• Li

    22 Sep '10

    A few of you have been asking how often I update and so if you have been wondering, I update every Wednesday night, New Zealand time. Which is like updating in the future for those of you who live in other countries. Aha.

  • Dan

    22 Sep '10

    Li, your beautiful pic reminds me of one of my favourite jokes. Man goes to a fancy dress party with a girl on his back. When he gets there the host asks him "who have you come as?" "A Turtle" "Who's that on your back then?" ..."This is Michelle".

  • Originality_is_Dead

    22 Sep '10

    I love your art, Li. :) You always look so darn cuddly. @Dan: I really shouldn't have pulled an all-nighter for class. It took me a good four minutes of staring at the punchline of that joke for me to understand it. -facepalm-

  • WC

    22 Sep '10

    Dan, it took me a second (you have to have the right accent for the man) but that is hilarious.

  • Brohan

    22 Sep '10

    Looked like you were giving him a nipple gripple in the first frame

  • Travis

    23 Sep '10

    Perhaps Li is the Chelmsford Groper after all! :O

  • Lisa

    23 Sep '10


  • Nojh

    23 Sep '10

    I tried to feed a turtle a sandwich once. So now Jordan needs to train to be a ninja!

  • PheonixGRX

    23 Sep '10

    New Zealand... the only place more in the future then australia... we're basically country cousins xD P.S. if you know a guy named Dean Owens... awesome xD (friend from school in year 9 who moved back there)

  • Artanis186

    23 Sep '10

    I envy Jordan. v.v

  • Josie

    23 Sep '10

    Li, I love your comics :3 I read all of them from start to finish last week; good for when you're feeling sickly and need a pick-me-up. ^_^ I could, probably, do this very easily with my hubby; for I am quite short and he is quite tall. Not sure he wants to live like a turtle tho.

  • Randi

    23 Sep '10

    If Jordan really puts up with all of the things you draw him putting up with, he is by far the most epic man to ever walk the face of the earth. That, and all of the drawings of Shoelace make me die a little from cute overdose ^_^

  • Randster

    23 Sep '10

    It's true about the 'updating in the future'' by my clock you already posted this two hours from now!

  • Ghost

    23 Sep '10

    Li... I know you have heard this a lot... But i FRIKIN LOVE YOUR COMICS.

  • Randa

    23 Sep '10

    It made me laugh when I realized that Shoelace's paws are hanging over the frame of that photo...

  • Lulziguncula

    24 Sep '10

    The internet says it's 1:30am in New Zealand and I haven't even finished eating breakfast for the previous day! New Zealand is kind of ridiculous. (Also I might have to reconsider my Halloween costume and incorporate my Michelle into it)

  • Matthew

    24 Sep '10

    I was referred to this site by Abstruse Goose. I liked this turtle comic so much that I went to the beginning, read every comic, and dowloaded a wallpaper. This is my new favorite site. : D

  • regal

    24 Sep '10

    "strong with the force you are." I'm not the only one that thought of that right?

  • Dan

    24 Sep '10

    @Originality-is-dead - at least you got there in the end :) @WC - i'm a northern English bloke, so I have completely the right accent for the man. @Brohan - wha? One of these? http://www.gripple.com/about-us/whats-a-gripple.html

  • kelsey

    25 Sep '10

    these two remind me of me and my boyfriend so much :D jordan even looks like him

  • Kitsune-Teme

    26 Sep '10

    Turtle, Turtle!

  • mei

    26 Sep '10

    this is too cute for words. i've always had a soft spot for sea turtles but they'll always come after pandas but i love 'em all.

  • Sakura

    26 Sep '10

    I love love love your comics! my boyfriend showed me one of them this morning, i then sat down and read every single one! i kinda wish i'd savoured them a bit more now :( Shoelace is awesome!!!

  • Cash

    26 Sep '10

    Nice job.... Read all your comics to date so far.... in the last few weeks. tried to slowly read them . Couldn't hold out >.>

  • Katie

    27 Sep '10

    I love turtles(:

  • Kaze

    27 Sep '10

    Koala Li.

  • Sasha

    28 Sep '10

    I love how you subtlety put Shoelace in. It would be so nice to hang out with you Li.

  • Daniel

    28 Sep '10

    Oh, my God...i love your comics so much....so cute it hurts

  • Oak

    29 Sep '10

    Okay, I just read every single comic from the very start. and you are now my favourite person EVER. A fun thing to do on my birthday :3

  • Kristina

    29 Sep '10

    Someone asked me to read this comic strip because the main character girl (you) reminded him of me a lot, so I came to read it, and was like OMG THAT'S WHAT I DID/WOULD DO >___<) Loving your strip ^^ Will be looking forward to future ones. PS: Just before reading this one, I was trying to climb my boyfriend and pretending to be a Koala bear while he's the tree. Then when I saw this strip it was like deja vue ^^

  • crystal

    29 Sep '10

    HAHA Dan that was so funny!

  • Astrid Arias

    29 Sep '10

    I love this!! are you guys a couple? <3

  • Ghost

    01 Oct '10

    "Real turtles don't eat sandwiches" How can you be SO cute?

  • Sparky

    02 Oct '10

    My girlfriend is Chinese and I am blonde. We did this exact thing the other day. Maybe it's a Chinese thing, this turtle thing.

  • Lisa

    05 Oct '10

    The "in the future" thing is weird. I was talking to a friend of mine who's from NZ a couple years ago at Christmas. It was just Christmas morning here and it was the evening there. It made me feel a wee bit bad that her Christmas was almost over while mine was just beginning.

  • Elly

    08 Oct '10

    Shoelace sticking out of the photo frame. <3 Ooooh, a fellow NZer! Awesome points for you. :D

  • Makenna

    13 Oct '10

    Jeeze Laweeze, Li, you never seem to run out of cuteness. You're ability to be darling appears to be virtually endless. I envy you. :D

  • Soop

    21 Oct '10

    I tried that once. Then my boyfriend decided to take a nap...on his back. *cries*

  • fin

    13 Nov '10

    @Kristina-- *déja vu I would love to do this to my girlfreind... though she would probobaly collapse from my immense weight... DAMNIT LI YOU'RE TOO CUTE!!! .///.

  • Lily

    06 Jul '11

    This is great! ;)

  • Rachel

    18 Aug '11


  • Eliana

    05 Jul '13

    Didn't know you were from New Zealand too!!!! Love you just a little but more now...

  • Chris the Blue

    23 Apr '16

    It's not so much a turtle, as much as it is 'Luke and Yoda on Dagobah.

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