• Li

    14 Dec '09

    I always think that as I get older I'll become more responsible and therefore procrastinate less but the exact opposite seems to be happening :/

  • diy

    18 Feb '10

    same here. still one perfecto procastinator. btw, nice comic! <3

  • Fuzzy

    19 Mar '10

    This is the story of my life...

  • 200000k

    23 May '10

    i love these, i do that all the time btw

  • nik

    08 Aug '10

    Hahaha, deja vu!

  • Elaine

    11 Aug '10

    -gasp- there is no #14!

  • brandon

    10 Sep '10

    chocolate cures everything yup yup

  • Konoko

    17 Sep '10

    I'm sorry, I laugh every single time I read this. That last panel really sums it all up.

  • kvweber

    18 Sep '10

    Wow, it's like looking into my own past...and probably future too!

  • Amy

    17 Oct '10

    To funny... I am on stumbleupon.com and it sends me to this comic... I am procrastinating studying for my midterm

  • quicksilver

    20 Oct '10

    Aaaaa, that is so me! The story of my whole time at school and uni lol

  • naima

    02 Nov '10

    exactly how i found the comics by the randy guy and the other popstrip comics... procrastination = lots of laughs

  • emily

    14 Nov '10

    hahaha! i love your comics!

  • Ken

    09 Dec '10

    You must be Canadian!

  • Kayleigh

    10 Dec '10

    That is exactly what I'm doing right now.

  • kelly

    04 Jan '11

    Twins o.o you and I...

  • Richard

    04 Mar '11

    It's funny, my assignment is due in about an hour and a half :P

  • Stephen Bahadur

    11 Mar '11

    that's funny i should be doing my English homework but instead i am here.

  • Amber

    22 Apr '11

    Hehe, I do the same thing...I will be doing that Sunday evening : )

  • allison

    28 Apr '11

    hi i love your comics they crack me up my friend trisha showed them to me and now i am addicted i love this one!

  • griffen

    12 May '11

    Gawd i hate peeps like that.... so how was your weekend?

  • griffen

    12 May '11


  • Talia

    13 May '11

    Wow i use your site to procrastinate.

  • Julie

    18 May '11

    I am currently doing exactly that! But with fb AND this. I have linked some of my friends too. Kekeke..

  • Stephy

    16 Jun '11

    where's #14? x\

  • mandydax

    29 Jul '11

    I should be getting ready for work, but I'm reading your comics instead. I have 19 minutes and still am not dressed.

  • Huh

    04 Aug '11

    lol this reminds me of the "6 Steps of Procrastination" comic I saw a while back. But it is necessary if you want to level up your "Cram" skill!

  • Cullen

    05 Aug '11

    I love stumbleupon! It brought me here 2 days ago. Now it's a bookmark.

  • Moggin

    18 Sep '11

    This perfectly describes me and you uploaded it on my birthday. <3

  • Hannah Elizabeth

    28 Nov '11

    uni? As in University of Northern Iowa?

  • Georg

    16 Dec '11

    I have this problem RIGHT NOW!

  • Dawn

    14 Feb '12

    You've just described my life. Ha.

  • Fiona

    22 Jun '12

    That is so true and brilliant! About 40 000 of New Zealand's students are nodding along wit that comic strip!!! I Do that all the time! Sometimes the pressure of procrastination is really good! I do sum of my best work under pressure!

  • Jo

    27 Jun '12

    Where is 14? Q.Q

  • M

    28 Jun '12

    This is my life. Think I've become worse over the years too.

  • HarborKat

    16 Jul '12

    I won't procrastinate until tomorrow

  • Umar

    09 Aug '12

    then you come faithfully to forte convenience :D

  • Blue

    16 Jan '13

    It's like seeing myself in a mirror......

  • Masoud

    12 Apr '15

    It feels weird when you're procrastinating reading comics on the internet and the comic is about procrastinating... :|

  • Nupa

    08 May '15

    I keep a bar of nice dark chocolate in my backpack at all times and eat a chunk of it when I'm feeling too stressed to work. It's my drug.

  • Ran

    20 Mar '16

    This is so me

  • Joe

    07 Dec '17

    I'm procrastinating right now reading these

  • Kankoku

    06 May '21

    I wonder what happened with #14.

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