• Li

    14 Dec '09

    Other times I go into minute detail about my boring weekends so that they don't have a chance to tell me about theirs. HA! I foiled your plan!

  • seth

    15 Dec '09

    tell them how amazing your weekend was, even though it wasnt, and make them think their weekend boring compared to yours

  • Izzy

    23 May '10

    Why does the girl who your talking to dress change colour in frame 3?

  • Jens

    29 May '10

    Because for a moment, she was flashing!

  • Dann

    07 Jul '10

    I usually ask because I generally care for how my girl friends day was lol

  • Allyza

    29 Nov '10

    What's weird is that I stumbled onto this site, with my friends watching, and we read a few and...they all are super convinced that these comics are basically my life drawn on paper. haha, there are a lot of crazy similarities, I love it. I love cats, zombies, and adventure- Super props to your art:]

  • Hannah

    05 Jan '11

    Ha ha. I was on stumbleupon, found this, and now I'm addicted!

  • Sandra

    08 Sep '11

    Hahahaha, that was mean, specially for someone that cute and talented. :D Congrats for your lovely comic!

  • >^_^

    30 Sep '11

    A friend sent me this way b/c she thought I'd like your comics. She was wrong, I LOVE them =D.

  • Pamela

    05 May '12

    Yep. When I was still in my 20s my dad said that when people ask you something they always want to be asked the same thing...how are you, what are you doing for lunch, how was your weekend, how's your health, your lovelife...I'm in my 40s now and it has proven so true all the way through!

  • isabelita

    11 Jun '12

    jajajaja :)

  • Petre Pan

    01 Aug '12

    Dude since when are weekends competitions? OWN your boring weekend, be proud of it! Otherwise, why did you choose to do it that way? And let the poor girl tell her weekend story. If you don't like your own, get a better one! Also, great webcomic.

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