• madaco

    07 Dec '10

    what does this have to do with thermo dynamics? isnt that just you can not convert all heat energy/all gained heat energy into motion heat flows from hot temperatures to cold temperatures and something else or also phrased as you cant win you cant break even unless its REALLY cold it never gets that cold ? what does thermodynamics have to do with sticking to the ceiling?

  • Vijay

    08 Dec '10

    @madaco It's very complicated. You should ask a cat.


    08 Dec '10

    @MACADO its a simpsons reference :)

  • Neil

    08 Dec '10

    Love the Simpsons reference.

  • Maxie

    09 Dec '10

    They are sooo naughty! My cats do this... They look at you WHILST they do the naughty thing, and are like "Go on... make my day"... LOL LOL.

  • Suuz

    10 Dec '10

    spidercat spidercat, spidercat does what spidercat does...

  • Calypso

    28 Dec '10

    Just as I was reading this, my cat, Poppy, starts making kissing noises and twitching in her sleep. She is an angel when she is asleep, awake, an evil genius. When she's sleepy she just licks your toes until you lie down so she can lick the rest of you. She falls asleep, pinning you down, then you just need to start from the top of this comment.

  • Haem

    08 Jan '11

    Simpsons? Google Ceiling Cat, I think you're missing the bigger picture...

  • Katryn

    03 Apr '11

    I love this comment! I love cats and I think i'll try wearing cat ears more often...

  • Jon

    28 May '11

    Omg I was reading these while in an online meeting (writing this in the same meeting!) and I BUSTED OUT laughing at this one. Fantastic work, Li!

  • M

    30 Jun '12

    Cats just have a much more friendly relationship with gravity, It lets them survive falls at terminal velocity, land on their feet, and every so often, walk on the ceiling.

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