minikimii

    02 Dec '10

    The more I read this, the more I realize you are me, and my boyfriend is your boyfriend. Are you secretly me? :O -conspiracyconspiracy-

  • herpus derp

    04 Dec '10

    these comics make me happy

  • Elli

    05 Dec '10

    Ok, to the loser at the beginning who was dissing on Li's comic, you're a fag. I want to rip your balls of and bury them so far in hell that you will feel them burn. If you don't have the ability to look at comics and just laugh, then you have a fucked up brain. Li is possibly the cutest person to ever exist and possible the funniest so leave your nasty comments to yourself and appreciate the art. Oh, and please excuse me from using foul language on your comments Li, keep rockin'. :P

  • lisa marie

    06 Dec '10

    mm breakfast toime

  • Markoh

    12 Dec '10

    I love your anti-gravity hair.

  • Brandy

    30 Dec '10

    @ Elli: Though I agree that no one should be complaining about the length of time it takes to create a comic, I would like to point out that using a word like "fag" in a derogitory way is, well, extremely homophobic and bigoted. If you would like people to respect what you have to say, then perhaps try to steer clear of offensive and oppressive language so that people can take you seriously. And please don't tell me that "you didn't mean it that way" because LGBTQ folk, as well as their allies are going to read your comment as a case of homophobia. All that being said: Li, I thoroughly enjoy your comics.

  • VZJoseph

    07 Jan '11

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  • Amilcar

    17 May '11

    i get it now! Li has mind powers! That's how she's able to float, isn't it?

  • Mick W.

    30 May '11

    I wish I could float...

  • Brok3n Doll

    14 Jun '11

    LOL @ choco thing! XD

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    Li, you are such a hypocrite! D: So it's okay for you to disobey gravity, but not Shoelace? >:(

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