• Li

    06 May '10

    Hey guys, I haven't forgotten about the wallpapers that I said I would have available for you - I still don't have the interwebs at home yet! Should be soon though!

  • Tom

    06 May '10

    Too cute!

  • plasticuser

    06 May '10

    I think it's just the right amount of cute.

  • Yohan

    06 May '10

    I hope the story is about zombies and shotguns. You'd be shooting zombies in your dreams that night.

  • Soop

    06 May '10

    Zombies..shotguns..AND TREATS! MOAR TREATS ^^!

  • Nojh

    06 May '10

    I wonder if it is a scary story Jordan is reading or just a tense moment in a fairy tale. Shoelace is so enraptured he isn't even looking at the mice!

  • i0nC4nn0n

    06 May '10

    thanks that u didn't forgot it....i was just about to make a comment about it also: love the owls in the window

  • Tobi

    06 May '10

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Can I join?

  • Hiro

    06 May '10

    Lucky mice

  • koniczynek

    06 May '10

    Li, Why don't you reply to our comments once in a while?

  • Li

    07 May '10

    koniczynek, Why don't you return my calls once in awhile? You said you loved me ;_;

  • *

    07 May '10

    But koniczynek said he loved me! :-o

  • archivis

    09 May '10

    again with the so adorables!

  • tra-la-la

    10 May '10

    hey, im a new reader of yours i read everything from the start today. it took me 2 hours:). i hope you make more. they are really good.

  • Old Lady

    10 May '10

    *screech screech* I'm coming for you li....

  • Cutie

    11 May '10

    I just read ALL of the comics and I love them! Good job Li.

  • koniczynek

    11 May '10

    C'mon girls! I love my wife only!

  • Janae

    25 Sep '10

    Goodnight, moon.

  • April

    28 Oct '10

    I absolutely love all of your comics! I really like your shading... your comics literally make me laugh out loud! haha ^_^

  • Edwin

    10 Mar '11


  • Josherz

    21 Sep '11

    I read my girlfriend a bedtime story almost every night <3

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    This makes me wish I could read stories to my girlfriend at night. ...God I miss her so much.

  • Simon

    15 Feb '13

    There are mice in your home!

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