• Li

    04 Aug '10

    I love it when it's one panel time :)

  • Stefan Bern Eilers

    04 Aug '10

    nice one =) these kinds of pictures always stops me and makes me think xD primarily "what have the artist been drinking...." but then it is back to thinking fun stuff =)

  • Tadferd

    04 Aug '10

    I love the gravity in this. XD You continue to amuse me with your comics Li.

  • Rachel

    04 Aug '10

    Reminds me of Labyrinth with David Bowie ...cool one :)

  • Angelica

    04 Aug '10

    awesome :]

  • Travis

    05 Aug '10

    "Hey, where's the washroom?" "Third door on the Mobius."

  • Maggie

    05 Aug '10

    This reminds me of Inception... is it inspired from that? Cute and awesome as always! ^_^

  • Lisa

    05 Aug '10

    ahhh yes!!!! the Labyrinth!!

  • Julie

    05 Aug '10

    OMG! yes totally Labyrinth!! you should do this in colour Li, would make a great wallpaper *hinthint* Love your work btw^^

  • Lord Kap

    05 Aug '10

    Love it! :)

  • Ocdar

    05 Aug '10

    It's a shame this isn't in wallpaper resolution.

  • Nojh

    05 Aug '10

    Escher is awesome. I wonder if it means something that Li is the only thing that looks normal. Maybe she just fits in better with an Escher world? :)

  • Kaoru

    05 Aug '10

    Wow! How long did this take you? It's a masterpiece ^^

  • Bibapeloula

    05 Aug '10

    Not used to post comments here but ... Well, well, well... This one's awesome !

  • Brohan

    05 Aug '10

    I N C E P T I O N

  • kleer001

    05 Aug '10

    WOW! Could you tell us about how this one came to be? Were you inspired from a particular place? Escher, right?

  • khsrio621

    05 Aug '10

    Like Escher, but cute.

  • Becca

    05 Aug '10

    pshaw, coloring an Escher-ish comic? For shame! I love it! My roommate will do so even more, since she even went as far as to name her cat Escher.

  • Jesse

    05 Aug '10

    Very nice. And yay for alt text!

  • Horus Kol

    05 Aug '10

    Your comics are always a welcome item in my RSS - but this one is definitely one of your best. Are you going to make a print/poster version?

  • Trivea

    05 Aug '10

    M. C. Escher's house probably looked like this (it discouraged house guests). Lovely, like all of your work! I can't wait to see more!

  • Tim

    05 Aug '10

    Wow! it totally looks just like our apartment!

  • acce245

    05 Aug '10

    M. C. Shoelace if you ask me... I wonder, if Schroedinger's cat was in a box here, would it be dead or alive on the ceiling, wall, or floor?

  • AngelicDirt

    06 Aug '10

    Giant Justin rules this realm. It's payback for the ice cream. :P This webcomic as whole makes me squee. Thank you. XD

  • Lily

    06 Aug '10

    Yay, M.C. Escher! :D

  • AngelicDirt

    06 Aug '10

    Correction: Giant Jordan. I'm allowed one mistake, right?

  • Q

    06 Aug '10

    I'm a guy that doesn't usually like cute things and, well, anything non-violent. But i gotta admit I thoroughly enjoy your comics, well done. Q

  • Liatach

    06 Aug '10

    Woot! for the Maurits Cornelis Escher Love.

  • Wilma

    07 Aug '10

    Heey Li, I love you comic. I live in The Netherlands and I have a question. Can I also place you comics on Hyves? I mean that it would be could to have your comics on my page there. I can't speak ( type ) English perfectly, but I hope that you know what I mean :D. I will follow you comics now even though. Wilma (www.hyves.nl)

  • Lisa

    07 Aug '10

    When I'm trying to find stuff in my house it feels like this 0.0

  • erock

    08 Aug '10

    zomg stumbled upon this site and just went through very comic. I love them with all my heart. and I have a crush on Li >.> Anyway, keep up the fantastic work!

  • erock

    08 Aug '10

    Very? Every. :D

  • Kim

    09 Aug '10

    Hey, I just found your site today, and went through them all ... they are really great, and I enjoyed them very much!!!

  • Pelaymi

    09 Aug '10

    Im with Kim. I found and read them and read them all yesterday. When do you update? I LOVE them all!

  • Rae

    09 Aug '10

    Hooray! I've made it through all of them... and hubby and I both love Escher! Your comic rocks!

  • Diol

    10 Aug '10

    Just read through all your comics, I love 'em :D

  • swb

    10 Aug '10


  • Cerxi

    11 Aug '10

    Hahah xD I have so many friends like you, Li. You're part of a special subculture. :P We need t-shirts.

  • Mushu

    03 Sep '10

    AWESOME!!! i think im in love with your comic. this one's my favorite so far! ...wait i liked the orange silhouette one with shoelace in too...ahh so much awesomeness..i'll keep coming back here for sure!

  • Michael

    12 Sep '10

    M.C. Escher is my favorite MC

  • raw

    23 Sep '10

    Excelent drawing Li ... you are improving so much! I love your comix!

  • Lisa

    05 Oct '10

    I agree with the t-shirts comment! That'd be awesome :D

  • Soop

    21 Oct '10

    I wanna live there! I adore your drawings+comics <3

  • Ethan Webb

    02 Dec '10

    I'm very impresed with the shading itself

  • Skot/Scott

    11 Mar '11

    OH MY GOD!! Escher is my favorite artist! Please please please make this a background file!!!

  • Dossie Kielle

    10 Apr '11

    <3 The non-euclidean geometry. =D

  • Kendra

    13 May '11

    Reminds me of the movie Labyrinth. One of my favorite movies as a kid.

  • grimm

    01 Jun '11

    I used to have a house like that. It was fine until I installed the impossible staircase, then I couldn't get back to the ground floor.

  • Stephy

    16 Jun '11

    where's Jordan?

  • Tania

    16 Jul '11

    I LOVE YOU!!

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