• Li

    20 May '10

    It's thirsty work.

  • Yohan

    20 May '10

    I hope you enjoyed making my beverage spill over my keyboard :<

  • Li

    20 May '10

    I enjoyed it a lot. Immensely even.

  • Angelica

    21 May '10

    hahaha..adorable as always. Thanks for making my morning that much better :)

  • ledres

    21 May '10

    Nice product placement :P

  • Soop

    21 May '10

    Meanwhile, Shoelace is licking him/herself and thinking...pft...silly humans. Doing it all wrong :p

  • Chris

    21 May '10

    Li's tongue is bigger than Jordan's!!

  • plasticuser

    21 May '10

    Jordan's starting to look skinny. Is he eating right?

  • 3Lance

    21 May '10


  • Li

    21 May '10

    Heh many of you have commented on the Asus thing. I do that for two reasons: a) I actually have an Asus laptop and b) If I don't put a logo on the front then it's not obvious that it's a laptop

  • Paul_Bags

    22 May '10

    Am I the only one thinking "brains!!" ??

  • PheonixGRX

    23 May '10

    These are all awesome. Cant believe I only just found this site... and read them all within an hour... I have a sad life :( though I am unsure when reading if you are room mates or dating XD

  • Victor Esquivel

    23 May '10

    I found these on Funnyjunk.com. They're friggen awesome! :O

  • enragedgradstudent

    23 May '10

    yep... found these on funnyjunk... awesome work

  • 20000k

    23 May '10

    wow, i love your comics, i looked though them all! when every i find something i love i save it in a folder and show my friends, i put like 40+ of your comics into said folder! love all your comics!

  • X

    23 May '10

    I looked through all of your comics after seeing a few, and they're both funny and well done =)

  • Dani

    24 May '10

    Great comics, i really love'em. Cheers from Romania.

  • Mick

    24 May '10

    I found these through Funnyjunk as well! ^_^ It's so cute, and it MIGHT just inspire me to make a comic of my own about my EXTREMELY boring and very unlucky life! :D

  • raisa

    24 May '10

    i so love your works! :D

  • Nojh

    28 May '10

    And this is how we know that Jordan and Li belong together. With Shoelace to keep them both in check.

  • Omi

    23 Aug '10

    Would have been funnier if he just.. left. XD But this is adorable. I feel like I hang out with these characters.

  • Helpdeskfail

    31 Aug '10

    I happened to stumble upon this this morning. I just wanted to say this is adorable and a new favorite of mine XD

  • Kimmy

    25 Sep '10

    I think I'm in love with your site. Seriously. I just had to mention since just today I was watching my toddler do this very thing...

  • roofy

    21 Oct '10

    love this, so cute!!!

  • Shawn

    30 Oct '10


  • Dummas

    03 Nov '10

    This is superb!

  • Ellie

    13 Nov '10

    I like it when Jordan be's nice. ^_^

  • emmah

    21 Jul '11

    This... is... AMAZING!

  • Matthew

    24 Aug '11

    i've been steadily working through all of your comics and this is the first one that nearly had me fall out of my chair laughing

  • Kate

    28 Aug '11

    I dream of having a boyfriend who will join me in such whimsical pursuits without question. XD

  • Francisco

    22 Sep '11

    I dream of having a girlfriend who will make whimsical moments for me to join. :P

  • Alyssa

    13 Mar '12


  • Carissa

    16 Feb '13

    This is my favorite page so far!

  • Conor

    01 Aug '14

    This is what true love is right here. It'll getcha tongue real dirt, tho.

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