• Li

    27 Oct '10

    It's true, you know.

  • Yohan

    27 Oct '10

    And then I found 5 bucks.

  • Emily Marie Case

    27 Oct '10

    I have the SAME problem! Haha I love your comics, every Wednesday I jump up and go see what new comic you've thought up this week :D

  • Ty

    27 Oct '10

    Hey, the site updated while I read all the comics from the start! Great stuff Li.

  • Kyle

    27 Oct '10

    Sounds like a completely true story to me.

  • elaine

    27 Oct '10

    can i have like ten thousand of ur babies li?

  • Josh

    27 Oct '10

    amazing Li! I love this ^_^

  • SuitCase

    27 Oct '10

    I think I understand this. It is a very good strip.

  • Anjli

    27 Oct '10

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! completely love this!

  • Originality_is_Dead

    27 Oct '10


  • Kjeld

    28 Oct '10

    I don't necessarily wan't your baby, I just want to be loved by you. You are sooo awesome.

  • Vrash

    28 Oct '10

    Er... but then didn't you kill all the people who already had their hair on fire?... after all, with the volcano gone, the lava would just flood the place from ground level... :D Still, awesome Super Li-Lace!

  • Ferrard

    28 Oct '10

    Silly Vrash - obviously the supersonic act of punching the volcano into space created a sudden vacuum that sucked up all the lava and blew -it- into space as well. That same vacuum created a momentary vortex of wind that both extinguished everyone and knocked them out with temporary amnesia, which is why no one remember this happening. ~ Ferrard

  • Greg

    28 Oct '10

    I feel like you should have video playing for the eyes in frame 3 with shiny eyes.

  • Becca

    28 Oct '10

    ...And then they cried.

  • Crissy

    28 Oct '10

    I totally love you. :D

  • Omicron

    28 Oct '10

    Well, we all knew you were awesome Li!

  • Amanda

    28 Oct '10

    :D epic!

  • Dai

    28 Oct '10

    And then a skeleton popped out.

  • Cromley

    28 Oct '10

    Oh, I see. In that case, thank you, Li!

  • Jennifer

    28 Oct '10

    OMG THE DATE IS IN THE FUTURE. you are so awesome li that time bends for you

  • Frye

    28 Oct '10

    And everyone that was on fire, burned. Bwhahaha.

  • silverwood

    28 Oct '10

    I love your comics Li, you are a great artist and you give me something to look forward to each week! Keep up the great work!

  • Eli

    28 Oct '10

    I would LOVE to see a cartoon made out of your comics :D

  • wonderjack

    28 Oct '10

    Awesomeness!!!! You are the best, Li!

  • Steve

    28 Oct '10

    Li... I actually DID have your baby. And it punches baby volcanoes straight into space.

  • Finn&Jake

    28 Oct '10

    well can you punch puppies into space li? huh? I didn't think so....

  • Heather

    28 Oct '10

    Awesomeee!!!! I have really grown attached to your comics, Li. It's the first thing I do on Wednesday mornings... =p they are adorable!!!

  • Hiro

    28 Oct '10

    Gosh so mean Li. What did the mountain do to you? D:

  • Dusty668

    28 Oct '10

    Bill was there too.

  • shiNIN

    28 Oct '10

    I'm in love with your comics since the day I know them but now... I can't even find words. whoa.

  • archivis

    29 Oct '10


  • swb

    29 Oct '10

    Yeah, I was thinking cartoon too. Your comics are taking on an animated quality.

  • Erin P

    29 Oct '10

    My friend sent me this through stumble and i just sat here for two hours reading all of your web comics. I love the evolution of the drawings and the hilarity that ensues.

  • Matt

    29 Oct '10

    why is no on mkeing anhy speelling mistkesd llsa hjd jiddt kcm.?

  • Casey

    30 Oct '10

    Omg. Stumbled upon this website... and now, 152 comics later... I'm a fan ^_^

  • shawn

    30 Oct '10

    she always says that

  • Pete

    31 Oct '10

    Yay!! So awesome

  • Virginie

    31 Oct '10

    Don't justify yourself, we know it's true !

  • Elia

    31 Oct '10

    Story of my life....

  • Soop

    01 Nov '10

    Yay <33

  • Pandolly

    01 Nov '10

    This might quite possibly be the best thing ever.

  • bakedpotatoes

    02 Nov '10

    I came here from AbstruseGoose. Now, nearly an hour later I'm up to date. Calculus study? What? Oh. :(

  • JesterRaiin

    03 Nov '10

    Umm, Lin, dear is this just a coincidence : http://nedroid.com/2010/10/open-door/ ??? ;) Also, this story seems a little too fantastic. There are no 5 pointed stars. I am sure of it !!! :)

  • Artanis186

    05 Nov '10

    omg Li you are so cool, I wanna have your babies!

  • Jimmy

    05 Nov '10

    Your comics are so cute, and your commenters are equally cute, and polite to boot. This can't be the internet.

  • Selina

    09 Nov '10

    O this made me laugh so friggin hard! This might be the best comic evar.

  • Noelle

    27 Nov '10

    Was it the Volcano that blasted Pompeii? Because that was actually just a bunch of ancient fire alien. . .things U_U

  • Milander

    03 Dec '10

    " and I was, like... No! " - Hahahahahaha, lol

  • Elli

    05 Dec '10

    Just wait, don't mate!!! :D

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