• Li

    15 Sep '10

    Hello my lovely readers, I hope that you are well. Remember if you want to see more sketches check out my facebook page.

  • Elinka

    15 Sep '10

    Awesome! Love your comics <3

  • Lisa

    15 Sep '10

    so silly XD

  • Kaze

    15 Sep '10

    Nyaah. :3

  • Kyle

    15 Sep '10

    I wasn't looking at them, I swears it.

  • Werner

    15 Sep '10

    ^... I was.

  • WC

    15 Sep '10

    That is just about exactly how my cat reacts. -sigh-

  • Max

    15 Sep '10

    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I say this to my cats all the time! :-)

  • Christie

    16 Sep '10

    I love your comics, the cat is what i love the most. He does the same thing to me XD

  • Lisa

    16 Sep '10

    Hehe, my cats talk to me. We have long conversations about the affairs of politics and how they are not fed enough treats.

  • Travis

    16 Sep '10

    At least it wasn't Jordan reacting this way to a conversation with you. D:

  • Datastream

    16 Sep '10

    Just as I started reading this comic my cat starting roaring. Like really loud. My cat has an unusual meow. Others are high pitched. This one like mid tones. ROAWR! :3

  • Kjeld

    16 Sep '10

    Your comics are seriously the cutest ones I've ever seen.

  • reborn

    16 Sep '10

    Panels two and three are THE SAME! RAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa

  • Nojh

    16 Sep '10

    Well that confirms that Shoelace is male. Not that we didn't know that...

  • Machukitten

    16 Sep '10

    Oh my goodness~ I know you didn't mean for it, but I feel like this comic was for my birthday, (as it is today) >.< I loveee~ your comics!!! Its a lot funnier to me because you act almost exactly like one of my artistic friends. :D

  • botbot

    16 Sep '10

    omgggg I am SO glad Jeph Jacques linked to your comic, I love everything about it! :) doesn't hurt that I see a lot of myself in you haha

  • Sean A

    16 Sep '10

    Hey Li just wanted to say that i just read through the whole set of your comics and i love them, there really cute and ill be looking for more when you upload them.

  • Arthur Ghent

    16 Sep '10

    Staring at Shoelace's harbls! I feel so dirty.

  • Yohan

    16 Sep '10

    And not a single fuck was given that day.

  • Briana

    17 Sep '10

    I had an idea that you can do. I was working with laser pointers and I thought it would be funny if you had a pannel with shoelace, with yourself holding a laser pointer. You know the general idea of playing with your cat and a laser pointer, but in the next pannel it turns out that shoelace is pointing it at the wall and your chasing the dot of light.

  • Lizz

    17 Sep '10

    http://icanhascheezburger.com/2010/09/16/funny-pictures-comic-rude-kitteh/ !!! Congrats!

  • Anonymous

    17 Sep '10

    Congratulations on getting your comic copied, watermarked, and sold! With all of those ads on the side of the page, I'm sure that I Can Has Cheezburger will make a nice profit from your original work!

  • Dehrk

    17 Sep '10

    If you don't want me to stare at them, then don't draw them!

  • Milena

    18 Sep '10

    coooool stuff read all comics like right after another - really nice ideas :)

  • Helen

    18 Sep '10

    He he! love it! I just read ALL the archives from start to finish after finding this site on lol cats! WOO! *clicks subscribe

  • Becca

    18 Sep '10

    I used to think this...until they actually started to meow all the time. Like at 4 in the morning when I want to sleep and they want food. Then it became WAAAY less cute.

  • Kim

    18 Sep '10

    found your comic through i can has cheezburger. absolutely love it and added it to my bookmarks. also checked out your flickr... you are such a great artist, keep up the amazing work!

  • Joe

    18 Sep '10

    If you die, your cat will eat your eye balls if no one finds you soon enough.

  • Aro

    18 Sep '10

    I am now calling you Li Panda. Just thought I'd let you know.

  • Pete

    19 Sep '10

    I love all your work! You are awesome, I just got to here after read all of your comics and was sad when there where no more, looking forward till the new one ^_^.

  • Pantie

    19 Sep '10

    I really enjoyed reading your comic! Shoelace reminds me very much of my Auron. Crazy cats are crazy. As are their caretakers.

  • Colleen

    20 Sep '10

    Saw this on LOL Cats today, and have now gone through the entire 146 comics. Thank goodness my husband isn't home, because I'm supposed to be cleaning the bathrooms!

  • Michael

    20 Sep '10

    haha you had to draw balls lol

  • Kit

    20 Sep '10

    Dearest Li: I love your comics. <3 I just read through them all for the first time; you are genius. Much love- Kit

  • smoothoperator

    21 Sep '10

    Hello? Is there anybody out there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone home?

  • Artanis186

    21 Sep '10

    Sorry, what happened here? I was too mesmerized by the 'mrow'ing cuteness that is Li. :|

  • Emily

    23 Sep '10

    Hi Li! I love your comics. I was inspired to mix in my own captions. I hope you don't mind :)

  • Dainty

    14 Oct '10

    OH MY LAWD ;A;

  • Soop

    21 Oct '10

    I feel self conscious now...I saw cat balls.

  • Shawn

    30 Oct '10


  • Ben

    08 Dec '10

    My cat is the same way, she doesnt make any normal cat sounds :,( ...

  • Markoh

    08 Dec '10

    I wasn't looking at them, they were looking at me ಠ.ಠ

  • Mary

    21 Jun '11

    OMG shoelace has balls!?

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    But that is how I know he is Shoelace the First! :O

  • Kristy

    14 Apr '13

    xD! I love these;; p.s. you should see IT Crowd on BBC (also on netflix) its hi-larious :)

  • Sid

    13 Jun '15

    This is my favorite comic of all yours! I just read thru all 381 in one day, it's a goldmine. I've been sharing them with everyone :)

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