• Li

    27 Apr '10

    remember to add me on facebook to see more artwork! ^_^

  • Sam

    27 Apr '10

    Shoelace is using that space inefficiently. Also, I like your pajamas

  • Tobi

    27 Apr '10

  • WC

    27 Apr '10

    Sam has a point. Don't cats always expand or contract to fill all available space? Mine certainly does. It's possible that she never sleeps anywhere that she's can't fill that space, though. I guess we'll never know for sure.

  • Lily

    27 Apr '10

    "Bus full of cereal flying through space?" That sounds like it could be an amazing follow-up to the shark poster.

  • Peregrine

    28 Apr '10

    ... tricks are for kids?

  • Nojh

    28 Apr '10

    But think of the places you could go!

  • plasticuser

    28 Apr '10

    My bus is filled with TV shows...

  • Soop

    28 Apr '10

    I had an image of Magic School bus overflowing with cereal.

  • M.A.Solis

    28 Apr '10

    Your comic depicts every possible aspect and reaction of my girlfriend From the Pictionary Attitude, to the drooled pillow licking (although its far more common that she drools on mine)... this hilarious just as it is scary...

  • thelnie

    28 Apr '10

    Sounds like the magic school bus!

  • Data

    29 Apr '10

    This comic cute and I shall add it to my RSS feeds.

  • Tom

    29 Apr '10

    Did I really just read 117 of these? You have something good going here, kid. ^_^

  • Catalina

    29 Apr '10

    You three are very cute and those the sweetest comics ever. :)

  • Hiro

    29 Apr '10

    Woo! I've read them all! :D Only discovered this site the other day when my brother pointed out to us that it scarily resembles him and his wife (and it really does o.o ). Awesome comics, I love them. I might try incorporating some of your charm into my own comics and pictures if I can. :)

  • ebt

    01 Jun '10

    ha ha awesome

  • roflcopter

    15 Jun '10

    Thieving thievery!!! http://fatpita.net/?i=6072 *shock!!*

  • Phil E. Drifter

    10 Aug '10

    it's a bus full of mass murders like...

  • Lydia

    20 Aug '10

    I will never think about USB the same way I did before :-)

  • kevin barry

    11 Sep '10

    so... what is a USB?

  • Sukhada

    12 Sep '10

    Sho shweet! :)

  • ipik

    07 Oct '10

    This is my favorite of all, I guess. Reminding me a couple way too much. Adorable!

  • Bree

    10 Oct '10

    Oh my goodness. This is almost exactly how my brother and I interact. XD

  • Shawn

    30 Oct '10

    this is the comic that brought me here....reminds me of a love that i lost... reminds me of fun times

  • prasant

    03 Nov '10

    this reminds me of my sweet college days

  • alechoe

    14 Feb '11

    Hahahahaha, now that you mention it... yes, I was thinking the same thing ;)

  • Gail

    02 Apr '11

    Cooooookie Crips!!!!

  • mike

    16 Jul '11

    wow this comic sucks

  • Allie

    06 Jan '12

    Li! This comic was on iwastesomuchtime.com :D

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