• Li

    25 May '10

    Bloop bloop.

  • Yohan

    25 May '10

    Skynet's become aware!

  • Nic Pereira

    25 May '10

    I like the seriousness of her face when she replies "ok."

  • PheonixGRX

    26 May '10

    Well, hes not one of the robot people from Chobits... where else could the switch be?

  • niznik

    26 May '10

    hahahaha, i get this all the time...

  • mecit

    26 May '10

    the way she watches him behind the book is so sinisterly cute

  • plasticuser

    26 May '10

    It only said "stop that" because you were getting close. And he IS a cool robot. How many other robots have YOU seen with a soul patch?

  • zac

    26 May '10

    When I was reading this, at first I thought these where shoelace's thoughts... although you know he was probably thinking the same thing.

  • archivis

    26 May '10

    Bloop. Bleep. Beeeeeep.

  • Soop

    26 May '10

    I found the off button on my boyfriend :)

  • Kaitlyn

    26 May '10

    Li is too funny.

  • AM

    28 May '10

    I think the problem people may be having with the RSS is that some posts aren't showing up at all in the feed. For instance in my Google Reader, 124 and 125 are missing altogether. Same with 121. They all come through on Facebook though.

  • Nalyak

    24 Aug '10

    This is very familiar to what i have done over the years to my boyfriend... it's ridiculous. And this is the comic that made me fall in love with these comics.

  • Kate

    06 Oct '10

    .. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who pokes her boy in the ear when he seems to be excessively robotishly computerized.. *phew*

  • Anon

    12 Dec '10

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a screwdriver on her :D

  • Lorien

    24 Feb '11

    Oh, how I hate when my boyfriend tells me he's doing "computer stuff". The conversation dies after that :(

  • Colan

    17 Jul '11

    Me and Jordan have the same laptop :O

  • B-Dog

    12 Aug '11

    I like that the cat watches the pencil when it comes out. :)

  • B-Dog

    12 Aug '11

    Make that "screwdriver" not "pencil". *facepalm

  • OriBetty

    12 Aug '11

    I am quite sure the on/off switch is in his belly button. Try there later. ;)

  • alpo

    15 Sep '11

    Screwdriver out of nowhere! D:

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    Bloop Bloop seems more like a fish thing to say than a robot.

  • Hunter

    03 Oct '12

    DAT ASUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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