• Li

    25 Aug '10

    Potato 1 Jordan 0

  • Pheria

    25 Aug '10

    Haha. I can always make what I feel like are good guesses about your inspiration. It's a fun game. =]

  • Kaze

    25 Aug '10

    Potato friend is l33t. ಠ_ಠ

  • Jessie

    26 Aug '10

    Might I say, that is one spiffy hat.

  • Frosty

    26 Aug '10

    ಠ_ಠ Omg kaze!

  • Nojh

    26 Aug '10

    Hmm. I suspect Shoelace is plotting against Jordan. Or he really likes potatoes. Jordan appears to be a very good gardener however!

  • zebra

    26 Aug '10

    I tried talking to my potato friend...he just stared at me for hours.

  • Lily

    26 Aug '10

    Omg, this is hilarious! I was just looking at one of my potatoes on the countertop and it looked exactly like your drawing. Well, okay, there were no rays of awesomeness coming off of it, but other than that...

  • Travis

    26 Aug '10

    Maybe I should find some potatoes then... :(

  • Mebe7

    26 Aug '10

    What if Jordan is actually a pikmin and is lying about it?

  • Iago Jacinto

    26 Aug '10

    Kaze is l33t :) rs ftw

  • acce245

    26 Aug '10

    French Fries just took on a whole new meaning.

  • Hannah

    26 Aug '10

    But you can't cuddle with a potato :3

  • Lindsey

    26 Aug '10

    Li, have you seen this? http://bash.org/?151227

  • Lilly

    27 Aug '10

    I adore your comic. I just recently stumbled on it, and it's made my morning! I read them all in one sitting. I need MOAR! Plz!?

  • Ed

    27 Aug '10

    you cant make a clock out of Jordan either score 2 for potato

  • Wild Pikachu

    27 Aug '10

    Stumbled upon your site and I liked it, keep up the good work~加油!

  • Jaxcam

    27 Aug '10

    Is it safe to say I'm in love with you, Li?

  • Shea

    27 Aug '10

    I've decided that I am you and my dog is shoelace. My boyfriend looked through all your comics with me and insisted that I secretly knew how to draw, and have a hidden boyfriend named Jordan. lol. P.s you cant make a battery out of Jordan either. Potato = 3 Jordan still null

  • James

    27 Aug '10

    Also you can't put an OS on a Jordan http://www.bbspot.com/News/2008/12/linux-on-a-potato.html Potato 4 Jordan 0


    29 Aug '10


  • Elinka

    29 Aug '10

    I can't believe I've just browsed through the whole comic.. I want MORE!!

  • ova

    29 Aug '10

    best. site. ever.

  • M

    29 Aug '10

    Just read all the comics. ALL. LOVE.

  • Kristen

    30 Aug '10

    Where do you come up with these things?

  • crystal

    01 Sep '10

    haha ew your potato slightly disturbs me.

  • katy

    08 Sep '10

    yes you can do those things with a potato, but jordan is not poisonous to cats like potatoes are so jordan gets a point for that hehe :)

  • Dainty

    14 Sep '10

    I love that your leg is see-through in the second panel :3

  • shiNIN

    18 Sep '10

    I never noticed... You have no copy power... You draw nearly identical panels... wow. And you are so silly. I love you :D (My BF calls me Li sometimes. With all due respect and love toward the one in question, I'm not sure if I should be hurt or not :P)

  • shiNIN

    18 Sep '10

    I realized it's just for panels with the same pic but different texts. Still, you copy yourself wonderfully... *shining eyes*

  • Soop

    21 Oct '10

    They are also good for fries. Jordan's are not but one is enough to cook for you :)

  • Finn&Jake

    29 Oct '10

    So is Jordan the one who planted the flowers at the bottom of the screen?

  • cledsol

    28 Apr '11

    yeah, but I'm afraid of sprouts (is that right? I'm french, I'm not sure...)

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    That is an awesome mushroom shirt. OH MY GOD YOU HAVE TO HIDE THAT POTATO! No one can know. ._. No one.

  • xMariax

    02 Dec '11

    ....OMG THAT'S WHERE MY FREINDS COME FROM TOO! but keep in mind, freinds are /like/ potatos. If you eat them, they die. ^^<3

  • Kayla

    07 Dec '12

    But I thought you didn't like mushrooms?

  • Tamfang

    22 Mar '14

    I'm reminded of "My Life of Gardening" by Maggie Estep.

  • Anthony

    01 Aug '14

    Well, Li, there IS a way to grow more things that are half like Jordan and half like you... It can actually be a whole lot of fun!! :D Ultimately, however, it is not as easy as farming, though. Be careful!

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