• Li

    03 Jun '10

    And so ends the adventures of Band aid Li :(

  • Stefan Bern Eilers

    03 Jun '10

    You just need to use some more Hug&Heal tactics =) they might not know they are cut, but every soul needs a Bandaid on their soul and heart now and then ^^

  • Data

    03 Jun '10

    Ain't it a good thing that nobody cuts themselves? Isn't that a little emo?

  • Milan

    03 Jun '10

    just the size we needed yesterday when my girlfriend cut herself! Shame you don't live in Slovakia :)

  • eronth

    04 Jun '10

    save it in your closet. someone may need it someday.

  • sam Shackelford

    04 Jun '10

    Ben accidentally cut himself a couple of nights ago on a broken candle holder! Go get him, Li! :o)

  • Maggie

    04 Jun '10

    Awww Shoelace is so cute tucked into bed reading!! ^_^ And that super sized band aid you have is awesome :D

  • Erin

    04 Jun '10

    Band-aid hug! The best way to cure a cut!

  • Nojh

    04 Jun '10

    That is both cute and disturbing at the same time. I don't think I want to see the cut that would be efficiently covered by a Band-Aid Li. I wonder what Shoelace is reading...?

  • Yenny

    04 Jun '10

    I adored the first panel!!!!!! and the comic in general :D I think the world needs Band Aid Li

  • Celeste

    04 Jun '10

    I agree with Yenny, the world needs you! So sweet, I always cut myself, not a day goes by without me being dumb and cutting myself :(

  • Kaitie

    04 Jun '10

    Ship that thing to Canada for me, my boyfriend is extremely accident-prone.

  • Johnny Z

    04 Jun '10

    Lol I love your comics Li I showed these to my gf She loves em too! :3

  • EM

    04 Jun '10

    I want to make this a costume now to wear to some crazy convention.

  • Draylorre

    05 Jun '10

    Have you tried cutting them yourself?

  • Gio Marco

    05 Jun '10

    I love your comics Li! :) These few nights my sisters and I have been staying up late reading the older ones too :3

  • Gio Marco

    05 Jun '10

    Oh yeah, you might wanna think about about making an account at funnyjunk.com, I think you would be very welcome there, the community there loves comics and you would get more exposure :3 in fact, I found this website when someone uploaded an exocomic on FJ, with a link to this site of course. (It got enough thumbs to reach the front page!)

  • Gio Marco

    05 Jun '10

    @Nojh: Obviously, shoelace is reading an icanhascheezburger book! It even has a pic of a kitteh on the cover!

  • archivis

    05 Jun '10


  • Bridget

    06 Jun '10

    Wow, I think people need to make a billion of those and carry them around just in case someone gets mauled by a bear or gets hit by a car!

  • Jin

    06 Jun '10

    theres an emo kid next door...

  • katie

    07 Jun '10

    well sumday it will cum in handy!:P x

  • Soop

    09 Jun '10

    Cut the...air?

  • Georgina

    08 Sep '10


  • Aeron

    28 Oct '10

    Not even joking, I'm being this for Halloween. We already have the materials and everything. It's going to be amazing.

  • Paige

    30 Oct '10

    I'm also doing this for halloween. It's so adorable! Great idea!

  • K

    17 Dec '10

    I found your comic today and read them ALL in one day. i <3 li and everything about this.

  • Becki

    31 Oct '11

    big love for Shoeless right now

  • Luna

    20 Nov '11

    It's the perfect size to heal a hearbreak

  • Evelyn

    16 Nov '13

    You should just request a Department Transfer, sunshine. Lotsa broken hearts to hug in the Love section.

  • Andy

    26 Nov '13

    Was in a bit of a dark place, then stumble upon brings me here :)

  • fuiz

    02 Aug '14

    have goooooooooooood

  • Mark

    18 Jun '18

    She was gonna helpful-Li cover a wound.

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