• Kate

    06 Oct '10

    ^_^ It's a good way to be. Wow, I was just trying to think of something w/ an egg-being equivalent ratio of fun:visually amusing, and I'm totally coming up short. O_O Perhaps they were right- They incredible, edible egg* really -IS- just that incredible! (*- From an old American pro-eating-eggs commercial, since I forgot for a second that the entire populace of the world does not, in fact, reside in America + have the eerie knack of remembering every advertisement catch-phrase they've ever heard. ;P)

  • Oish

    06 Oct '10

    Weebles wobble but they don't fall down. I had the tree house (with crane elevator and "secret" door) and the submarine - although I'm pretty sure the submarine was my only pool toy with soap scum on it (from many many hours of tub use) But aside from that - aren't those eggs on the plate in panel 1? Is that expression for cannibalistic apprehension?

  • Edward

    06 Oct '10

    Am I the only one here who didn't get a freaking brain tumor trying to understand Kate? Seriously, someone please explain what the hell she's on about.

  • Dan

    06 Oct '10

    @Edward, - I think the gist was "Eggs = funtimes". These Americans are properly bonkers. Just look at their blindness to the letter 'H' at the start of Herbs. Mad as spoons.

  • Joshua

    06 Oct '10

    @Kate, We had that egg ad in NZ too :)

  • Rich

    07 Oct '10

    @edward: i think you have to be an american to understand kate...because she actually made some sense to me! there was an advert quite a few years back which touted the benefits of the egg. the tagline was 'The Incredible, Edible Egg!' @dan: though we are generally, as a society, as you so put it, 'mad as spoons,' there are times that we recognise ( ^_^ ) the letter 'H' at the start of Herbs...when it's the singular and possessive personal noun of a given name.

  • Hannah

    07 Oct '10

    Us silly Americans and our catchy catch-phrases!

  • Grumpy Old Man

    09 Oct '10

    I just learned a trick for hard-boiled eggs: Well, a couple tricks put the cold eggs into cold water and then cook them - you get better control between hard and soft boiled to peel hard boiled - crack the 2 ends and blow on one end and the shell just comes right off.

  • dnL

    13 Oct '10

    Hey, I'm American, but I'm Chilean. That demonym should be for every American, and not only the people who lives in the US (great comic BTW)

  • Amie

    14 Oct '10

    This was Egg-stra ordinary today!

  • Drake

    19 Oct '10

    Everyone calls me an egg... (White outside Yellow inside) ._.

  • Soop

    21 Oct '10

    Looks delicious. And healthy!

  • analytik

    18 Nov '10


  • Mike I.

    04 Dec '10

    Love the Strong Bad Quote! made me smile!

  • Markoh

    08 Dec '10

    I are egg. Your argument is invalid.

  • Jbomb

    15 Mar '11

    INTERRUPTOR JONES. let's break open that glowstick and pour in in homestar runner's mountain dew. I hear they have to pump your stomach when you drink that stuff. ...and in other news, I'm SO glad at least a few people commented on the reference. funny that they're both named mike. http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail54.html

  • Amanda

    16 Mar '11

    This is so cute, as usual. Shoelace looks like a little Totoro!

  • Brok3n Doll

    14 Jun '11

    This comic left me egg-static! XD loved everybody is egg day...

  • Jediknight846

    15 Jul '11

    Wow, if it wasn't for the last panel then I would have no idea what happened [/sarcasm]

  • AtmaDragoon

    17 Jul '11

    So I found your webcomic via So Much Pun (for #118) today and have been reading it since, and OH MY GOODNESS HOMESTAR RUNNER REFERENCE! :DD So much awesome.

  • arkady

    07 Aug '11

    Those hands look like saggy cheeks xD i laughed at this, so cute

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    That bird is not an egg! He must be a hipster. _.O I've got my eye on you, BIRD.

  • spas

    07 Jan '13

    these are not eggs to me, but weeble wobbles! p.s. Oish, i still have the tree house, the submarine, AND disneyland magic kingdom weeble wobble sets! best toys ever.

  • Tim

    26 May '14

    "A goose egg, some kinda dinosaur egg..." "So? I keep a lot of eggs in the couch!" "There needs to be another word for weird." "MY PANTS, MY PANTS!!" "...that's it. I'm moving out."

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