• Li

    23 Apr '10

    this is also how dinosaurs prepare for bedtime

  • laillei

    23 Apr '10

    OH MY GOODNESS! Other people do this too?!

  • kawamori

    23 Apr '10

    Haha, I've done this on several occasions.

  • 3Lance

    23 Apr '10

    ...You sleep with your glasses on?

  • Josh

    23 Apr '10

    You've added alt-text to comics! You rock!

  • Soop

    23 Apr '10

    Sniffing the bed beforehand also helps. Just in case. -peers-


    24 Apr '10

    i see you've finally added alt text ^_^

  • Cole Jones

    24 Apr '10

    Great comic, I just love this website!

  • Bess

    26 Apr '10

    I want to be just like you when I grow up.

  • Kitty

    26 Apr '10

    so... cute.... i want you and shoelace to be my kitties D:

  • Alex

    27 Apr '10

    Yay, alt text! As for the behaviour, I'm afraid that's a bit odd. Chasing laser pointers is acceptable imitation of cats; kneading the bed and circling before lying down... is somewhat unusual.

  • Desgami

    13 Sep '10


  • Werner

    13 Sep '10

    My cat Poo Poo was at her cutest when she did this, and omg if she did it to my leg under the cover. Too cute!

  • Maddieline

    30 Nov '10

    My dogs do something similar whilst making a 'nest'.

  • Michi

    28 Jan '11

    I've done this a few times too... my hubby thinks it's cute. My cat just looks at me weird.

  • Hannah

    02 Aug '11

    I'm not alone :')

  • Huh

    04 Aug '11

    :O I don't feel so alone now lol. I do this in secret :x

  • Trobby

    10 Nov '11

    Those pajamas have stars on them. They are almost as good as the ones with duck.

  • Cherry

    28 Jul '14

    i sleep with my cat and we do this together at the same time... meoowww!!! <3

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