• Li

    13 May '10

    In unrelated news, I have become addicted to Reddit ಠ_ಠ

  • sigbhu

    13 May '10

    you should install a "like" button on every page. i would like to click it for this one.

  • S-kun

    13 May '10

    Ack~! Cute overload!! <3

  • Tobi

    13 May '10

    Oh wow. SO CUTE! ♥

  • Yohan

    13 May '10

    @ Li, to waste EVEN MORE TIME on Reddit, use the addon "auto pagerizer." You just keep scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling. I love how you've captured Shoelace's innate ability to defy gravity.

  • Liatach

    13 May '10

    I too am addicted to Reddit, it was through that marvellous time sink that I encountered your joyous comic.

  • Catbunny

    13 May '10

    Yeah, Reddit is a easy site to get addicted to.

  • Scatman Dan

    14 May '10

    Hooray! Welcome to Reddit! (I'm "avapoet")

  • Mr. cow

    14 May '10

    Reddit is how I found your site!

  • Becca

    14 May '10

    Gah! *melt* I feel this way every time I look at my kitties....except the 18 pound one. He just looks like Jabba the Hut.

  • Kate

    14 May '10

    I found this through stubleupon... twice! The first time was quite a while ago, I read it all, and wint "GRRR" because there were no more. The second time I read them all and noticed that the page has a live feed and added it so I can always read new ones. I use the like button on stumble ;P

  • Nojh

    14 May '10

    So cute! I think I've met my cuteness quota for the day. Now I can only look at ugly things. :( Your RSS feed didn't publish 121, in case you didn't know.

  • Chyper

    14 May '10

    Found this via reddit. went through all your comics :). I have to say, I think you may have stollen my life and my girlfriend may well be a clone of you

  • Soop

    14 May '10

    I have an inexplicable urge to nom nom nom it. Also, yay for reddit :)!

  • vickivoracious

    14 May '10

    HOLY CRAP REDDIT. I love me some Reddit. In fact, the very name under which I am typing this comment is my Reddit handle. Hope to see you around sometime! 8D

  • Munkii

    14 May '10

    I first found your comic on Reddit too, and I've been back here every week since :) Reddit is super super addictive ಠ_ಠ

  • Sam

    15 May '10

    Reddit rules... and popurls.com rules them all... ;)

  • Eugene

    16 May '10

    I absolutely love your comics, Li, and this one is one of the reasons why. They are absolutely ADORABLE. Oh, and Reddit will eat your soul, provided you have one.

  • Vikky

    16 May '10

    Agreed, Reddit rules and this comic is cutee :)

  • Christi

    18 May '10

    Shoelace is missing his eyebrows!

  • 2456

    18 May '10

    Heh, so you are one in the same with the exocomic on reddit? If so you are on the friend list so I can sta-eh enjoy your posts and comics more.

  • Сhainsaw

    21 May '10

    Fucking Shame!!!!! >___< zaebali postit' UG!!!!!!

  • Janette

    05 Nov '10

    oh no, now I'm addicted to Reddit, damn

  • Janette

    05 Nov '10

    oh yea and your comic, that's 2, double damn.

  • Lara

    29 Mar '11


  • thetoastmonster

    18 Apr '11

    Just to let you know, people are still finding your comic through Reddit: that's how I am here.

  • Teresa

    18 Apr '11

    A thousand upboats for your caption!

  • Bathysphere

    10 Jun '11


  • Dakota

    16 Jul '11

    Need up/downvotes. I would upvote many of these. xD WHEN DOES THE NARWHAL BACON?!

  • Jelly-being

    08 Sep '11

    soooo cuuute... can't..... take... the adorableness XD

  • xMariax

    02 Dec '11

    ......so....CUTE GAAAAAUGH *dies*

  • Shayna

    17 Apr '12

    Yay reddit XD

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