• Li

    06 Oct '10

    Emperor Tamarin. Go Google image search them for more 'stache. This is the second and final part of the Today series.

  • Katy

    06 Oct '10

    How lovely!! ^_^

  • Kaze

    06 Oct '10

    You'll make a monkey out of us =o

  • Kyle

    06 Oct '10

    I'm so glad for these comics, they make my heart smile :-D

  • archivis

    06 Oct '10


  • angelica

    06 Oct '10

    i see you get the wireless controller and emperor tamarin jordan does not..i love this comic :)

  • Zach

    06 Oct '10

    Is shoelace eating with his mustache...Yes we will say the answer is yes :)

  • Psywing

    07 Oct '10

    I like the strategically placed pillow in front of Jordan's naughty place.

  • Kimberly

    07 Oct '10

    You three look so wise! ^_^

  • Heidi

    07 Oct '10

    Honey, no matter how big of a mess my life is, your updates always make me so damn happy! xoxoxoxo

  • Lisa

    07 Oct '10

    But but why??! The Today series should not finish so soon!

  • Chris

    07 Oct '10

    I hope the Today series isn't over for good, just for now. May I suggest it become a recurring, or periodical theme?

  • Originality_is_Dead

    07 Oct '10

    OMIGOD THEY'RE SO CUTE!!!!11one!1 Sorry. My inner gay came out and flamed that up for me.

  • Elaine

    07 Oct '10

    you should look up DeBrazza monkeys. what tamarins are to mustaches, they are to beards. you won't regret it. (:

  • kleer001

    07 Oct '10

    Great drawings, please keep going! You deserve a book deal, no doubt.

  • cash

    07 Oct '10

    Love your comics.Keep up the good work.!

  • samantha~

    07 Oct '10

    this one is definitely one of my faves. i wish i could draw stuff this cuteeeee :3

  • Artanis186

    08 Oct '10

    [email protected] This is an interesting one.

  • DiegoDomin

    08 Oct '10

    I met you exocomics yesterday and i love them all :)

  • Sofie

    11 Oct '10

    how about swapping places?? eg you and jordan are cats and shoelace in a people!! ^-^

  • Sooshi Meo

    11 Oct '10

    why!? :( I've reached the most recent comic strip. Now... I have to wait for updates and the subscribe button doesn't work.

  • Sooshi Meo

    11 Oct '10

    So... you update every Wednesday night. That means I'll get it Tuesday morning? Future times confuse me. x.x

  • Damn

    11 Oct '10

    What game you were playing?

  • Christina

    12 Oct '10

    Love the use of Emperor Jordans pillow placement. Very anatomy appropriate

  • Fantastic.

    12 Oct '10

    ah man you haven't posted a new one yet! they make me happy.

  • Sooshi Meo

    13 Oct '10

    :( No updates. Life must be good I hope. Btw, there is a mouse hole in the wall. Will we have a new addition to exocomics? :D A cute mouse.

  • Kaitlyn

    17 Oct '10

    "This is the second and final part of the Today series." That is, until you find something else cute you want everyone to be for a day :) I suggest ninjas. 'Cuz ninjas rock it :D

  • Soop

    21 Oct '10

    Forks and knives? Such fancy-ness.

  • Dainty

    23 Oct '10

    I love you ;_;

  • Alex

    29 Nov '10

    It should be eggstra ordinary lol

  • Marizú

    14 Apr '11

    hahaha aww lovely !!

  • Jeremy

    31 Jul '11

    you forgot to make the tails ridiculously long

  • Sam

    02 Oct '11

    Just saw your website today...so cute! I LOVE Emperor Tamarins...they are my favorite monkeys!

  • Miles

    15 Oct '11

    OMG! Emperor Tamarn is my favorite kind of monkeys <3

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    They easily have the best mustaches of the animal kingdom.

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