• Li

    20 Apr '10


  • Ícaro Niz Sedeño

    20 Apr '10

    Hahahaha! Great poker skills!

  • Yohan

    20 Apr '10

    No, Jordon couldn't see through your gambling visage. PS: Jordon had NOTHING

  • Seifer Katt

    21 Apr '10

    Ah, that makes sense now.

  • Nojh

    21 Apr '10

    And now I have M.C. Hammer running through my head.... I see your Shoelace and raise you... a twin Shoelace! Wait... Li has all reds!

  • DeadYCool

    21 Apr '10

    Nice, added to Stumble Upon!

  • Katie

    21 Apr '10

    I like this one :D

  • Sreeram

    21 Apr '10

    This seems somewhat familiar...

  • Soop

    21 Apr '10

    This comic....totally legit. -puts on poker face-

  • stewie

    21 Apr '10

    Too legit to quit! Anyway who goes all in on a pair of threes?!

  • Stefan

    21 Apr '10

    OOOOO, Li DID have all reds! AND Jordan only had a pair of 3's.... Jordan, we should organize a poker night so I can teach you how to play =))


    23 Apr '10

    In a game of texas hold em where you're going one on one, one pair can actually be a pretty good hand, as you only have to play against one person - what are the chances of them getting a better pair? On the other hand, a pair of threes is just pathetic.

  • Zewb

    23 Apr '10

    :O You added title-text with more than just numbers.

  • anon

    20 Jun '10

    all in with a pair of threes, really?

  • Tugui

    05 Aug '10

    I absolutely ♥ this comic ♥ u Shoelace & ♥ u Li !!! ♥

  • AmberJade

    10 Sep '10

    This comic is actually why I started reading this whole comic.

  • Adam Boissevain

    13 Sep '10

    The straight isn't even a straight!

  • Kate

    06 Oct '10

    I use that phrase all the time to justify my scrabble words. And yeah, I've been known to write them into the dictionary and everything. Me = Funk and Wagnalls, basically. I'm totally legit. ;)

  • Shawn

    30 Oct '10

    did that in vegas once...... not good

  • brennan

    01 Nov '10

    FIRS- aw man li beat me...

  • D-rod Jenkins

    04 Nov '10

    I turned 24 when this comic was released, so I'm assuming that this is my present.

  • trishie

    06 Jan '11

    If you made a exo deck of cards I might actually learn poker... I'm jus sayn...

  • BKNR

    19 Aug '11

    You should put a disclaimer here, that here on end there's stuff in the alt text or tool tip or whatchamacallit, I've read up to 160 today, before noticing there were more than the comic :(

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