• Li

    18 Aug '10

    Sorry facebook fans for taking so long to get the new wallpaper up! It is now available on the Downloads page and I promise it has no iron ore in it

  • Chris Busby

    18 Aug '10

    D'aww, Shoelace can keep track of score! :D

  • BackupSquirrel

    18 Aug '10

    I am going to make my own comic and it ish going to take Shoelace for my own personal cute-ness

  • JellyBean

    18 Aug '10

    Poor Jordan, he's losing by 10 points.

  • Lunchbox

    18 Aug '10

    I wonder what was the thing that got Jordan that 1 point.

  • NinjaGoat

    19 Aug '10

    For some reason I have a feeling I'm going to win the next time I play.

  • Nojh

    19 Aug '10

    I wonder what Jordan guessed right...

  • Sam

    19 Aug '10

    I bet I know what Jordan got right. He probably guessed Li!

  • Travis

    19 Aug '10

    Jordan's not a very good miner, it would seem.

  • Zing

    19 Aug '10

    Aw. Iron ore is one of few things that could've made the wallpaper better. That or bacon.

  • Jman

    19 Aug '10

    Best. Comics. Ever. Also there's a typo on the downloads page for 'Walking the cat' description. 'Entriely' was misspelled.

  • Kristen

    20 Aug '10

    I love your comics. Why would you even want to act like a tree? Think Jordan!

  • Taryn

    20 Aug '10

    What kind of ore? Hematite? Magnetite? Limonite? THIS IS IMPORTANT.

  • thinkgibson

    21 Aug '10

    Do you have Minecraft madness too?!?!

  • Li

    21 Aug '10

    YES. Damn skeletons freaking me out in underground tunnels!

  • zebra

    21 Aug '10

    i have fallout three its soo stupid! i turn around for 2 seconds and...poof! there's a ghoul... hate it >:D

  • Kristen

    21 Aug '10

    Hi Li! I recently "Stumbled Upon" your comics. And OH-MAI-GAWD I am so stunned at your artwork! Your comics are relatable, fun, and loving. So many times in the comics that you made I caught myself either laughing or pointing out in my head that I did this or that :D (Left 4 dead, gaming, and xbox were a few of them.) Not to sound super crazy stalker-ish but I seriously just went through like an hour reading every comic one by one. And I recomended to ALL my friends :) I also loved your godzilla reference too ^.^ You, Jordan, and Shoelace are truly extra ordinary. Your new fan, Kristen *u*

  • Martin

    22 Aug '10

    Hi Li! :) I'm a new fan. You're amazing, your art, and your sense of humor. :) - Martin

  • Zach

    23 Aug '10

    I was recommended this through facebook and love your comic! Your art, humor, and kitteh are simply fantastic. Keep it up! - Zach

  • Jessie

    24 Aug '10

    I am sad. I stumbled on your comic, loved it, and immediately began reading from the beginning! Just reached this one and the next button stopped working - current comic. /cry Great job! ♥ Jessie

  • Akun

    25 Aug '10

    Don't worry, Jessie, I had the same problem when I found the comic. But then I went away for a while and look, there's more!! But the next button stopped working again. -.-

  • Beatriz

    25 Aug '10

    Oh my, god, you are so awesome! I just love your comics! I stumbled here and read them all this weekend! They are aways surprising me! And soooooo cute!!!!! I can`t wait to see the next! You have a new fan here in Brazil!!! -Bia

  • nahashon

    25 Aug '10

    ARGGHH!! I only found you yesterday and now I have run out of awesomeness!! MOAR PLEASE?

  • Dainty

    09 Sep '10

    I read too many mangas lately and read this from right to left somehow it was even better

  • Artanis186

    17 Sep '10

    Li is good at this. <3

  • Soop

    21 Oct '10

    That was a difficult one.

  • krillin

    28 Oct '10

    YAY for ASUS :D

  • Josh

    20 Dec '10

    What rules are you playing by that you win if he can't guess it?

  • Austin J

    13 Jan '11

    Buh. The Creepers.... I hear them... all the time in my sleep, in my wake. SSHHHHHHHHH. OHMYGOD. PLEASE GOD NOT MY EVERYTHING. BOOM.

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    He should have tried to mine you with a wooden pick. He'd know right away that you were too special for that sort of chicanery.

  • creeperyounglin

    03 Jul '12

    Jordan should've instantly taken out a stone pick and scream... FINALLY SOME SURFACE IRON!!

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