• Li

    14 Jul '10

    Shoelace reads a lot.

  • plasticuser

    14 Jul '10

    Shoelace is also very discreet.

  • zac

    14 Jul '10

    You all have excellent posture. Yay posture!

  • Tufty

    14 Jul '10

    Shoelace has that book pretty close to his face, you sure he doesn't need glasses?

  • Robert Palmer

    14 Jul '10

    I think reading Dracula makes you awesome on its own.

  • Jared

    15 Jul '10

    lol. You are awesome. Don't ever doubt it >.>

  • Sam Shackelford

    15 Jul '10

    Boys are stupid. He could have said something. Like, maybe, he knows why you are so awesome, and then he could have listed a bunch of reasons. Although, that wouldn't have made for nearly as an emotional comic.

  • Saint Paul

    15 Jul '10

    Shoelace probably has pretty short arms/legs, and therefore has to hold the book close to his face.

  • Bridget

    15 Jul '10

    Is it just me, or does the title of your book change from "Dracula" to "Space" in the last panel???

  • Nojh

    15 Jul '10

    That is such a sad face!

  • WyteNite

    15 Jul '10

    Boys aren't stupid. She asked a yes/no question. He answered. That doesn't mean he thinks that she isn't awesome, it just means she phrased the question poorly. "Do you ever wonder why grass is green?" Whether you know why grass is green or you accept grass being green as a fact of life, grass can still be green with a "no" answer. If the question had been a request along the lines of "I'm feeling particularly insecure right now, would you please tell me something you love about me?" You would get better results.

  • Orbindo

    15 Jul '10

    n....no mouseover text? TT_TT

  • cori

    15 Jul '10

    n'awwww, so sad. :(

  • lt_amazil

    15 Jul '10


  • lt_amazil

    15 Jul '10

    we're addicts if we don't get what we want we go through withdrawl

  • Arakeri

    15 Jul '10

    I felt the same today in the morning :(

  • acce245

    16 Jul '10

    Methinks Shoelace must be the alchemist who travels time. Imagine, a ten thousand year old cat, lying in a bed in New Zealand, reading a book on the fundamentals of quantum theory and laughing to himself. Of course, there was a cat who lived a thousand lives, and died a thousand deaths.....

  • Seifer Katt

    16 Jul '10

    @acce245 It's the only thing that makes sense!!!

  • Danger

    17 Jul '10

    Throw the lass a bone, man!

  • Lily

    17 Jul '10

    Punch him. Then say, "I was fishing for compliments! The least you could do is indulge me! See if I ever stroke your ego again..." That'll fix him. For sure.

  • Jesse

    18 Jul '10

    sometimes I ask myself the same questions.

  • mike

    19 Jul '10

    I thought the pillow corners over shoelace's head were question marks

  • Travis

    19 Jul '10

    I click on this as I'm reading a book of sheet music in much the same fashion. EXCITING.

  • Kjeld

    22 Jul '10

    If you act even a tiny bit in real life like in your comics, then you are incredibly cute.

  • Soop

    23 Jul '10

    Keep making that face. They cave in eventually :)

  • Gauge

    03 Aug '10

    Oh, Wytenite. I wouldn't say boys are stupid but you've once again displayed that they are clueless. :(

  • Random Person

    10 Aug '10

    Sad Li is Sad D:

  • Anna

    20 Aug '10

    I unblocked Google Analytics just so you could know you'll have another admirer returning again and again :)

  • mm

    08 Sep '10

    true to its name. extra ordinary.

  • Phaedrus

    22 Sep '10

    the technological revolution has convinced me that books kill tree's

  • Soop

    21 Oct '10

    We wonder why you are so awesome-times! We do we do!

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    One of these days, I should read Dracula.

  • Jaydeycakes

    23 Sep '13

    So is Jordan the boyfriend, or the brother, or what...

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