• Li

    27 May '10

    Hey guys! I've received quite a few emails since I first started the site about the RSS feed. If you subscribe to my comic, you'll know that the actual image doesn't appear in your feed - only the comic number. I've kept it that way because I like having you guys visit the site and leaving me messages, checking out the new wallpapers, etc. It also means that I have accurate stats on how many of you are reading my comic. Hope that clears things up! :)

  • Sammi

    27 May '10

    Your comics are sooo cute! Stumbled upon it when you had 120 comics and immediately read them all! I've been hooked ever since!

  • Lord Kap

    27 May '10

    Feeling uneasy when they watch you eat? ;)

  • i0nC4nn0n

    27 May '10

    about the RSS feed: you could draw a small part of the comic (one panel only) that would link to the site, like for ex. Buttersafe.com's author does...

  • Sam

    27 May '10

    Keep it this way, adds charm to the comics :)

  • lt_amazil

    27 May '10


  • Data

    27 May '10

    Afraid that he might steal your balls?

  • Gil

    28 May '10

    I like your comics because they remind me of my friend......and they're pretty adorable in a kewl way! :D

  • Erin

    28 May '10

    I suddenly crave meatballs

  • PheonixGRX

    28 May '10

    Haha, I love these comics. Your drawings are so awesome, makes me really jealous.

  • plasticuser

    28 May '10

    ICAMA - the International Campaign Against Meatball Abuse - might have something to say about this.

  • Vern

    28 May '10

    It's like Chubby Bunny, but with meat instead of marshmallow!

  • acce245

    28 May '10

    Nice. Does anyone else notice her mouth looks like a fish in the second panel?

  • Thomas

    28 May '10


  • Nojh

    28 May '10

    I don't mind the lack of an image. I actually like visiting this site. It is aesthetically pleasing, unlike some webcomic sites. I just dislike it when the RSS feed doesn't actually publish an update so I miss the comics until the next one publishes. Like it did for 102 and 124 and 125. Hehe. Even the flower is staring at Li.

  • Chance

    28 May '10

    Jordan seems un-phased about everything. Does he ever show any emotion?

  • Ethan

    28 May '10

    I agree with you! Keep the Feed the way it is! I much prefer going here to see it! :)

  • lloyd

    28 May '10

    yup there is definitely a pair of meat balls in your mouth ps i enjoy the flowers at the bottom of the site

  • Jenna Talia

    28 May '10


  • Zero Sheep

    28 May '10

    I love how Shoelace has his own little plate. So cute :3

  • Jens

    29 May '10

    Face full of balls?...How am I supposed to not think dirty when you say something like that???

  • Meep

    29 May '10

    OMG I LOVE this comic! My friend sent it to me at 122, and I read the whole thing that afternoon, then checked on a daily basis till you updated again! It's SOOO cute! <3 If Shoelace ever goes missing, I assure you I DO NOT have him. ^_-

  • EM

    29 May '10

    I think we'd make good friends! <3

  • Mai

    29 May '10

    I find your site so adorable anyways, I don't know what it is about it but i find it cute, and heartwarming

  • danny

    30 May '10

    I enjoy reading your comics.

  • Kaitlyn

    30 May '10

    Hehe. I think Li cloned one of the meatballs. Well i just want to say that i love your comics, and that when i discovered them i read them all in an hour or so, and now your wallpaper graces my desktop. ^.^

  • Paul

    01 Jun '10

    It's like you're eating the meatballs first.. out of spite. :C

  • Dr. Sakuya, PhD

    18 Jun '10

    He isn't eating because HE IS A ROBOT.

  • Catherine

    03 Jul '10

    Okay, it would have been even cuter if his meatballs had started disappearing, too. Rock on, Li!

  • Vicki

    30 Sep '10

    wait.... THE MEATBALLS ARE MULTIPLYING!!!!!! there were 3 on your plate, and now you have 3 in your mouth, 1 on the fork, and Jordan still has all of his. (i think i'm the most surprised at that last part. why didn't Jordan's start disappearing too?)

  • Edwin

    10 Mar '11

    Found this while using stumbleupon... I like the serious humor you've added when dealing with Jordan. :)

  • Ben

    02 Sep '11

    Hi Li, I love your comic. :3 Just a note, if you want to keep a more accurate record of how many people view your comic then it's possible to use some simple server side scripting to put a view counter on the actual images rather than the webpage which would solve problems with people viewing using RSS readers. I generally look at the actual webpage anyway, but it's just a thought. :) Keep up the good work. :3

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    This comic from the perspective of Shoelace 2.

  • Veleslek

    17 May '12

    If you hover your mouse over the picture for a second, it will say "Face full of balls." just noticed that o.O

  • Minnie

    27 Nov '13

    LOVE YOUR COMICS!! I sat and read all 305 in one sitting....then had to stay at work till 7pm to finish what I was doing.. humbug. IT WAS SOO WORTH IT! more more more more! :D

  • lillian

    28 Aug '15

    LOL just like a friend of mines drawings :)

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