• Li

    01 Sep '10

    It's how I claim things. Also, one of you suggested that I should watch the new BBC Sherlock series so I did and it was most excellent. Now I'm reading the books :)

  • Kaze

    01 Sep '10

    What turkey? =o

  • Tux

    01 Sep '10

    The epic one ;p

  • Alexander

    01 Sep '10

    A pleasant Zim reference in the alt-text. Also surreality is very bicycle.

  • Lisa

    02 Sep '10

    yay cupcake!!!!! and i thought sherlock was most excellent too

  • WelcomHome

    02 Sep '10

    It was meeeeeeee! I was the turkey all along!

  • plasticuser

    02 Sep '10

    I am filling my bathtub with brightly colored machine tools.

  • Rote

    02 Sep '10

    I vote for tiny Li plushie.

  • Evil Joe

    02 Sep '10

    I love the surprised expression in Jordan's eyes when Li pops out of the cup.

  • Ross

    02 Sep '10

    Benedict Cumberbatch ftw! Awesome name too!

  • acce245

    02 Sep '10

    You gotta make some biscuits! You gotta make some biscuits!

  • Originality_is_Dead

    02 Sep '10

    I less than three Gir almost as much as I less than three Shoelace. :]

  • samantha!~!

    02 Sep '10

    i LOVE these comics. my boyfriend showed them to me and now i am totally addicted :D haha

  • Nojh

    02 Sep '10

    Sherlock is indeed excellent. And I used to bite things to claim ownership.

  • Jake

    02 Sep '10

    I was wondering why that turkey was there....

  • Merissa`

    02 Sep '10

    LICKING IS HOW I CLAIM THINGS TOO! Omg best friends! :D OMG And an Invader Zim reference!! You just got SO MUCH MORE AWESOME!! I DIDN'T THINK THAT WAS POSSIBLE!!

  • Layla

    02 Sep '10

    You are an amazing artist. Also, you get extra points for having an excellent sense of humor. My best friend is draws like you, looks like you (Li) and has the same sense of humor. I asked her if she made this site without my knowing. You guys are A TON alike. Keep being awesome. ;)

  • Yohan

    02 Sep '10

    I do a raspberry over my sister's deserts to steal it.

  • zebra

    03 Sep '10

    LOVE your comics!!! my dog slicks evverything

  • Neil

    03 Sep '10

    First off, Backseat Drivers From Beyond the Stars is the best Zim episode ever. Second, I just read every single one of these in one day, sent a bunch to my girlfriend that I thought applied to us, same with some friends of mine. Basically, I think these all are great. They're funny, they're nice, can't wait for the next one. Keep em' coming. :)

  • Emily

    03 Sep '10

    Just read the whole archive. :-) Much love from Ohio, USA.

  • Leedsward

    04 Sep '10

    this is certainly the best poses shoelace has assumed.

  • Cameron teh Oso

    04 Sep '10

    lol the comment by Samantha makes me happy cause i is her bf XD we talk all the time about how similar you two are to us im so happy i discovered this :D :3 also Samantha can draw a mean Shoelace XD

  • Mel

    05 Sep '10

    You are now one of my favorite comics! Not only are your comics adorable and awesome, but now you have used a Gir reference and he's my favorite! =D

  • David

    05 Sep '10

    So i Stumbled this comic and i when through all of then last night and into this morning and i must say i hope i find some one like Li thanks for laughs and for awsome-ness in ones own self.

  • PheonixGRX

    06 Sep '10

    I used to do that as a kid until people thought I was joking... so much saliver wasted.

  • Mphone

    07 Sep '10

    But wait, why would that stop him?

  • Lyssa

    07 Sep '10

    Your comics make me giggle much. You truly make my day. Please except this kitty as a token of my gratitude:   /l、 ゙(゚、 。 7  l、゙ ~ヽ  じしf_, )ノ

  • Dave K

    07 Sep '10

    i stumbledupon your site and i am very amused. :) you have an amazing sense of humor. long live people obsessed with zombies.

  • Li

    07 Sep '10

    Kitty! :D

  • Georgina

    08 Sep '10

    OH NO! I read through all of them in one day. You guys are TOO CUTE :D

  • Katy Pool

    10 Sep '10

    I just finished watching the BBC Sherlock series. I can't believe there won't be another one until next fall! Lame. I also just read all your comics in one sitting. It made me miss my kitty.

  • JamesRavey

    17 Sep '10

    OMG, cats and Invader zim? How have I never discovered this site before? <3 <3 <3

  • Abi

    22 Sep '10

    I love the cats in this one! It really makes it

  • 1234

    26 Sep '10


  • Marissa

    03 Oct '10

    Am i the only one who read this with a high pitched voice for Li? :D

  • Soop

    21 Oct '10

    Looks like you claimed the drink too :P

  • krillin

    28 Oct '10

    haha! how cute :D

  • Adam

    19 Nov '10

    Sweet, Zim referrences

  • Joe

    28 Nov '10

    I just started reading this comic today! AWESOME!! turkey...... GIR!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chase!

    02 Dec '10

    What is alt text? I feel like im missing out.. I like invader zim and gir.. doom -.- I love your comics. You are my hero

  • megas88

    15 Aug '11

    First time I felt I should comment so far just because of your note. 1. Yes, Sherlock is awsome. 2. Yes, read the books. They are even awsomer. 3. SEASON 2 IN 1 MONTH!!!!!! WOOT!!!!!!!! Also, just started reading your comic about a month ago. It is adorable. Your art is adorable. I now go back up to look at shoelace once more before proceeding to the next comic.

  • vivrenoctem

    19 Aug '11

    Sherlock is the best ever! Some of my favorite stories ever. Also, your comics are the best. I love all of them! I saw your comic on reddit and boy, am I glad I came to your site to read all the rest!

  • newfan

    21 Aug '11

    alt text = awesome

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    I hope you had a snorkel for when you were under that liquid. You also appear to shrink back down when wet. This is USEFUL INFORMATION for someone other than me. .o.

  • Jony5

    28 Feb '12

    The second season of Sherlock finished showing here not long ago! It was AMAZING, the last episode especially. Watch it!

  • Angela

    24 Nov '12

    I don't know how I stumbled across your comic, but I'm so glad I did. They're all so cute and make me smile. And I love Sherlock! It's amazing. :D

  • Sabby

    03 Aug '13

    Shoelace in the last panel omg dead x.x

  • Harry

    18 Apr '18

    Your comic is so amazing! I ran into it a week ago and haven’t been able to stop reading it since. Also, I absolutely love Sherlock (both the books and the TV series), it’s great!

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