• Li
    10 Nov '10

    Pfft I can do that too.

  • Li....ndsay
    10 Nov '10

    Yay, its Wednesday and the kitty is on the roof :)

  • Walldo
    10 Nov '10

    I'm getting two kitties tomorrow and i really hope they don't walk around my ceilings

  • Dusty668
    10 Nov '10

    Shoelace is a loose cannon of cayoooote and gravitomizorizers! Shoolace scoffs at your rules and your Newtonian leanings!

  • Sean
    10 Nov '10

    Cat rule #20: Gravity is just a suggestion.

  • Bryan
    10 Nov '10


  • Kaze
    10 Nov '10

    Shoelace is ninja cat.

  • Elizabeth
    10 Nov '10

    At least shoelace easily gets to those spiders? :D

  • dacho
    11 Nov '10

    Thank you SO MUCH for making my day with this :D

  • vee
    11 Nov '10

    i miss seeing jordan in the comics! :D but yay shoelace, so adorable!

  • archivis
    11 Nov '10

    So adorables always.

  • Mythos
    11 Nov '10

    Shoelace is rockin' out with the old school Lionel Richie!

  • Gordon
    11 Nov '10

    Your comics are adorable! And surprisingly enough, this comic is based on reality. My cat likes to keep doing the same old mischief no matter how many times I scold her for it, too! I think they know they're not supposed to, but they like breaking the rules just for the sake of breaking the rules.

  • Lisa
    11 Nov '10

    And here I thought it took a dog in the room to put a cat on the ceiling :D

  • Kjeld
    11 Nov '10

    Thats how cats roll.

  • AmethystaG
    11 Nov '10

    This comic makes me love my life.

    My friends all recommended it because they felt it matched my life perfectly, except my Shoelace is named 'Gidgit', hehe

    Thank you for always being so adorable!

  • Soop
    11 Nov '10

    Shoelace was like...gravity? Psh.

  • Jessica
    11 Nov '10

    OH MY GOODNESS! Someone else knows my pain!!!!!!!!!! I came home from vacation and my kitty was clinging to the darn ceiling. Had to get a darned ladder to unhook her. Her claw had gotten caught in the ceiling, how I DO NOT KNOW! But no one would believe me. She climbs up the chimney too. Shoelace and my kitty would be grand friends. They could hang out on the roof. U_U

  • lorx
    11 Nov '10

    Love the Simpsons quote in teh alt. ^_^

  • Ruby Tuesday
    Ruby Tuesday
    11 Nov '10

    Smug Shoelace is Smug!

  • AngelBoy342
    11 Nov '10

    Hello, I've been recruited here by Popstrip and Swb. Just wanna make new people friends... (all my alien friends are starting to turn agaist me...)

  • Ange;Boy342
    11 Nov '10

    Crap, agiast is NOT how to spell against...

  • regal
    11 Nov '10

    soooooo..... what about when he jumps?

  • Sara
    11 Nov '10

    I <3 Shoelace. I <3 you too Li.

  • Steot
    11 Nov '10

    My friend's boyfriend just found a stray kitty on his college campus yesterday and it's staying at my house until the Forgotten Cats shelter can take her. Anyone want a kitty?

  • Micah
    11 Nov '10

    Shoelace is a Ninja. Shoelace stole a sandwich all stealthy like, now on the ceiling....Ninja!!!!

  • Yellow Panda
    Yellow Panda
    11 Nov '10

    >.> I had a cat when I was younger that used to run away across the wall if you scared it =.=

  • CirienPhoenix
    11 Nov '10

    Fun story! My parents were housing hunting after they got married a few decades ago. When they went into the basement of one house, my mom saw a cat and started calling it and trying to get it to come to her. Instead, it raced up a pipe and through some duct work. My mom was like "what the heck?" and my dad responded "Honey, don't freak, but.... that was a large rat." My mom proceeded to immediately claw her way over my father and raced out of that house ASAP. Yep, fun story. :)

  • katarcha
    11 Nov '10

    This is like the best comic lol. I stumbled onto it yesterday and fell in love! I subscribed to it and read them all yesterday!

  • PheonixGRX
    11 Nov '10

    worlds greatest saying: I can do that... I just don't want to.

  • hannah the pi monster
    hannah the pi monster
    11 Nov '10

    you should post a lesson thing on "how to draw Shoelace". i would like to know how!
    i love Shoelace and all your comics - they are soooo cute and you can draw reeeeallly well!

  • Layla
    11 Nov '10

    Where did jordan go? Bring him back!!

  • Bakedpotatoes
    11 Nov '10

    DU = q + w where q is heat and w is whatevershoelacesaysitis.

  • Paul_Bags
    11 Nov '10

    Pfft, he wasn't even heading for the ceiling, but you told him off for it so he just HAD to. (cats are brats)

  • Argent Stonecutter
    Argent Stonecutter
    12 Nov '10

    Stop climbing on the fourth wall! You'll break it!

  • Manly Guys Doing Manly Things &laquo; The Singularity
    Manly Guys Doing Manly Things &laquo; The Singularity
    12 Nov '10

    [...] [...]

  • TheGoddessMaria
    13 Nov '10

    @ Gordon - cutest avatar evarrrr
    @ Li I'm glad my cats have not figured this out - it's bad enough that they seem to ooze in and out of rooms that are off-limits for them!

  • Loren
    13 Nov '10

    My cat does something like that, except instead of walking on the ceiling, he goes in the ceiling, since there is a tile missing and a convenient bookshelf he uses to get into that little space between the basement ceiling and the first floor. We can hear him crunching around on the tiles when we watch TV in the basement.

  • Greg
    14 Nov '10

    We demand more Jordan!! ...or more Tesla coils!

  • Glen
    14 Nov '10

    Thank you for more happy awesomeness Li!

  • Emily
    14 Nov '10

    i just read allll of the comics in one sitting, i smiled and laughed a lot. theyre so cute! i love it!

  • Katie
    14 Nov '10

    I love these comics! Found it thanks to StumbleUpon, and so have showed all my friends! :D

    Pfft. Gravity is for losers.

  • LLaurie
    15 Nov '10

    But Shoelace doesn't know the laws of thermodynamics. And therefore they do not apply. u_u

  • Briaaaaana
    15 Nov '10

    Hi Li, I think you and Jordan are my boyfriend and I a few years in the future. The similarities were very clear, then it was sealed when you said Jordan doesn't like watermelon. Hi from your past self! That is all XD.

  • jlau
    16 Nov '10

    YOU ARE ALL KINDS OF AWESOME! One day I will get a cat so that we may reenact all your comics. In fact, I will one up you and put real paper eyebrows on him...or the cat!

  • iloveshoelace
    16 Nov '10

    I absolutely love your comics! I spent the past hour reading all of them. I now understand why cats are so confrontational. :D

  • Jimmy
    16 Nov '10

    Can't...handle...amount... of your webcomic....
    And your fans...too nice....can't even stand it....this isn't the internet I know....

  • Kjeld
    17 Nov '10

    Jimmy has a point there. I bet there are few comics that get that much comments (and have such a low percantage of insults in them) like this one.
    Because nobody can NOT post about the joy you're giving to all of us.

  • Amy
    17 Nov '10

    I adore your comics! Thank you for putting purified joy on the internet.

  • Ghost
    20 Nov '10


  • madaco
    7 Dec '10

    what does this have to do with thermo dynamics? isnt that just
    you can not convert all heat energy/all gained heat energy into motion
    heat flows from hot temperatures to cold temperatures
    and something else

    or also phrased as

    you cant win
    you cant break even unless its REALLY cold
    it never gets that cold


    what does thermodynamics have to do with sticking to the ceiling?

  • Vijay
    8 Dec '10

    @madaco It's very complicated. You should ask a cat.

    8 Dec '10

    @MACADO its a simpsons reference :)

  • Neil
    8 Dec '10

    Love the Simpsons reference.

  • Maxie
    9 Dec '10

    They are sooo naughty! My cats do this... They look at you WHILST they do the naughty thing, and are like "Go on... make my day"... LOL LOL.

  • Suuz
    10 Dec '10

    spidercat spidercat, spidercat does what spidercat does...

  • Calypso
    28 Dec '10

    Just as I was reading this, my cat, Poppy, starts making kissing noises and twitching in her sleep. She is an angel when she is asleep, awake, an evil genius. When she's sleepy she just licks your toes until you lie down so she can lick the rest of you. She falls asleep, pinning you down, then you just need to start from the top of this comment.

  • Haem
    8 Jan '11

    Simpsons? Google Ceiling Cat, I think you're missing the bigger picture...

  • Katryn
    3 Apr '11

    I love this comment! I love cats and I think i'll try wearing cat ears more often...

  • Jon
    28 May '11

    Omg I was reading these while in an online meeting (writing this in the same meeting!) and I BUSTED OUT laughing at this one. Fantastic work, Li!

  • M
    30 Jun '12

    Cats just have a much more friendly relationship with gravity,
    It lets them survive falls at terminal velocity, land on their feet,
    and every so often, walk on the ceiling.