• Li
    8 Jun '10

    Pre-heating the oven is essential.

  • Lord Kap
    Lord Kap
    8 Jun '10

    Is it possible to have one? ;)

  • Ethan
    8 Jun '10

    hahaha! That's the bee's knees!

  • Fishman
    8 Jun '10

    Um... am I the only one who sees a penis in second panel?
    (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

  • Prunebutt
    8 Jun '10

    Could you ship me one? All the supermarkets in my area are out of stock.

  • Lana
    8 Jun '10

    Fishman, you definitely are not (: *giggles immaturely*
    (: you make brilliant comics! Always excited when I see there's a new one up!

  • Tobi
    8 Jun '10

    Where do I sign?

  • Soop
    9 Jun '10

    I expected Shoelace to start noming :)

  • Nojh
    9 Jun '10

    Hmm. What is the nutritional value of Li? I've been trying to watch who I befriend.

    Then again if Shoelace has one I don't want to be the uncool kid on the block with no Li of my own... hmm.

  • acce245
    9 Jun '10

    So, is the stove pregnant? Is that what they mean by 'you got something cooking in the oven?' They saw the penis shaped thing go into the oven, and out came Li?

    Awesome comic. Perhaps someday, if I ever have a kid, I will explain sex to them this way....

  • kylegetsspam
    9 Jun '10

    Took me a few seconds to realize the second panel wasn't a POV shot of a guy looking down as he stuck his dick through a plank glory-hole style as his cat watched. D:

  • Enel
    9 Jun '10

    Love this! :D Sad, rly would love to buy one, but all the supermarkets in my area arent selling you :S But i keep trying to find!

  • Travis
    9 Jun '10

    My small Canadian town lacks a supermarket. :(

  • jan
    9 Jun '10

    Adorable! 'n Sweet.

  • Sreeram
    9 Jun '10

    Phantom gloves strike again!

  • Ricardo=)
    9 Jun '10

    OMFG!!! I WANT ONE!!!!!
    can i ?
    can i ?



  • lt_amazil
    9 Jun '10

    something's telling me that some people might "misuse" the li

  • Hiro
    9 Jun '10

    So...who's wearing the gloves...? o.o

  • archivis
    9 Jun '10

    Wheee I wants a li! Reminds me of shrinky dinks except in reverse.

  • Maggie
    9 Jun '10

    Teheh. Cute! ^^

  • cyber95
    9 Jun '10

    Glad to know I'm not the only person who saw a dick in panel 2. However, I only feel slightly less ashamed.

  • Sthe
    10 Jun '10

    2cute! Both thumbs up. Your comics are great.

  • xenon
    10 Jun '10

    @kylegetsspam Damn you! What has been seen, cannot be unseen.

  • Wally
    10 Jun '10

    Awww. Awesome Li :-) ^_^
    BTW, when's Tim gonna be picturing in exo :-p?

  • Leland
    11 Jun '10

    Do all Lis come with awesome dinosaur shirts?

  • Jesse
    12 Jun '10

    hot damn, I'll take 20!

  • Jens Morrison
    Jens Morrison
    16 Jun '10

    I would like to purchase a few, how much for one? I need one for cooking, one for cleaning, and one for sparring with...They are all gifts for my wife...My wife want's to learn to fight, but I don't want to hurt her, so I will just beat up the Sparring Li, and that one will teach my wife to fight!

  • Jens Morrison
    Jens Morrison
    16 Jun '10

    Spousal abuse is not funny...that's why I use Bake-a-Li!

  • therydan
    4 Jul '10

    is this how jordan makes back-ups? you know... in case of emergency...

  • Artanis186
    17 Sep '10

    I want! It'd be so awesome having something so cute around the house. I wonder if they have deluxe editions with Shoelace.

  • Pervert
    9 Oct '10

    for a second there, I thought that thing sticking out was a dildo or something like that and Li was going to sit on it or something like that was going to happen. Yea, i no, i have a dirty mind but funny stuff though.

  • Patrick
    30 Oct '10

    If Shoelace is cat and Li doesn't exist until panel 4... Then who was oven mits?

  • Stephanny
    14 Nov '10

    I always forget to pre-heat. =(

  • Hannah
    23 Feb '11

    D: I want one! So she can be my bestest friend!

  • TJ Radcliffe
    TJ Radcliffe
    22 Jul '11

    I few years ago I was working 800 km from home and was sometimes away for weeks. I'd just met this woman, and we were dating intermittently but it was tough with me not being around, so she got creative.

    One time she sent me off with a bunch of little gifts I was to open, one per day. One day there was a "Virtual Girlfriend" that was this tiny little plastic doll of a naked woman. You put it in water to soak and it expanded a couple of factors of two... it was probably 10 cm long when all done.

    This comic reminded me of that! Thanks!

    [Five years later we're still together. Although for the past two she's been 2000 km away... neither of us stays still for long!]

  • Doodlebug
    19 Aug '11

    oh my lanta, Li, can the 2nd Panel get any more phallic????

  • Cris
    25 Sep '11

    I'm in Argentina, south america.... do you know where I can buy more?

  • Trobby
    10 Nov '11

    Who is controlling those oven mitts? :O Is it Jordan? Did Shoelace 2 get some extra long arms? Does Shoelace have telekeovenmitt powers?

  • Mihai
    15 Dec '11

    I really need one of these!! I'm in love!!!

  • Nekoko
    18 May '12

    Gimme? :D I wantz one!

  • creeperyounglin
    3 Jul '12

    I want a li. Please tell me I can buy one at walmart. Do I get a free shoelace with it or is that only the special tv offer? Is there a 2 for 1 deal? SO MANY QUESTIONS MUST BE ANSWERED!!

  • Equinoxe
    1 Aug '12

    GAAAAH!!! I so badly want one!!!