• Li

    29 Jun '10

    This doesn't just happen to me right? In other news I will only be updating once a week for the next few weeks. I'm sorry! I want to spend time on some other art. If you get bored you can check my flickr account to see what I'm up to. I'll also try to post sketches on my facebook page for you to look at. Keep leaving me comments, I love reading them :)

  • MASON~!

    29 Jun '10


  • Yolanda

    29 Jun '10

    *hahahahaha* nice to see Jordan happy *gg* Oh no, don't stop :( I love to read your comics =( ...every day B-)

  • Hest

    29 Jun '10

    Something similar happens to a friend of mine---if he starts sneezing, he says "prosit" (what we say over here in stead of "bless you") and the sneeze magically disappears! He tries to get other people to do it as well, but you know what? I like spraying my environment.

  • eronth

    30 Jun '10

    That's such a mean thing to do to someone! Incomplete sneezes are awful.

  • MoonShadow

    30 Jun '10

    I do that to my other half all the time. If you touch under someone's nose when they're about to sneeze, they don't. Her reaction is just as in the comic, too ;)

  • Soop

    30 Jun '10

    I usually say "bless you" before someone sneezes...multiple times! And they usually don't sneeze! ^^ Good times.

  • ^_^

    30 Jun '10

    I usually get told "No! Your not aloud" and I get stuck in a moment of 'wait what?' then I realize my sneeze disappeared...

  • Nojh

    30 Jun '10

    Wow. Does that work!? I so have to try that. Okay I really need to know what characters you used to make that smiley...

  • Bobby

    30 Jun '10

    When I can't sneeze, it makes me upset.

  • Travis

    30 Jun '10

    Well don't be a wimp. Steal it back! By FORCE if you have to. ^_~

  • ps

    30 Jun '10

    That's what you for trying to sneeze right onto Jordan's shiny laptop screen!

  • xenon

    30 Jun '10


  • Tonberry

    30 Jun '10

    I see what you did thar (。◕‿‿◕。)

  • neocow

    30 Jun '10

    So you dont keep a Deviantart.com Account?

  • Kaitie

    30 Jun '10

    Ooh, that would be annoying. One of my favorite things to do is pretend to stick my finger in my friend's mouth when she's trying to yawn so she can't finish the yawn and gets all mad. Hahahaha. In other news, I can sneeze with my eyes open.

  • Josie

    30 Jun '10

    Same thing happens if you tickle or attempt to tickle someone mid sneeze. If they aren't ticklish they just look at you weird... Then get mad =]

  • acce245

    30 Jun '10

    Do what you gotta do. I have a shoelace on my shelf, don'cha know? So I can stare at it for the minute a day instead of looking at this comic. I will survive somehow.... SNEEZE STEAL!

  • Glen

    01 Jul '10

    Was that an IT Crowd reference?!

  • Ricardo

    01 Jul '10

    XD that happens to all of us, personally im a sneeze stealer =P

  • Alicia

    02 Jul '10

    Aww that happens all the time! 'cept they yell ACHOO at me :,(

  • Tavo

    03 Jul '10

    Great web comic, girl. I've just discovered it and I've already read it all. Keep it up :)

  • Zero Sheep

    09 Aug '10

    I tell people to say the word "watermelon" right before they sneeze. Works like a charm. :D

  • Sam Shackelford

    14 Oct '10

    I do that to Ben all the time. ;o)

  • Jubba Josh

    28 Oct '10

    i HATE it when people interrupt my sneezes. i get all excited like, "omg yes! heres a sneeze :D" and then my bastard friends interrupt me. its a very sacrd process that requires complete silence

  • Chelsey

    13 Nov '10

    I hate when this happens! I've never heard "sneeze steal" but I happen to be very dramatic and noticeable when I'm about to sneeze and my friends say "MARSHMALLOW TURTLES!" and then it's gone -.-'

  • Psychocrazed

    14 Nov '10

    I have found that if u say bless you before they will sneeze, chances are itll go away

  • Pandranian

    03 Dec '10

    So cute! Apparently people find my sneezes amusing... they wouldn't steal them if it meant losing a chance to laugh at me...haha

  • Christina

    04 Dec '10

    My coworker does this to me, except she says "Bless You" early. Does it hurt your nose when someone steals your sneeze, too?

  • Jay

    07 Dec '10

    After seeing this a while back, I've started doing it to my girlfriend. I just stumbled upon this again, and now I remember why I do it. She absolutely hates it! :D

  • Natalie

    16 Feb '11

    omg no! if someone says "bless you" before I sneeze it leaves me :(

  • Cricket

    17 May '11

    My husband does it all the time and it drives me CRAZY XD

  • Rona

    19 Jun '11

    AWWW! I will try that.

  • Petros

    27 Aug '11

    haha cool! this reminds me the yawn rape. For ppl who dont know, when someone yawns you put your finger in their mouth and say 'yawn rape'. It cuts the yawn short and is awesome fun!!!

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    AUUUGH. My mother does this to me all the time! Only she just tells me not to sneeze. ._. I think my desire to get dust out of my nose is overridden subconsciously by my desire to be nice to my mom. Curse my wonderful upbrinigng.

  • xMariax

    02 Dec '11


  • Kristen

    06 May '13

    Ughhhh my brother does that to me all the time!! I hate it!! >_<

  • Timv

    26 May '14

    Interesting how "a few weeks" has turned into "four years and counting"!

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